Mobile App Marketing

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App Marketing is the marketing strategy to promote your mobile app and increase app downloads.

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing boils down to two important definitions:

  1. Advertising to customers via third-party applications in order to gain their attention and hopefully get them to download your mobile application, and
  2. Direct marketing and advertising on other sites that is dedicated towards an increase in revenue and create a bigger brand loyalty for the customers who have already downloaded or purchased your application.

These two definitions are what makes up mobile app marketing. While there are some basic concepts and strategies of mobile app marketing that are similar to any other kind of business marketing, knowing what makes the mobile app world unique can help to enhance specific marketing goals even further. It takes a combination of traditional marketing knowledge and knowledge of current mobile phone trends to create a perfect ad campaign for a mobile application.

Branding and Mobile App Marketing

Branding is no new concept to the mobile app world, but it is more important than ever to maintain a specific brand when it comes to the development and advertisement of new mobile apps. There are over one million applications available on the mobile app market (with the one millionth app being published in 2011), and brand identity is one of the few things that can separate you from the other applications which may be similar in structure and design.

Branding is important for advertising, merchandising, and interpretation across several mediums. One popular mobile app developer is Zynga, a game company that is recognizable through the dog-shaped logo and the aesthetic style (as well as the variety of features and purchases available) of each Zynga game. Staying consistent with a brand can help customers recognize any new app developments in the future, as well.

Asking for Feedback

Have you ever been playing a mobile app game or accessing a mobile app site when suddenly you receive a push notification that asks to rate and review the app? This is an important marketing research tactic that can help developers gather information on the different successes and failures within the app. Developers can submit their new mobile applications to several review sites as well, which will help developers learn what changes need to be implemented.

Things to Consider

When it comes to mobile app marketing, there is a strategy to everything. Some companies do not consider the idea of marketing a specific mobile app, but it is important for the overall success and growth of not only the app itself, but of the company as well. Here are a few important considerations:

  • Keywords – make sure to incorporate core keywords that will help with your branding. For example, if you are creating an app for artists, make sure to include keywords such as “drawing”, “art”, and “draw now” to pull your ideal audience in.
  • Competition – there are a lot of apps out there. Odds are, an app similar to yours will already be on the market. Consider what your competitor has – and more importantly, what they don’t have – when planning your marketing strategy.

Marketing for a mobile app is like marketing for any other kind of project – it simply takes an understanding of the mobile app market and mobile app customers to launch a successful marketing campaign.