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List of Serbian Top Web3 Development Agencies

  • Building alliances with creative minds

    Our company has a story to tell, a driving idea behind each of our projects. These concepts will not only delight our audience but also deliver on measurable business goals. Codetribe is the conduit between ... read more about Codetribe

    $25 - $49/hr
    10 - 49
    Novi Sad, Serbia
    40% Web3
    Review Highlight - Codetribe has 1 review and 4.0 ratings
    4.0 - "Codetribe - tomsfive" reviewed by: Victor Gonzalez
  • Fully-fledged innovations

    Zentrix Lab is a fast growing Research & Innovation branch dedicated to research and application of DLT, IoT and Ai in different fields. Our mission is to position on the market with own products in ... read more about Zentrix Lab

    10 - 49
    Belgrade, Serbia
    50% Web3
  • Second To None In Blockchain Solutions

    Bloxico is a company founded by Nenad Tanaskovic (NT), a former director of a fintech company AFA Systems plc listed on London Stock Exchange, and several blockchain and fintech experts with the idea of creating ... read more about Bloxico

    10 - 49
    Belgrade, Serbia
    25% Web3
  • Geospatial (GIS) data experts |,

    Accelerating businesses to a competitive advantage with actionable intelligence. Action Engine is the catalyst for your new idea or disruptive change. With a strong core of engineers, designers and data analysts, we bring a full ... read more about Action Engine

    $50 - $99/hr
    10 - 49
    Belgrade, Serbia
    20% Web3

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