JetWebinar Overview

JetWebinar is the leading webinar marketing automation software on the market today. Our unique platform empowers marketers with the efficiency and ease of use of marketing automation combined with the effectiveness of virtual webinar presentations.


JetWebinar Core Features

Webinar Features
  • Accounting
  • Customer Trainings
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customization
  • Multi-Hosts
  • Online Reservations
  • Social Media Promotion

JetWebinar Pricing

Pricing Type
Flat Rate
Free Version
Payment Frequency
Monthly Payment
Plans & Packages
$63.00 Per Month

JetWebinar Reviews

1.0 (1 Reviews)


Marc Garcia
posted on 9/8/19

Their support is horrible. No phone number to call ONLY email support. I found the founders and co-founders facebook page and reached out to them - nothing. Replied to an email from the co-founder which was sent concerning setting up a demo. Here it is: Henry, Your support is horrible. I have just opened my 3rd ticket in less than 24 hors into my trial. Is this what I have to look forward to?? Your request (2336) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. Your request (2337) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. Your request (2338) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. Not good! ------ His reply: Thank you for reaching out I will be sure someone checks your requests today. I apologize for the delay in response as our support team has been backlogged due to an uptick of new free trials in the last 72 hours. Thank you, Henry Kraus Sent from my iPhone ----- I waited.. and tried to work around the above issues. until I had to send this: Sent: Tuesday, August 6, 2019 1:41 PM To: 'Henry Kraus' Subject: RE: Have you Scheduled your FREE Demo yet? Here’s How > Henry, WOW man this is not good at all. My vidoes wont play in the reg page. (youtube or otherwise). Someone registered and no confirmation email sent.. ---- NO REPLY ---- Moments later sent email: And I cannot access my dashboard at all.. ---- His reply: Would you like to schedule a call and I can help set it up for you? ----- My reply: (8/6 @3pm) (I thought COOL they are about to redeem themselves a call) Sure.. what time is good for you. About to get on a call with a client right now (I am EST) ---- -silence.... Nothing.. after 4 days from opening tickets and 3 days from his first reply.

Licensing & Deployment
  • Cloud Hosted
  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • Chat
  • Phone
Knowledge Base
  • Help Guides
  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
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