The 10 Best Free and Open Source VoIP Software

Updated on :October 19, 2023
By :Jemimah Rodriguez

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a category of hardware and software helping people conduct telephone-like calls using the internet. A VoIP software enables you to turn a computer into a communication platform. 

The birth of the internet brought in different innovative ways of communicating. In the beginning, it was email, but then businesses required promptness in two-way communication, so that brought in instant messaging. But, then the need to hear each other on a real-time basis brought in VoIP, as using traditional phone lines for communicating globally has always been expensive. To put it simply, VoIP came a long way to gain the popularity it is enjoying today. The below-given, infographic has highlighted the milestones throughout the journey of VoIP towards its success.

VoIP Evolution

As you can see, the businesses have switched over to VoIP based networks instead of using the traditional telephone for communicating. The below-mentioned significant differences can justify this fact.

VoIP Landline Difference

VoIP software allows you to create a real-time communication channel allowing you to make voice and video calls globally using an internet connection. This system becomes highly essential for businesses requiring to make international calls or fax documents frequently.

Most businesses today require to communicate globally, and using a traditional phone system for that purpose can prove to be quite expensive. Thus, a reliable VoIP system enabling businesses to communicate with a good voice and video quality is critical.

VoIP Stats

Adopting a readymade VoIP system can help in improving communication, but it may not suit the specific needs of your business. For example, if you require video support and your VoIP system does not provide that, then it is of no use to you. In that case, executing an open-source VoIP software for business can help as it can be tailored as per your business requirements. Moreover, most of the open-source VoIP solutions are free, so you don't have to invest a huge amount to get a VoIP system as per your exact needs. 

Here, we have come up with the 10 best free and open source VoIP software which are easy to install, configure, and maintain. But, before you go through the details of each software, let us have a look at how a VoIP system works, its benefits, and features you should look for in a VoIP software.

How Does a VoIP Software Work?

VoIP is a revolutionary technology that converts your voice into a digital signal and transmits it on the internet using TCP/IP (Ethernet) Protocol. It helps you to make and receive calls all over the world using a computer, VoIP phone, mobile phones, data-driven devices, or even traditional telephones connected to the VoIP adapter known as Analog Telephone Adapter.

VoIP Process

Benefits of Using VoIP Software Over Traditional Telephones

Besides two major benefits - saving costs and time, VoIP delivers many other benefits too as mentioned below -

VoIP Benefits

Features Required in a VoIP Software

Besides enabling phone calls through the internet, a VoIP system should include the below-mentioned features, which can help businesses extensively in improving their communication processes.

Call Forwarding

To avoid missing important calls, you can use the call forwarding feature. Your PC VoIP software should enable you to forward all the calls to your mobile phone, enabling you to receive calls wherever you are.


Many times you are required to talk to the whole team at the same time instead of one person to sort out some issues. Your VoIP software should allow you to hold conference calls with the groups avoiding miscommunication and getting tasks done on time.


Receive and make calls from anywhere at any time. This is the main functionality everyone looks for in a VoIP software for business. You don't have to be present in the office to receive or make calls.

Auto Attendants

Auto-attendant allows you to provide a customized menu for the callers, where they can choose the option they are calling for or the extension number they want to connect to. This would create a professional impression for your organization in the minds of your customers, suppliers, and associates.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

The VoIP system can convert your voicemail messages to text and send it through your preferred email id. It also helps you in systematically organizing your voicemails.

Call Rejection

The VoIP system facilitates caller ID helping you to decide whether to reject or receive the calls.

Multiple Device Support

The VoIP software you select should support multiple devices enabling you to make and receive calls using VoIP through any device like a tablet, laptop, and mobile.


Your VoIP software should be able to integrate with other third-party tools like CRM, email marketing software, sales software, etc., to provide added functionality.


The VoIP software you select should be scalable enough to grow with your business. Adding users or geographical locations should not be a problem.

Now, let's explore the features of the 10 best free and open-source VoIP software, which can help you in selecting the one that suits your business requirements.

The 10 Best Free and Open Source VoIP Software

#1 Asterisk

Asterisk is a free and open-source VoIP software sponsored by Digium. It offers a perfect blend of PBX functionality and advanced features of VoIP. Asterisk is used by enterprises, call centers, SMBs, and Governments worldwide to power their IP PBX systems, Conference servers, and VoIP gateways.


Key Features

  • Provides ADSI on-screen menu system
  • Includes automated attendant
  • Facilitates call forwarding
  • Provides call records in detail
  • Caller ID enabled
  • Enables call forwarding and blocking
  • Facilitates on-hold music
  • Allows remote call pickup
  • Allows SMS messaging
  • Enables voicemail to email transcription
  • Indicates message or voice call waiting visually

If you have already used Asterisk, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#2 Sipxcom

Sipxcom is a feature-rich software for VoIP preferred by enterprises due to its standards-based SIP open architecture. It is highly scalable and suitable for middle to large enterprise environments. It is written using C++ and Java and executing RESTful APIs. Due to its open design for easy integration, it can be easily customized as per your business requirements.


Key Features

  • Allows call transfer, hold and retrieve
  • Setting up of music on hold is possible
  • Video and voice conference calls are possible
  • Helps in identifying callers’ names and locations
  • Allows setting up DnD (Do Not Disturb)
  • Enables multiple calls per phone line
  • Allows outbound call blocking
  • Provides call history and complete records
  • Auto generates directory information

If you have already used Sipxcom, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#3 Linphone

Linphone is an open source VoIP system specializing in instant messaging and conducting voice/video VoIP calls helping businesses to communicate seamlessly with people at a low cost. It is compatible with most of the PBXs and SIP servers as it follows open standards from the telecommunications industry. Due to it's easy to use graphical interface and advanced calling features, it is preferred by most enterprises for building their communication solutions.


Key Features

  • Includes account creation assistant
  • Provides elaborate contact list synchronizing address book
  • Provides call history records
  • Allows to invite friends in a conversation
  • Enables HD video calls
  • Supports audio conference calls
  • Allows call transfer and managing multiple calls
  • Enables call recording and replay
  • Provides high-quality video and audio calls
  • Allows instant messaging

If you have already used Linphone, please feel free to share your reviews here.

# 4 Ekiga

Ekiga was formerly known as GnomeMeeting. It is an open-source VoIP, video conferencing, and instant messaging application supporting HD sound & video quality. As it uses SIP and H.323 telephony standards, it is compatible with standard-compliant software, hardware, and service providers.


Key Features

  • Includes intuitive graphical user interface
  • Allows free audio and video calls using the internet
  • Allows instant messaging using the internet
  • Provides HD quality sound and video quality
  • Supports remote and local address book with authentication using the standard LDAP technology
  • Supports Windows and GNU/Linux platforms

If you have already used Ekiga, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#5 Jitsi

Jitsi includes multiple open source projects allowing you to build and execute video conferencing solutions. Also, there are other projects in the community, which help in deploying features like audio, dial-in, simulcasting, and recording. Whether the audio/video conversation is between 2 people or 200, Jitsi is known for its amazing sound and video quality. All the tools provided by Jitsi are free, open-source, and WebRTC compatible.


Key Features

  • Allows you to share your desktop presentations
  • Users can be invited to a conference through a simple, custom URL
  • Facilitates document editing using Etherpad
  • Send messages and emojis during video conference using the integrated chat facility
  • Includes advanced security settings allowing to maintain the privacy of the conversations
  • 100% customizable as it is based on open source coding

If you have already used Jitsi, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#6 MicroSIP

MicroSIP is an open-source portable SIP VoIP software based on PJSIP for Windows OS. It allows you to do high-quality VoIP calls to mobiles and landlines through open SIP protocol. Person-to-person calls are free, and even international calls are cheap using this free VoIP software. It is a lightweight software for VoIP utilizing minimum system resources.


Key Features

  • Coding is done in C and C++ languages and requires less than 5MB RAM usage.
  • Extremely user-friendly software
  • Allows voice and video calling with simple messaging
  • Compatibility as per SIP standards
  • Provides configurable encryption TLS / SRTP for control and media
  • It supports multiple languages like Brazilian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, etc.

If you have already used MicroSIP, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#7 Sipmobile

Sipmobile is an open-source VoIP / SIP client allowing you to make free audio/video calls, messages, and chatting using the computer or mobile phone. It can be used with any compatible SIP provider. With easy registration, you can get started with this software and enjoy secure communications with this cryptographic software.


Key Features

  • Allows free calls to US and Canada numbers
  • Allows free calls to more than 2000 VoIP networks
  • Allows free audio and video calls as well as messages between Sipmobile users
  • Enables good quality mobile calls using WiFi and mobile networks
  • Allows international calls at a very low price

If you have already used Sipmobile, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#8 Jami

Jami is a free and open-source VoIP software well-known for its multi-tasking. Whether it is about sending text messages, making audio/video calls, or sharing files, Jami can provide high-quality communication and data exchange. It is registered under GPLv3+ license and officially a GNU package, thus can allow free calling without any ads.


Key Features

  • Allows audio calls between Jami users
  • Allows conference calls between an unlimited number of users
  • Allows HD video calling
  • Allows instant messaging
  • Allows you to share expressions through emojis
  • Allows voice messaging
  • Allows video messaging
  • Allows photo/file sharing

If you have already used Jami, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#9  Tox

Tox is completely free VoIP software that you can modify as per your business requirements. The conversations done using Tox are encrypted using open source libraries, and thus, it is considered as a highly secure PC VoIP software. As it is an extremely easy-to-use software, it is preferred by corporations or governments, and digital surveillance organizations worldwide.



  • Allows secure instant messaging
  • Allows free encrypted calls
  • Allows secure video calls
  • Allows screen sharing
  • Allows file sharing
  • Allows group chats and conferencing

If you have already used Tox, please feel free to share your reviews here.

#10 YateClient

YateClient is an instant messaging and VoIP system based on Yate. It is compatible with different platforms like Windows, Mac, OS, Linux. It works with multiple telephony protocols and includes advanced voice calling and chat features. It is written using C++ with a modular design with scripting languages like Perl, Python, and PHP to provide additional functionality.


Key Features

  • Allows call transfer
  • Allows conference calling
  • Displays call history and address book
  • Supports multiple instant messaging providers like Google Talk, Google Voice, and
  • Allows message archive, chat history search, and creating chat rooms

If you have already used YateClient, please feel free to share your reviews here.

Are you still confused with which VoIP software among these to choose? Just go through the below chart, which would help you in comparing the features of these free and open-source VoIP softwares at a glance.

The Best 10 Free and Open Source VoIP Software Comparison Chart

VoIP Software Comparison Chart

Just don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback if you have used any of the software mentioned above.


Effective communication is significant for businesses and organizations to perform well in terms of leading, organizing, controlling, selling, and managing. Especially when the business requires communicating at places worldwide, it becomes important to establish a flawless and low-cost communication system to foster relationships with your clients, employees, and associates. These free and open-source VoIP software can help you in communicating worldwide seamlessly and achieve your business goals.

You can also go through these paid VoIP solutions like CallFire, FreeSwitch, Vodia PBX, Talkroute, and Nexmo Voice API if you require executing VoIP software with advanced features and functionality.

Also, you can go through these comprehensive list of VoIP software, which would help you in selecting the best VoIP software suiting your business requirements.

Are you looking for other free and open source software in other categories besides VoIP? Have a look at our list of software in other categories too, and stay tuned with us as our research team keeps on adding the latest software frequently.

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