App Landing Page

What is an App Landing Page?

An App landing page is a dedicated page designed by mobile app developers to describe the functions of their mobile application.

App Landing Page

A landing page refers to the part of a page, or in this case, an app, that is accessed when the user clicks on a hyperlink or another page. It is typically known as the “home page” of the mobile app, presenting a simple and clear interface that introduces the customer to what the app is all about.

Think about one of your favorite apps, whether it is a video game or a money management app – what is the first thing you saw before opening the app? Perhaps you are met with a simple artwork that displays the organization’s logo with a couple of phrases and perhaps a QR code for you to scan with your phone. Then, there is a call to action, such as “Download the app today”, “Get special access with this code”, or “Register now”.

The psychology of marketing proves that your advertising campaign for your mobile app will begin long before the app is already published. Having a solid landing page – and designing a solid landing page – is an important part of the process.

The Goldilocks Look

The simple truth is that you don’t want an app landing page to be too cluttered with information – but you don’t want it to be too bare, either. It should have just the right amount of information to draw in your customer and help them understand the basic dynamics of the mobile app. But giving away too much information could either overwhelm them or cause them to have too much information without needing to download your app. Remember, you want as many downloads of your app as possible – use a landing page to draw the reader in!

Successful App Landing Pages

An ideal app landing page has all of the information a new potential customer needs about the company without becoming too overwhelming or cluttered. Using this as a template for your landing page is a good idea to successfully create hype and promise for your new mobile app. There are a few successful app landing pages that you can draw example from.

Things to Consider

Keep these key factors in mind when designing your simplistic app landing page:

  • Audience – who are you targeting? How can you make it more appealing to them? If you are making a mobile game, perhaps show a screenshot of how the game works so customers know what they are signing up for.
  • Branding – what is the aesthetic tone of your organization? Are you professional? Financial? Game-oriented? Find a palette that works right
  • Call to action – It is vital to include a call to action on your landing page. This is what brings in all of those valuable clicks! Phrases like “Sign up now” or “Click here for special access” will get those numbers up.

Overall, you want your app landing page to be simple and sleek. Browse other website landing pages to see what has been successful in the past.