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7 Most Promising Free and Open Source Hotel Management Software

7 Most Promising Free and Open Source Hotel Management Software

Hospitality is not a new term. But, the changing consumer behaviour and growing technological innovations have changed how hoteliers conduct business today. Travellers have more options than ever now. Hotel guests expect and demand a personalized and seamless experience. Often there is a miss-match between perception and reality. For Hoteliers, building an effortless experience starts by identifying the most impoverished performing areas, addressing them and by quantifying customer relationships. Hotels do require a powerful Hotel Management Software solution to enable them to offer outstanding experiences to their guests that can drive loyalty.

Why must a Hotel invest in a Hotel Management System?

Unhappy reviews repair a hotel’s reputation. Have a look at the following image;

Few Reactions of unhappy Customers:

customer reactions

Guest Satisfaction Leads to Preference

Such complaints only indicate a sheer miss-match of expectations and reality.

"One thing that hoteliers should strive to achieve is to deliver distinctive experiences to the guests. To accomplish this, hoteliers need to gain a personal connection with their customers, prioritize personalization and data."

Be it traditional brands or boutique hotels, or new upstarts, or even online intermediaries; be it luxury, premium, lifestyle, wellness or bare essentials, none of them is directly contacted by the guests these days. Both business and leisure travellers are more tech savvy in this era. They plan their stay much ahead, do thorough online research and get their bookings done through online portals. In this competitive situation, Hotels are forced to offer more than just a clean room and good bedding. Harnessing customer data and elevating their experience is the need of the hour for every hotelier. It all rounds up to improving customer experience that will automatically lead to retention, enrichment and generate advocacy that improves revenue and brand value.

Secondly, the Hotel Industry often tends to get hit hard with uncertainties. Here, changes can be anything big like globalization or can be the local economy or even a transformational, innovative technology. Above all these, one constant change that the industry often faces is the change in consumer decision-making.  Improving customer experience and avoiding disloyalty can reduce tension.

The most significant challenges faced by the hotel industry are;

  • Changing customer expectations
  • Flexible pricing offered by competitors
  • Capturing the wrong data
  • Rate disparity
  • Technological Innovations
  • Skilled staff management
  • Bookings and accommodation challenges
  • Extending the right facilities
  • Data security breaches

Key Findings:

  • Guests/Travellers loyalty is always up for grabs
  • Guests/Travellers always look out for seamless experience
  • Personalization takes the upper hand
  • Customers’ are more willing to share their personal data
  • Better experiences drive brand preference
  • Hotels’ dependency on manual record maintenance often reduces efficiency
  • Hotels must integrate systems to achieve a unified customer view

# Enhancing the Guest Experience is Imperative

Some challenges restrict hoteliers to offer the kind of experience that excels the guest experience. By integrating systems, hotels can practice unified customer data and thereby provide personalized and preferred services that suit the needs of every customer and backs their preferential services.

# Harnessing Customer Data Is Crucial – It is all about the experience and storytelling!

Have a look at the following storyboard:

Hotel management story board

The above storyboard clearly indicates that word of mouth has the upper hand to play when it comes to gaining guests. Clearly, personalized experience proves to be more powerful and advantageous to the hoteliers. Analyzing customer data and gathering insights will help hotels to understand their preference, follow their journey, make a note of their previous reviews, assess their experience and can add more value, implement best practice, prioritize high ROI to generate better experience for them in their future stay eventually.

How does a Hotel Management Software system Help?

  • By implementing hotel management software, hotels can increase the efficiency of the workforce although it will also help them reduce the dependency on manual data entries.
  • Hotel Management software reduces or rather completely eradicates inadequacies
  • Identifying areas of high customer effort
  • Real-time data availability
  • Longitudinal tracking of every function within the hotel
  • Hotel Management system can accelerate the effectiveness of the overall booking/accommodation and stay process of the guests.
  • Hotel management software is proving to increase hotel revenue by more than 8%
  • Hotel Management system is proving to increase sales by more than 35%

Outcome Using a Hotel Management Software

  • Collect and analyze the customer preference
  • Effortlessly manage multi-channel service functions
  • Improve performance
  • Save time spent on tasks, as everything is automated
  • Get easy access to detailed reports
  • Run business efficiently
  • Save time on manual updates
  • Increase revenue
  • Add Value
  • Enhance customer experience

Standard Features of a Hotel Management Software Solution

features of Hotel management software

What type of Hotel Management Software is best suitable for your hotel business?

There are several Hotel management systems in the market. On-premise, cloud-based, free hotel management software, open source hotel management software, paid software, etc.  If you are running a small set-up and would like to try such a system, then the best option is to go for free hotel management software solutions. If you are running a big set-up and you are ready to invest a little amount for buying premium features, then look for paid hotel management software.

Interestingly, some cloud-based models offer great flexibility. Before you finalize on a specific software solution, ensure it suits your needs. Using a hotel management software solution requires basic computer knowledge. Almost all of the software systems come with training and 24 X 7 support. Pick the ones that offer free upgrades and online product support. Ensure that the software comes with 3rd party integrations.

Now that you have understood in detail the purpose of investing in a hotel management software system have a look at some of the free and open source software solutions that are popular in the market.

7 Most Promising Free and Open Source Hotel Management Software

free and open source hotel management software

1. Abacre

Abacre hotel management system is one of the popular free and open source solutions available in the market today. Users can save time and money big way, deliver better customer experience and add value to the brand by working efficiently.

Abacre hotel management software

(Image Source: Abacre)

Key Features:

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Booking and reservation management
  • Easy billing options
  • Supports multiple currencies and tax settings
  • Offers enhanced security and spam protection
  • CRM
  • Improved user interface
  • Virtual keyboard facility
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase management
  • Comprehensive, statistical reports
  • Excellent backup facility
  • A real-time information management system

Overall, Abacre is an efficient hotel management system that can help hoteliers manage their day-to-day task easily and effortlessly. It is easy for hotels to take complete control of many of the functions right from reservation till check-out, data management till inventory. With Abacre, hoteliers can increase the quality of their guest experience. The software is free to download.

2. HotelDruid

HotelDruid hotel management system is a comprehensive solution for hotels and other touristic structures. The software is easy to download and is free to use. Being an open source hotel management solution, the software allows easy enhancement and automatic upgrades at any time. One can access the software from computers, tablets, and smartphones.

HotelDruid hotel management software

(Image Source: HotelDruid)

Key Features:

  • Customized receipts/ invoices
  • An integrated Inventory management system
  • POS system
  • Front desk management
  • Housekeeping
  • Marketing management
  • Guest information management
  • Booking management
  • Distribution management
  • Web access from any device
  • Management of multiple properties
  • OTA integration
  • Crisis management
  • Multiple language support

Managing assets, guests, operations and property is going to be much more comfortable with HotelDruid. Developed by, this open source hotel management solution is ideal for small and medium-sized hoteliers.

3. Qloapps

Qloapps is another powerful, free and open source online booking and hotel management software solution. Hoteliers can manage both on-desk and offline hotel booking system efficiently. It contains all the features required to run a hotel business.

Qloapps hotel management software

(Image source: Qloapps)

Key Features:

  • Hotel Booking system
  • QLO booking system
  • Flexible payment system
  • Multi-order facility
  • Refund management
  • Integrated payment facility
  • Room inventory management
  • Manage offline booking
  • Multi-language
  • Multiple currencies
  • Tax management
  • Email notification
  • Responsive themes
  • Secured system

The software comes with few add-ons like Redis Cache that creates an in-memory cache in- order to store complex data structurally to avoid load time and so on.

So, go ahead and increase the number of bookings with faster, error-free services. Catering to your customers’ choice is going to be easier with this software solution.

4. KWHotel Free

Specially created for small hotels and accommodation facilities, KWHotel system facilitates easy bookings, hassle-free room management and smooth functioning of backend administrative works.

KWHotel hotel management software

(Image source: KWHotel Free)

Key Features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • An easy-to-use hotel booking system
  • Guest management system
  • Excellent technical support
  • Instant updates
  • Easily manageable reminder system
  • Integrated calendar
  • Integrated payment system

Designed for Windows-based computers, KWHotel Free is a fully interactive and efficient Hotel Management Software solution. Although the free version has its limitations, the pro and standard version of KWHotel is most suitable for better management.

5. Nobeds

Nobeds is a free and easy to install hotel management software ideal for hotel, property or rental businesses. The system is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS.

Nobeds hotel management software

(Image Source: Nobeds)

Key Features:

  • Integrated calendar
  • Multi-platform support
  • Accounting system
  • Custom reports
  • An easily manageable booking system
  • Auto confirmation of booking
  • An excellent guest information management system
  • Facilitates statistical data analysis
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Easy payment
  • Multiple languages support
  • Multiple currency support
  • Customized invoices
  • Staff and room ranking feature
  • Easy partner and channel management
  • Free developer support

Created by applying the latest technical solutions, Nobeds allows hoteliers to save a lot of time and money due to its power packed features. The software allows synchronization of 30+ different booking channels at a time in real-time.

6. eZee Ultimate

eZee Ultimate Hotel Management Software solution streamlines both front-office and back-office functions regardless of the type and the size of your hotel. It is rated as one of the most functional hospitality/hotel management software in the market today.

eZee Ultimate hotel management software

(Image Source: eZee Ultimate)

Key Features:

  • An online hotel management system
  • Visitor tracking
  • Hotel booking system
  • Popular OTA interface
  • Channel management
  • Restaurant management
  • Feedback system
  • App integration
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Metasearch engine
  • Training and support
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited training

Your daily errands in your hotel management are made simple and easy with eZee Ultimate software. Trusted by thousands of hoteliers around the world, eZee Ultimate can be the right choice for all your hotel management needs.

7. ASI FrontDesk Freeware

Downloaded by thousands of hotels in more than 180 countries, ASI FrontDesk was launched first in 1998 with an intention to ease out both front and back-end functionalities of a hotel. Over the years, the software underwent several makeovers, and today ASI FrontDesk Freeware stands as one of the popular free hotel management software solutions.

ASI FrontDesk Freeware hotel management software

(Image Source: ASI Frontdesk)

Key Features:

  • Automatic and on-demand key making system
  • Customized reports for each key generated.
  • Data management of every Guest's check-in and check-out details
  • Inventory management
  • Reservation & booking control
  • Popular OTA interface
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Integrated payment system
  • Multiple payment & currencies options
  • Multiple room selection under the same bookings
  • Rate and revenue management
  • Easy cancellation system
  • Call accounting system
  • An easy and flexible backup system
  • Housekeeping and maintenance management
  • Multilingual
  • Statistical report generation facilities

Designed by Anand Systems, ASI Frontdesk Freeware is a comprehensive hotel management software solution. The solution is ideal for every set-up right from a small motel to large five-star hotels.

Again, to re-architect and to stay ahead in this ever-evolving market, you need a compelling next generation software solution that can facilitate automation, minimize errors, and allow you to efficiently handle your day-to-day hotel business without any friction. Hotelogix is one such Hotel management software solution that fits right into this category. Let us use what this software has in store for you;


Hotelogix is a cloud-based hotel management software system. It is an all-in-one solution to enable operational efficiency and maximize profits.  The software is currently used by thousands of hoteliers across the globe.

Hotelogix hotel management software

(Image Source: Hotelogix)

Key Features:

  • Real-time information sharing
  • Front desk management
  • Distribution Channel management
  • Manage operations from a single dashboard
  • Intuitive reservation chat
  • Facility to set reminders
  • Quick and simple check-in and check-out
  • Update rates easily
  • Manage Inventory
  • Speed-up housekeeping operations
  • Two-way channel manager connectivity
  • Simple connection with GDS Network
  • Manage multiple POS outlets
  • Syncs with the accounting system
  • Secured payment gateway
  • Track and analyze business progress
  • Forecast demand

Gain complete control of your guests’ requirements and deliver exceptional services through Hotelogix.

Interestingly, the software allows you to enjoy a fifteen-day free trial of all features before you can decide on a specific plan.

Other Key players in the Hotel Management Software market space

Hotelogix,innRoad, Frontdesk Anywhere, WebRezPro, RoomKeyPMS, Northwind, are some of the leading hotel management software solutions as per the latest rankings.


The global Hospitality and Hotel Management Software market is rising towards a substantial growth and is predicted to be in massive demand in the future days to come.

It is critical for hoteliers to identify tools and approaches; optimize the machine-learning approach; automate data management, and offer a personalized and seamless experience to guests. Practising this way can help them lead and retain their customers.

Hilton, one of the fastest and largest growing hospitality Companies in the World has been working with only one vision – to deliver an exceptional and unique guest experience. “We are a business serving people, and our Team Members extend their passion for hospitality beyond our hotel walls every day,” Chris Nassetta, president & CEO of Hilton, said in a statement.

To reach this level, Hotels should have a system that can make their business smarter and more efficient to drive customers. Such a system should enable operational efficiencies, automation; provide clear and actionable intelligence thereby allowing the Hotel staffs to focus on delivering a unique and exceptional experience to every guest. After all, for Hotels, it is all about guests.

So, without much ado make the best use of the free and open source Hotel management software solutions listed above in this blog to offer exceptional guest experience. Also, please feel free to share your experience with us.

If you wish to explore more, do check our all-inclusive list of the best Hotel management software systems. 

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