Educate the Wait
EASY INDOOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE - No technical experience needed! Use your screens to ENGAGE, ENTERTAIN AND EDUCATE your customers, clients, patients and employees. Create upselling opportunities. Increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Boost sales and manage inventory. Decrease perceived wait times. Promote new products. Easy drag and drop dashboard.
Educate the Wait
Educate the Wait
Educate the Wait
Educate the Wait
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Menu boards and More

Skylar Walker
posted on 28/4/20
In Late August 2019 and early September I really needed to change my sandwich pricing which hadn't had a real change in over 6 years. We were using hanging posters that had deteriorated over time. The Deli is inside a building that was moved from Fort Douglas (an Army building built for the World War II war effort) I wanted to bring in electronic menu boards to give the us a chain look contrast. I started investigating and discovered that these were subscription services and there were a lot of providers. I found over 50 providers listed on one site. I interviewed and took presentations from six different suppliers and learned a lot about the industry. The peculiar thing I found with all of them was that nobody wanted to give me a reference of someone they do business with. I was out and about and of course anywhere I went that had a digital sign I would ask questions and investigate. The next thing I discovered was the ridiculous price variance between vendors. My perception is that the chain stores with high number of units were getting a much better price than I was being quoted. I mean they wanted from 30 to 70 dollar per month per screen. Not going to happen. I did start getting some price concessions from a couple once they realized I was aware of the market. I eventually found Media Panel which has re-branded to Educate the Wait. By this time I had a little more knowledge about what to expect. I went through a short demo. Liked what I saw and price quote and jumped in to see what would happen. What happen was exactly what they said would happen. We used Photoshop to create the Menu Board and then just posted to the site and never looked back. We ended up with an extra screen so now all it does is rotate ad's for various products. We got these installed just before our Christmas season which is forty percent of our business so I didn't have time for mistakes and redo's. If you want a digital sign call these guys. Orian Collinsworth Pirate O's Gourmet Market Draper, Utah

Super easy to work with

Sean Cash
posted on 23/3/20

Helpful anf fast Update

William Mackay
posted on 19/3/20
The ongoing improvements to the platform have been extremely helpful and we look forward to all the new features yet to come and seeing how we can adopt new ways to connect with our community. Pretty easy to use. Updates are fast. Improvements to uploading media have been great.
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