TIBCO Cloud Integration

Leading Cloud Integration Platform

3.5 (2 Reviews)
About TIBCO Cloud Integration
Operating with the speed, agility, and automation of a digital business requires you to integrate applications and data quickly. The TIBCO Cloud enterprise integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) accelerates the integration process by empowering more people in your busines...
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TIBCO Cloud Integration
Leading Cloud Integration Platform
3.5 (2 Reviews)
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Core Features
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software Features
  • Code Editor
  • Collaboration
  • Cross-Platform
  • Interpreter
  • Multi-Language
  • UI Monitoring
  • Version Control
  • Code Completion
  • Code Search
  • Debugger
  • Refactoring
  • Syntax Highlighting
2 Reviews
Client Reviews
TIBCO Replication
Jeromy Smith
2 months ago
Super easy to set up and gives us the ability to query records using SQL tools that very much increase our level of access and speed and reach. Very reliable tool with clear indicators of issues and how to fix. Have recommended for a decade.
Poor Customer Experience
Mark Curwick
11 months ago
We have been using Tibco/Scribe for about 3 1/2 years with mixed success. Scribe worked well for importing data from our legacy, on-prem SQL databases into Dynamics 365 and we created dozens of Apps on the platform to do so. We also use Scribe to keep some of the data in synch between our CRM and the legacy databases as well as our ERP platform. This has proven to be somewhat unreliable and NOT exactly enterprise ready. There seems to be too many places where the process can break down and it is troublesome to track where things are not functioning. Many times, the solution is to uninstall agents and reinstall them or backup, delete and then restore solutions to get them to function again. Development and testing/trouble-shoot is a time sucking process filled with many annoying bugs that you eventually learn to live with, but make the initial experience difficult. My biggest issue with them occurred when they changed their licensing structure based on the number of solution instead of the number of connectors. For the first three years, we were allowed unlimited solutions, but only three database connectors which worked well for us. The new licensing scheme allows for unlimited connectors, but solutions must be purchased in blocks of 5. We had developed nearly 150 solutions prior to this change - most of which were used just once, but we kept them around in case we needed to leverage our development efforts on other projects. The new licensing scheme would mean an increase in our licensing fees of more than 2,000% It took us several months to go through each of our solutions to determine which could be purged and which needed to be merged into other solutions to keep us within our budget for this solution. Now that we have finally completed this and are now compliant with the new licensing scheme, they are trying to strong-arm us into upgrading our service and extending our agreement in order to avoid significant overage charges while we were trying to comply with their changed licensing. It has become very apparent to me that they no longer want us on their platform and I am doing everything I can to accommodate them. There are other good alternatives to Tibco such as Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier and eOne Solutions. They are no longer the only game in town.
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