6 Reasons White Label App Development Is More Lucrative Than Custom Apps

Updated on :October 15, 2023
By :Sajitha

Most businesses prefer custom app development to uplift their business growth, but the fact is not everyone can afford it or spend time in the development process. In such cases, White label app development is your solution. 

White label apps are more convenient than custom apps for small to medium-scale businesses to create their own apps. 

Therefore, every mobile app development company must consider the budget and time of their clients. Also, if you’re looking for a development company, then partner with the most trusted white label solutions provider.

Mobile app development companies will be equipped with expert developers and designers, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your app. Also, they will have experience in backend, coding, and design to create cost-effective apps. 

Once you are done with the app development, you can customize the design and style of your branding based on your customer needs.

In this blog, you will know the top 6 reasons white-label apps are more lucrative than custom apps.Let’s look deep into the advantages of white label app apps and accelerate business growth.

What Are White Label Mobile Apps?

It can be defined as an app solution developed in a specific company and later marketed and customized by different companies. This strategy helps businesses to gain growth and brand awareness without spending extra money on it.

White label app development helps businesses launch their service outside of their skillset, expertise, necessary technology, and infrastructure.

 White label apps are a ready-made template that helps businesses to gear up their way in the digital world.

What Is a Custom App Development?

Custom app development is a process of app development in which companies provide resources to meet the custom requirements of that particular company. 

This type of custom app development is applicable for medium to large-scale businesses, as they need unique features via their mobile apps. Therefore, custom app development companies mainly target these large-scale sectors to increase their business value chain.

Difference between a White Label App and Custom Mobile App

Three major differences between White Label App and Custom Mobile App are as follows.


Cost is the most important factor to consider, either businessmen or companies; expenditure will be their major concern at the beginning stage of the venture. 

While developing application solutions for their businesses, people tend to look after the cost and choose a cost-effective solution for various reasons.

However, Custom Apps are created from scratch based on your business needs and customizations, including interactive User Interfaces, layouts, etc.

Therefore, custom app development demands a high cost, but white label apps are ready-made solutions with certain features already available and come with few customizations accordingly.

Moreover, the white-label app pre-build cost is less when compared to the custom apps. The companies that offer while-label solutions often come with flexible payment methods so that you can take advantage of them based on your budget. 

App Development Time

Time also plays a vital part in app development, as a custom app takes a lot of time to build from scratch and launch. Whereas it has a lot of testing and fixing processes before delivery than white-label apps. 

Whereas white-label apps consume less time as they are readymade, and it only needs some customization according to your business needs. 

For example, If you are buying white-label apps for your business, you don’t have to wait for the app development process; you can just make any necessary customization and launch within one day. 

As if already offers all the basic features and functionalities for your business needs. Hence, if you’re running out of time and approaching the deadline of your scheduled launch, the white-label app is your savior. 

Skillset and Maintenance

If you’re opting for white label apps, you don’t need extra skilled individuals to install, run, or manage your app. fortunately, there is no other development process required once you have launched white-label apps. 

However, if you have any customizations or further support, you can take help from the parent company (officially developed company) and make the best out of it hassle-free.

Likewise, in custom app development, you will always need a skilled developer team for maintenance and requirements. Also, the developers have to look after the app constantly after changes as a team. 

Reasons to Consider While-label Apps

Below are the top 6 reasons why businesses should consider white-label apps over the custom apps for their company. Let’s get started!

1. No Need to Code

Many businesses want to offer a mobile app as a service to their customers or clients to provide convenient workflow and management.

By selling mobile apps to developing companies at attractive prices, they could make a lucrative income. If you have approached an expertise white label app development company, you can make huge profits by selling apps to businesses without prior knowledge of coding.

All you need to do is, choose the best white label app developer to do all the coding works. By doing this, you can produce the best quality apps that work even better than custom apps. 

The customization process is also easy if you know the client's needs and interests predominantly. Try to meet all the requirements of your client's brand and business goals to make your app a huge success. 

2. Be More Adaptable

While developing apps for businesses, we often narrow our minds towards specific niches or fields. Whereas you can spend all your energy on developing one or two kinds of apps only in a short time.

For instance, if you are creating e-commerce mobile apps as a part of your business, you probably get clients who need internal communication apps such as B2B or SaaS apps for their company. 

Here you will lose from your track and find yourself alienated and start reconsidering to reinvent your business goals.

However, if you hire a professional app development company, you get many options to create extraordinary apps and negotiate all negative factors.

3. Custom App Development Has Many Admin Challenges

No one is an all-rounder in designing apps, writing codes, and managing everything. You will need to do many logical things. Also, it’s basically tough to handle everything in one go.

If you are planning to create applications for your clients, then you need to hire a skilled team of developers, designers, and testers. You have to allocate workspace for your team or else manage the remote working team. 

However, you need to spend more time learning new technology and developments every day. Keep up to date with trends and up-skill your team members constantly.

You have to master the art of segmenting, all your efforts and time in the development process and marketing strategies. 

Fortunately, you can eliminate all these challenges and hire a well-established white label app development company for your business, which is the smart move.

4. White Label App Development Is Cost-Effective 

Custom app development is quite costly as it comes with in-house team maintenance. Sometimes it can cost you thousands of dollars to create a single app. 

However, if you spent more money on creating mobile applications, then you have to look for clients who can meet your requirements and help you to recover the investment. This is a difficult task these days; genuinely, clients will think twice to invest in such high-cost apps. 

Your clients will end up choosing white-label apps, which come at reasonable prices instead of investing in custom apps. 

Furthermore, 2021 is the year of transformation. People are more likely to choose only shopping apps than before due to COVID-19. 

By analyzing such major needs, you can reach merchants who want an application for their business and deliver the best online shopping apps.

These technological advancements and innovation paved the way for e-commerce businesses to offer mobile apps for engaging their customers with a better user experience. 

However, e-commerce retailers and merchants can’t afford such high-cost custom apps, so they tend to opt for white-label apps.

By selling white-label apps, you could offer highly diversified solutions, which is the best option for small businesses who are just stepping into this tech world as you can customize apps easily according to your client's business at affordable prices.

5. Branding Remains the Key

As we discussed earlier, branding is the key to success in white label development. Building trust is essential across all industries, which develops your business’s value, especially in the IT sector. 

In simple terms, if a customer chooses your product over the competitors, you have gained your brand value in them.

Hence, it's essential to earn customers’ loyalty for your brand logo or name over the third-party developer within your app development process. 

In white-label app development, you can’t find the third-party company’s offshore details that created your app. This type of branding can help you gain more customer trust and loyalty in the long run.

6. Spend Time in Networking & Grow Your Reach

You have to pay close attention while developing apps that involve steps like scripting and enhancing code, best practices, and innovation. As developers are involved in multiple tasks, they don’t have much time for marketing the products.

Whereas app resellers don’t have to spend time coding and developing, they have opportunities to convince people to make purchases. 

These resellers can look for clients and small to medium-scale companies who need such a solution to establish their business. If you could gain more clients, you ultimately get high chances to make profits.

White label mobile app development ensures growing your business and selling your products to more clients with great turnover.

The Bottom Line

With white-label apps, you can offer excellent solutions for your business and your clients by offering at affordable prices. 

White label apps are reasonably priced and offer appealing, functional, and robust apps for your business. 

If you have strong marketing and reselling skills, you can start making money by selling white-label apps.

White label app development is a versatile product that can offer high-standard apps at affordable prices without compromising quality.


Sajitha is a content writer at POFI Technologies. She predominantly writes content for its flagship products and also pens poetry, eBooks, and fascinating content. She believes writing should intrigue her audience and work with passion. She is an avid reader and holds her master's in literature. Her hobbies include traveling, music, and self-publishing!

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