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7 Types of Smart Apps to Make Your Home Smarter

7 Types of Smart Apps to Make Your Home Smarter

Today, our homes live their own lives. The doors get locked, and the lights get dimmed automatically. In fact, almost anything from a security system and energy consumption control to the TV, soundbar, and even curtains can function independently. All the credit goes to smart devices that exist in almost two-thirds of US houses, according to the study published by MediaPost.

And Americans don’t plan to stop: households will acquire more smart devices, which makes the USA a lucrative market for anyone who wants to offer IoT solutions. Generally, the offer is relevant worldwide, with the global smart home market projected growth of 25% annually, according to Mordor Intelligence.

Businesses can offer not only new smart gadgets but also smart controls. Today, many opt for smart speakers like Amazon Echo. However, there is a much better option for a consumer – cell phones. Households don’t need to burden their wallets with a new purchase. They can transform a smartphone into a remote for a smart home in one click – by downloading a smart app. 

We have prepared seven ideas of mobile applications for smart homes that make our daily routine more efficient.

  1. Smart Lighting

You probably have seen a bulb that can light up with any shade from the color palette. Besides, the brightness and temperature are adjustable, giving you an opportunity to customize the light according to your mood. And let’s not forget about the remote control, which allows you to do all this from anywhere in your home. 

Equip your whole house with such smart bulbs and enjoy a smart lighting solution. By the way, its perks aren’t limited to convenience. The connected lighting is greener: LED smart bulbs can serve you for 35,000-50,000 hours, while traditional incandescent ones only for 750-2,000 hours. 

What Mobile App to Create?

Since smart lighting systems are designed to facilitate daily routine, an efficient mobile solution should go beyond remote control. Automation drives real power. With smart lighting app, user can set up parameters for each room and instantly change them in the app. Besides, it allows you to configure the pre-set modes for a specific time: for instance, the lights can automatically dim when your bedtime comes.

  1. Smart Heating and Cooling

High energy bills are a burden for both households and the environment. Families may heat or cool their homes more than they can afford. As a result, budgets are exhausted, which poorly affects lifestyle. Our planet, in its turn, is begging humans to optimize energy consumption. 

Smart energy solutions solve both problems. The modern devices installed in the central heating or cooling equipment circuit board control the scope of resources used. 

What Mobile App to Create?

Basic smart mobile applications for heating and cooling systems offer:

  • Remote control for every room with personal adjustments. 
  • Individual schedules for pre-setting temperature modes with precise timing

To drive real value, the application stands out with:

  • A monitoring system that detects system issues and sends notifications.
  • Auto-adjustments according to the weather. 
  • Suggestions on how to cut energy bills or maintain a healthy quality of air indoors.
  • Reminders to turn heat or AC off once you leave your home.
  1. Smart Home Security 

With a smart home security system, you can be sure that your house is safe even if you are miles away. Today’s solutions encompass a variety of sensors that detect break-ins. 

Motion controls can tell the difference between humans and pets, while sound detectors can tell a smashed plate from a smashed window. What is more, homeowners can install cameras to rely not only on sensors but monitor the situation with their own eyes.

What Mobile App to Create?

The ultimate feature of any application for smart home security is monitoring and notification. A smart home security app allows setting instant notifications. Besides, users can:

  • Arm and disarm the system
  • Track the state of sensors
  • Watch the live video (if the house is equipped with cameras)
  • Record video. 

It’s also useful to embed an emergency button in an app that will send an alarm to the admin’s monitoring system or the police. 

  1. Smart Door Lock 

The younger sibling of a smart home security system – a smart door lock – ensures only welcome guests enter your house. All smart locks feature end-to-end encryption that adds extra protection to your door. Some manufacturers even claim it to reach the highest security standards of an online banking sector.

What Mobile App to Create?

Your cell phone is a key to a smart door lock. Although the door can still be opened otherwise – with a real key or a code – doing so with a smartphone is much more convenient. 

А little automation never hurts. You can always embed geofencing to auto-unlock the door when a homeowner is approaching. Another must-have feature is a sharable key: a user can send an access code to friends or family to unlock the door. 

Smart app ideas for homes

  1. Smart Garage 

A smart garage system mainly focuses on the door. The system allows to open and close the door remotely, as well as monitor its status. Some smart solutions aren’t limited to these features, though, and offer constant video surveillance on what is happening inside and outside your garage. 

What Mobile App to Create? 

A smart garage app must have functionality as follows:

  • Remote control to open and close a garage door when necessary.
  • Access sharing to let friends or family enter.
  • Constant monitoring to be sure your garage door is locked.
  • Scheduling to open/close the garage or turn the lights on/off according to pre-set timing.
  • Notifications to be aware when your garage door opens. 
  1. Smart Entertainment 

Smart homes aren’t designed for the sake of cost-efficiency, enhanced security, and higher convenience only. They also brighten up our routine with smart fun. 

Connected TVs and speakers with pre-set modes that can be controlled remotely deliver a new experience. Users can enjoy the perks of automation with unique pre-sets.  

What Mobile App to Create?

The basic mobile app for smart entertainment includes:

  • Remote control for individual devices as well as the whole in-home media ecosystem.
  • Individual parameters for each room.

However, you can follow the personalization trend by allowing users to have pre-set modes for each family member to turn on favorite tracks in one click. Besides, the application adds lighting control to create an immersive experience. 

  1. Smart Home System

All the above-discussed ideas focus on a single niche of home smart devices. However, what should you do if you have them all? Only imagine having one app for a smart door, another for a connected TV, one more for heat and AC. This is hardly convenient and time-efficient. 

What Mobile App to Create?

An ecosystem solution that supports all smart devices is the manifestation of the IoT and mobile app development blend. These applications allow a user to:

  • Add numerous smart gadgets.
  • Control them.
  • Automate devices with pre-arranged modes.
  • Group appliances by zones/rooms.

If you are up for a complex solution, prepare to work on automation features to deliver an added value. 

Although the competition for users is fierce, anyone has a chance for success. The IoT market is developing: the number of connected devices and their integration constantly increase. Consequently, people need solutions to control their smart homes. To outperform the competitors, make it your end goal to create an all-encompassing solution and let it be your guiding star!

Wrapping Up!

Cutting-edge technologies can help you build smart apps that your users will never uninstall. If you liked the ideas, contact the top app developer to convert them into reality.

Tatsiana Kerimova
Tatsiana Kerimova

Tatsiana Kerimova is CEO & Co-Founder at Orangesoft, with more than 10 years of experience in the mobile apps industry.

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