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9 Powerful UX Design Tactics to Engage Online Web Visitors

9 Powerful UX Design Tactics to Engage Online Web Visitors

Let’s begin with a couple of questions...

Why we like to dine-in in the same restaurant? Why we shop in the same store for our daily commodities? It is because they make us feel good and proffer us with the quality products and services. Same thing applies to the online business.

Being into an online business, it is important for you to understand how you can provide your users what they want in the simplest ways. Remember, your people can forget what you said but they won’t forget how you made them feel.

Technically, an astonishing user experience can be achieved with visual designs, content, website optimization and various other aspects.

In this blog we will be discussing the 9 most powerful UX design tactics which you can use to make your users feel good and increase your website’s user-engagement rate;

  1. Design a Pleasing Homepage:

    Homepage is the fulcrum of the website. It is a place where you exhibit prime information and brief users about your company and its services. You need to only brief your users. Providing lengthy information in the homepage may frustrate users and they may leave your website without giving a second thought.

    Thus, it is essential to a) keep your website neat and simple, b) provide essential information above the fold c) link the major web pages with the homepage d) Link the company’s logo with the homepage.

  1. Reduce Loading Time:

    Most of the websites take more than 3 seconds to load even when the internet speed is fast. This clearly shows the poor web experience. You also may be knowing that a 2-second delay in the website may disappoint your users and they may leave your site, albeit the website design is appealing.

    One of the major issues is website images. While uploading the images we forget that large-sized images can slow down the speed of the website resulting in bad web experience. Thus, we need to assure that we don’t commit such mistakes. Also, we need to be careful while selecting the website theme because its CSS file may not support certain things and we need to make changes in the file too. To understand these issues, there are various website speed and performance optimization tools available which are a worth considering  to minimize the loading time of your website.

  1. Keep Sufficient Breathing Space:

    It may seem awkward to you but yes a website also needs a space to breathe. This automatically improves the web experience of your website. It allows you to highlight the important information and make the read for users easy. Also, it gives a room to the users to perform an action. It has been proved that having adequate white space between the title and the paragraph increases the users' attentiveness by 20%.

    Using white space in the content makes your website look healthy and refreshing. If you don’t put sufficient white space the glow of the website diminishes resulting in poor web experience. Also, it descreses the user-engagement rate. 

  1. Enhance the Readability:

    This point is in continuation with the above one. Content plays a major role in adding value to your website. It helps your users in learning about your company and the services you provide.

    Henceforth, there are certain things you need to consider while writing the content for your website; a) Don’t include lengthy sentences or use incomprehensible language that does not influence your users. b)Keep the sentences short and use simple language with catchy words that grab your users’ attention.c) Make the font size large and use readable typeface to make the read easy. d) Create short paragraphs not more than 2-3 lines. e) Don’t underline the words unnecessarily unless and until you are not linking it with any page or information.

  1. Effective Call To Action (CTA):

    CTAs are the crux of the website. Each CTA placed in different location of the website has a different purpose. You can easily analyse the behaviour of your users using these action events.

    Each color of the CTA has a different meaning. But don’t go by the color instead, contrast it with the background color of the website to create a unique and innovative web experience for the users. To grab users’ attention, you can also experiment with the titles of CTAs. For example: Instead of “Subscribe”, you can also use“Get Early Access”.

  1. Add Videos:

    Videos in website is trending. It marks a huge impact on the users visiting your website. They grab the maximum eyeballs and hold users for a longer time. Videos are in many forms; client testimonials, product overview, etc.

    It is not necessary to include it in the homepage, you can place it on any webpage depending upon the purpose. Most of the websites use effective images instead of videos which is good but videos grab users’ attention instantly.

  1. Include Search Field:

    What role a search component plays for your website? It helps users to reach out to the specific information they are looking for. Imagine an eCommerce site without a search field. How difficult shopping would be for the users?

    Ecommerce sites have thousands of products to feature and display. And, that’s the reason such sites must include a search field. But it is not the case with the sites of other domains. Still, search field is a must have. This improves the user experience of your website and makes the tour easy for your users.  It is not necessary to include search field in all the web pages, you can remove from the pages where it is not required.

  1. Display a Complete Contact Information:

    It has been noted that many websites don’t provide a complete contact details on the website. Why is it so? It seems you are not aware with the statistics. 64% of the users look for the contact details when they visit the website. Imagine what you are losing by not providing the contact information to your users.

    It is the best practice to have a separate contact page where you can show the number along with the office address and contact us form. Contact us form should be included in the website just like search field because it helps you to connect with the like-minded users who actually wants to do business with you. The second option you can apply is, add the contact number on the top of the homepage so that it becomes easy for your users to reach out to you.

  1. Remove Unwanted Information:

    This is another best practice to improve the user experience of your website and engage users with the actual context. There are a good number of websites around the web which have high-ranked irrelevant web pages. Though these pages rank high in Google, they are of no use. It is required to remove such pages and optimize your website with useful web pages. Doing so makes the navigation easy and also uplifts the website ranking.

    Unnecessary ads and blinking banners that appear on the right corner of the website also results in poor web experience. If you really want to maintain the beauty of your website don’t include these things to distract the focus of your users.

Final thoughts

Hope the tactics discussed above gave you a better insight on how to improve the web experience for your users. Needless to say, to implement these tactics you need help of an expert web UX designer. Explore the list of top web development companies in India by GoodFirms to provide excellent UX to your web visitors!

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