Composer Pro is a visual platform to craft professional React and React Native apps for all form factors, including mobile, desktop, browser, and TV. Everything can be crafted visually with drag-and-drop, including the user interface, app logic, access to native APIs, user authentication, and backend integrations. Composer Pro also has a wide array of features, including Excel-like formula functions for the visual development of data transformations and algorithms, a cross-platform debugging tool, and a marketplace that allows the developer community to share their own open-source components.
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5.0 (2 Reviews)

The only no-code platform that was sophisticated enough for our project

Erin Wagner
posted on 20/8/20
We looked at about a dozen no-code platforms and more than 50 (yep, 50!) chatbots. Every single time, there was something they couldn't do that made the tool unusable. Until AppGyver. I went into it with some trepidation since it's a relatively new tool, but the INSANELY responsive developers on the forum seemed like a good enough safety net to make it worth the attempt. In the end, 99.73% of any issues I encountered were my own user error and not a limitation within the platform. This is, believe it or not, the software that can build anything (well, anything I can think of) and the layout is slick and pleasant to use. (After some of the tools we evaluated, I can't emphasize how important the pleasant part is. I have spent almost all day every day in AppGyver for two months now, and not only do I not hate it--I still like it!) Just one heads up: A fix is set to be released in the coming few days, but for now, elements may not render perfectly on low-performing Android phones. We've used just about every feature in the entire product, and the only two places where we've encountered this were 1. using formula to determine component size (so just use fixed (px) or relative (%) values instead), and 2. spinners not hiding (so use toast instead). We encountered other obstacles as we've used it over the past 3 months, but in literally every other instance, it was user error and not the program. And these two simple workarounds do the trick.

Simple yet powerful

Ali Kibao
posted on 17/8/20
Besides the awesome features and the ease of use, once you get the hang of it, the team behind Appgyver genuinely cares for the users, to a level that I haven't actually experienced even when I was a paying customer on many other platforms of this kind.
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