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When ConceptDraw PRO was re-named as ConceptDraw DIAGRAM in 2018, it has started reflecting its business diagramming role much better.
The app is an excellent alternative to MS Visio on macOS and Windows. Many people involved in visual communication need software apps that will import and export to the Visio file format. Format, order, align, position and RapidDraw tools allow one to create professional looking engineering drawings, flowcharts, infographics, dashboards and more diagrams that are clear and easy to understand.
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
Core Features
Landscape Design Features
  • 3D Graphics
  • Animations
  • CAD Tools
  • Contract Management
  • Lighting Design
  • Object Library
  • Plant Library
  • Quotes/Estimates
  • Rendering
Diagram Features
  • Diagram Layouts
Pricing Type
Flat Rate
Free Version
Payment Frequency
One-Time Payment
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Plans & Packages
$199 One-time
Customer Reviews
4.6 (7 Reviews)

Great program!

Jonathan Lee McDowell
posted on 16/4/21
I used Concept Draw Diagram for Entity Relationship modeling and it has been great to use. I love that they have so many preconfigured symbols and it is much easier to use than Office Visio Pro. I can also use the program to open Visio files, everything works well! I have no complaints and I think their customer service is great!

Great Drawing Toll for Technical Architectures

Tom Allen
posted on 5/3/21
Use ConceptDraw for creating technical architectures and system overviews. Has a great library of symbols, images and shapes, all in the price, although some specialist libraries are extra. Works quickly and well with a nice clean interface. Text can be a bit tricky until you get the hang of it. Other than that, a great tool.

Client Technical Specialist

Connie Rice
posted on 2/3/21
Very good graphics program for Mac. Comparable to Visio. However, I bought version 12 and it stopped working when Mac when to Catalina. Then I bought version 13 and it stopped working when Mac went to Big Sur. Now, they want me to buy version 14 to make it work.

ConceptDraw Diagram.

posted on 1/12/20
My projects often contain embedded processors and a good flow chart program is pretty much a pre-requisite when programming in Assembler. I trialled a few other packages (Microsoft Visio, Edraw Max, Edge Diagrammer, Wizflow flowchart) and settled on ConceptDraw. I foind it the most intuitive of the packages I tried, easy to get started with, a good Library of shapes, excellent technical support. Would I recommend it? Yes.

As close as you can get to Visio on a Mac

posted on 24/11/20
ConceptDraw needs to some time to get adjusted to the way it wants you to work, but then you can be very fast in doing things. I've also find that copy/past to others software works outstanding. Your graphics appear exactly as they were in ConceptDraw Diagram and you never need to go for "past as .pdf" or similar. Helpful library spares long searches on the web. However, some features you'd expect in any software like that are sometime not there (e.g. the function "crop image" has only been introduced lately.) One thing to mention: ConceptDraw actually runs a helpdesk where an actual person writes back to you once you open a ticket. In a nutshell: ConceptDraw Diagram works and is a useful tool for any graphic which goes beyond what you can do in e.g. powerpoint natively.

An alternative for Visio on Mac

posted on 15/10/20
On Windows I simply used Visio. On Mac I was looking a long time to find an appropriate application. Nowadays al lot of designing programs only exists as cloud solutions. I was looking for an on premise usage, so there were not so much possibilities. For making quick flowcharts and workflow diagrams a pure vector drawing program was too slow and complicated. So I tried out Concept Diagram and was was satisfied. You can create very quick such diagrams and the templates are looking very professional. With all the templates for other realms you can expand the usage. I am satisfied and can recommend this product on Mac.

Adobe Illustrator Alternative

Kris Tina
posted on 28/7/20
I used to create icons and logos in licensed Illustrator provided by my last company. Now that I am self-employed and cannot afford it, I encountered a much better option to fit my budget. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM works with vector shapes and exports to SVG and EPS.
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