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What is Cost Per Install (CPI)?

Cost Per Install (CPI) is the specific campaign for Mobile apps, where the advertiser has to pay to a publisher when someone installs the application from their network.

Unlike CPC and CPM campaigns, cost per install (CPI) campaigns are specific campaigns for mobile apps. This type of campaign encourages publishers to digitally advertise their mobile app across a variety of different apps and brands. Once a consumer clicks on the ad and downloads the app, the publisher will be charged for the download.

The science of determining how much it actually costs to generate a download is a growing field, and this is a good opportunity for publishers to take advertising efforts into their own hands. If you are a developer or publisher of a mobile app, and you are having trouble getting consumers to download the app naturally, you may want to invest in a CPI campaign to grow the amount of downloads and work towards better views and ratings.

Measuring Where the Users Are

If you have developed a mobile app in a certain category and you cannot get visitors to come on their own, you may be wondering where they all are, and why they are not downloading or installing your mobile app. In the ever-changing world of mobile software applications, publishing the app is only the beginning of the process.

It takes time, resources, and most importantly money to create a successful mobile app advertising campaign. CPI allows publishers to advertise the download of their app across various platforms that are already more successful, which can drive viewership and increase growth and revenue in the long run. It just sometimes takes a bit of a cost up front.

The Average Cost

There is no way to determine exactly how much a publisher will have to pay per download, as each advertising campaign and each operating system may have different terms and contracts. The following statistics have been gathered to show a possible range of what publishers and developers can expect to pay per install:

  • iOS in the United States – around $1.64 per install
  • iOS globally – around $1.24 per install
  • Android in the United States – around $1.91 per install
  • Android in Europe – around $0.99 per install

Costs can vary depending on the type of mobile device (Such as an iPad versus an iPhone), the operating system (iOS or Android), the region or country, or the type of app that it is. Advertisers are always willing to make deals with publishers, so it is important to reach out some feelers and discover the best kind of campaign for driving mobile app downloads.

Things to Consider

Before investing in a CPI campaign, consider the following questions:

  • Are you able to generate enough downloads on your own? A CPI campaign is meant to create even more mobile app downloads if you are struggling to obtain them naturally.
  • Do you understand your market and have a good concept of where your consumers are? It might be wise to research your niche market before wondering where all of your downloads are going.

Considering why a CPI campaign may be necessary can help a publisher or developer take advertising into their own hands and decide what kind of investment is needed to generate revenue and views.