App Category

What is App Category?

An app category is basically a class or division of application or game having appropriately similar characteristics.

App Category

Categories on the app store help customers browse through apps that they find relevant to their needs. Think of the last time you browsed through an app store. You may have seen search categories such as “Games”, “Lifestyle”, “Free”, and more. These app category selections are sorted by relevant niches that customers often search for.

There are several steps that you can take in choosing the best app category for your mobile app. By understanding why categories are used, and how to categorize an app into a certain category, it can be easy to decide which category an app belongs in.

All the Details

Categories are subdivisions within a major app store that helps sort your mobile app into a niche that is most relevant to the audience you want to reach. Typically, there are two categories that your mobile app will fall under: a primary and a secondary category. There are subcategories within the larger categories themselves, which can help you understand what to pick when sorting your mobile app into the correct category.

The app category determines the mobile app’s placement in one of the major app stores, such as Apple iTunes, Google Play, or the Windows App store.

Difference between Primary and Secondary Categories

The mobile app’s primary category is the most important category placement for your app, as it will determine where it shows up first on a search. Primary categories should be selected based on factors such as:

  • The purpose of the app – What type of app do you have? Is it a game? A social media networking app? A lifestyle app? Choose accordingly.
  • What category do apps of a similar nature to yours get categorized as? Keeping your app in a relevant field will help to place it in the right spot.

When it comes to secondary categories, these are typically options you choose that work within the sect of your primary category. For example, with “Games” as a primary category, some possible secondary category options might be “Action”, “Adventure”, and “Puzzle” to choose from. Special secondary categories include:

  • Games – you can choose two subcategories when deciding on primary and secondary categories for a games app.
  • Kids – apps that are made for kids will have the option of a “Kids” subcategory that the developer can apply to it. This helps kids and parents search for apps that are safe, friendly, and interactive for audiences of all ages.

Things to Consider

Ask yourself a few questions before determining the final category placement for your mobile app. Consider the following key factors:

  • Which category is most popular? Currently, the Games primary category is the most popular on the Apple App Store. Business and Education categories are also highly successful.
  • Is your mobile app a special case? For example, is it made for kids or is it for a specific purpose?

App categories can make or break an app – make sure that your app is selected correctly. This can help drive up your views and earn the profit you deserve with your mobile app.