nsFlow is the leader of industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions that streamline training, maintenance and technical support for enterprises. Our offices are located in Stockholm, Berlin and headquarters - in Poland.

Our platform gives you the freedom to design and deploy AR applications for your specific needs across various industrial operations compatible with a wide range of AR wearables, tablets and smartphones. With nsFlow AR is no longer a risky technology investment, but an affordable and easy-to-scale way to transform your business and outpace your competitors by:
- ensuring the safety of services and business continuity
- auditing service activities for improving the quality of performance
- verifying that key operations are performed by industrial employees correctly
- optimizing the machinery maintenance with the help of AR
- documenting the service procedures for easier audit.

nsFlow products include a dedicated Remote Support tool that allows you to react instantly to technical issues on-site from any location at any time. The system connects field technicians with remote experts for a hands-on instruction session. This way machine installation, maintenance, production lines setup, hands-on training and solving technical issues can be easily assisted by experts remotely.
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Augmented Reality Features
  • Content Creation
  • Content Library
  • Cross-Device Publishing
  • Diagramming
  • Simulation
  • Tracking & Analytics
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  • Web-based
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
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  • Linux
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