EazyVC Online Voting Software
EazyVC is a BloackChain Based secured Online voting platform that can bring revolutionary changes in how elections happen.

We enable organizations and establishments to experience a seamless election process that is accurate and trustworthy.

We take the load off your shoulders by creating a tailored voting platform in the digital environment where people can access their right to vote safely with ease while we ensure flawless nitty-gritty of your elections, their tabulation and statistics with guaranteed privacy and protection.

The platform is a brainchild of industry veterans with decades of experience. With Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Software professionals and Blockchain experts behind the product technology, this is an engine built for performance across the globe cutting across geographies.

EazyVC will facilitate online voting for body corporates on both private & public blockchain across geographies while meeting local regulations. The platform is a user friendly application allowing easy poll creation with extensive options of question creation.

The platform will integrate with existing popular video conferencing platforms like and also have its in-built video conference to facilitate poll meetings.

The blockchain-based online voting platform will cater to some of the following sectors/applications:

1) Company Shareholders
2) Government Voting
3) Education Institutes
4) NGO/ Not-For-Profit Organisation
5) Housing Societies
6) Clubs & Associations

EazyVC is very secure & free from vote manipulation and rigging because of the application of blockchain technology in the vote recording process.
Core Features
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  • Candidate Profiles
  • Certified Results
  • Election Management
  • Email Ballots
  • Online Voting
  • Phone Voting
  • Voter Authentication
  • Weighted Voting
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