The Art of Business Success is Linked to the Art of Building High Performing Teams

Updated on :February 07, 2024
By :Lisa Brian

Robust leadership and strong performing teams are crucial for the success of every business. A skilled, goal-oriented leader helps develop a collaborative environment that encourages teamwork, open communication, and a shared vision. An effective leader works towards ensuring that each team member contributes to their fullest potential, enhancing motivation and accountability within the team. High-performance teams exhibit enhanced productivity, creativity, and adaptability. They work together for innovation and effective problem solving, producing remarkable results. Experienced and potent leaders thus ultimately inspire and guide a positive work culture that attracts talent and helps retain skilled professionals, propelling the business towards sustained success and perpetual growth.

GoodFirms Roundtable is a series of podcast interview discussions where leading industry experts, CEOs, and people holding prominent positions in IT services and software companies share their valuable experiences and opinions on various topics. The podcast discussion becomes a rich source of information for budding entrepreneurs willing to start their businesses.

GoodFirms recently had a chance to interview Katya Vakulenko, Founder & CEO, Soup Agency. In the following podcast discussion, Katya shares her knowledge and views about the role of leadership and strong performing teams in achieving exceptional business success.

Soup Agency is an Australia-based leading digital marketing company specializing in broad-range digital services, including digital strategy, SEO management, Google Ads, social media marketing, Facebook & Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads, email marketing, content writing, website designing, HubSpot marketing, and more. The company leverages its versatile experience and skills to provide top-notch digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes and across varied industries, enabling them to grow without limitations. Soup Agency’s team of experts facilitates personalized recommendations on digital marketing strategies to fulfill the distinct needs and goals of each client.

The Podcast Discussion Highlights the Following:

  • The backstory behind the name of Soup Agency, and how the company managed to grow through the post-pandemic phase.
  • How Soup Agency approaches building a strong performing team, aligning individual goals with the team's objectives; what strategies helped the company achieve this?
  • How can leaders and managers foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration within their organizations? What role does effective communication play in building strong-performing teams, and how can teams improve their communication skills?
  • How can leaders identify and nurture leadership within their teams to create a sense of shared responsibility and accountability?
  • Challenges and opportunities of building strong teams amid today's remote and virtual work environments; how to set clear goals and expectations for a team to ensure that there are fewer iterations and more results.
  • What delegation strategies has Soup Agency found effective in ensuring that tasks are executed efficiently while empowering their team members?
  • The common pitfalls and challenges that teams encounter, and how to address these to ensure continued success.

The Podcast Also Covers These Crucial Points:

  • Lessons from the world of sports and other industries that Soup Agency has learned and applied in their team-building strategies.
  • Useful resources, books, and tools that leaders and team members can leverage to enhance their understanding of building strong-performing teams.
  • Valuable advice for startups and emerging businesses looking to build strong performing teams from the ground up, including key principles and strategies that they must prioritize.

Can You Share a Little Backstory Regarding the Name of Your Organization? How Did You Come Up With the Name Soup Agency? Also, You Founded Soup Agency in 2019 and Just a Year Later, the Pandemic Hit. How Difficult Was That Phase and How Did You Navigate to a More Smoother Time Now?

Katya relates a good digital strategy to making soup, which requires multiple ingredients to taste good. Soup Agency follows the same approach in digital marketing, focusing on a digital strategy that targets multiple channels for success. Katya highlights that during the pandemic, while a lot of businesses were pausing most of their activities, their company was looking at the opportunities available for them and their clients.

The pandemic brought a huge boom in online shopping and presented new opportunities for businesses. Thus, Soup Agency assisted their existing clients with the transition to different marketing models and reached out to new and existing businesses. Katya believes that owning a solid team has helped expand Soup Agency’s efforts and successes. The company now has a team of 12, and they keep the team at the front of every business decision they make. 

for successful approach look at multiple digital channels

Building a Strong Performing Team Often Involves Aligning Individual Goals With the Team’s Objectives. How Do You Strike That Balance at Soup Agency, and What Strategies Have You Found Effective in Achieving It?

Katya believes that communication and trust are keys to aligning individual goals with the team’s objectives. The company thus ensures that every team member is aware of the team's objectives, understands how their individual goals contribute to the big picture, and focuses on the purpose behind their tasks. Soup Agency follows a transparent approach in performance tracking in terms of the pre-defined strategy for the year.

Further, Katya adds that they tailor roles to people's strengths to help each team member fully contribute their skills and expertise. This approach boosts the confidence of individual team members, enhancing the overall team performance.

Additionally, Soup Agency conducts open discussions about individual goals and team objectives to discuss not only the current strategies and outcomes, but also to brainstorm on adjusting these strategies for future success. Moreover, feedback is a key ingredient in this as it helps refine the approach and run things smoothly. Soup Agency encourages a collaborative mindset and makes all big business decisions as a team, as the company strongly believes that it is crucial to involve every team member in the growth of the agency.

communication and trust are key to aligning individual goals

How Can Leaders and Managers Foster a Culture of Teamwork and Collaboration Within Their Organizations? What Role Does Effective Communication Play in Building Strong-Performing Teams, and How Can Teams Improve Their Communication Skills?

To foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration, it is essential for leaders and managers to lead by example and follow a consistent communication approach to help everybody understand the organization’s vision clearly. Besides, creating a culture of teamwork and collaboration requires leaders and managers to set a robust foundation of trust and shared goals. They must encourage open communication, ensure that team members feel heard, and emphasize the value each individual brings to the table.

Further, regular team meetings, transparent channels, and active listening produce remarkable outcomes. Moreover, teams can enhance their communication skills by engaging in team-building activities, workshops, and training sessions that focus on both verbal and non-verbal communication. These activities help create a symphony of ideas and efforts, leading to a high-performing team.

lead by example

How Can Leaders Identify and Nurture Leadership Within Their Teams to Create a Sense of Shared Responsibility and Accountability?

To identify and nurture leadership within their teams, leaders must identify and pay attention to individuals who demonstrate initiative, problem-solving skills, and a positive influence on others. Additionally, they must provide mentorship, leadership development programs, and opportunities for increased responsibility to cultivate a sense of shared responsibility and accountability among team members. In summary, strong leadership induces a collaborative culture.

providing mentorship and leadership development programs

In Today’s Remote and Virtual Work Environments, What Challenges and Opportunities Are There for Building Strong Teams, and How Can These Be Navigated? And, How to Set Clear Goals and Expectations for a Team So There Are Fewer Iterations and More Results.

In today’s remote and virtual work environments, in the absence of face-to-face interactions, developing a sense of connection and collaboration while working across a digital space, becomes highly challenging. However, regular team interactions can easily mitigate these challenges.

It is further vital for leaders to create clear communication channels and set explicit goals and expectations for team members to feel heard and connected. To summarize, leaders must establish measurable objectives, provide clarity on roles, and encourage an open dialogue for any uncertainties.

leaders should look to establish measurable objectives

Delegation Is a Critical Skill for Entrepreneurs. What Delegation Strategies Have You Found Effective in Ensuring That Tasks Are Executed Efficiently While Empowering Your Team Members?

Delegation appears challenging in the beginning when entrepreneurs feel the need to control and be a part of everything to make sure it runs smoothly. However, Katya emphasizes that to be successful, they must learn to let go, delegate, and build trust in their team.

To ensure a uniform approach for all team members and maintain consistency and efficiency in work, Soup agency has instituted streamlined processes, templates, and a well-defined structure for task completion. Moreover, to enhance communication and alignment, the company holds two pivotal weekly meetings; Monday meetings include a comprehensive review of performance and individual priorities for the week, and Wednesday meetings are for a team check-in to ensure everyone is on track and fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

In summary, Soup Agency has laid a foundation of clear structures, established expectations, and open communication lines, acting as a robust framework for success within their team where every team member focuses on how they are contributing.

streamlined processes and templates

What Are Some Common Pitfalls or Challenges That Teams Encounter, and How Can They Be Anticipated and Addressed to Ensure Continued Success?

Katya highlights that the most common issues that teams encounter are misunderstandings and inefficiencies due to the absence of clear communication and an inability to follow processes. According to Katya, these challenges must be proactively addressed by creating transparent communication channels, promoting active listening, and fostering an open and inclusive environment to enhance team resilience and pave the way for continued success.

What Lessons From the World of Sports or Other Industries Have Influenced the Team-Building Strategies at Soup Agency, and How Have They Been Applied to Your Business Context?

Just the way shared vision and a collective commitment to goals play a crucial role in sports, a business model too involves a common goal, which can be achieved only by working together.

Katya informs that the company has managed to successfully integrate a fantastic team-building approach by organizing a weekly casual lunch gathering where everyone participates in casual open discussions. These informal gatherings help them collectively explore emerging technologies, delve into potential improvements, and encourage innovative ideas, further stimulating open communication among team members, breaking down barriers, and strengthening collaborative spirit.

if we look at sports

What Resources, Books, or Tools Would You Recommend for Leaders and Team Members Who Want to Further Their Understanding of Building Strong-Performing Teams?

Katya reveals that the book, Tools of Titans, has remarkably helped her initial journey as a business owner. Further, another good read is Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink that has helped Katya shape her management style.

Finally, What Advice Would You Give to Startups and Emerging Businesses Looking To Build Strong Performing Teams From the Ground Up? What Key Principles or Strategies Should They Prioritize?

Startups and emerging businesses must follow a broad approach to build strong performing teams, starting with hiring the right people with the right skills, attitude, and culture match. Further, these people must be equipped with the right tools, processes, and support to help them do their best job; this includes leveraging a two way communication style management approach for the team, encouraging them to share their feedback and opinion without any limitations or hierarchical issues within the organization.

Further, the leaders must ensure regular follow-ups with the team to nurture company culture and ensure that all the team members enjoy their work, learn, develop their skills, and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Can You Let Our Audience Know How Has Been Your Journey Since Associating With Goodfirms and Why You Think It’s Important for Business to Build a Good Online Reputation Using Our Platform?

a strong online reputation

You can listen to this podcast here.

What’s Next

Strong performing teams result from effective leadership, where motivation acts as the driving force. Successful leaders understand the importance of team-building, fostering an environment where individuals collectively thrive. Moreover, teamwork acts as a pillar, emphasizing collaboration and open communication. Besides, cultivating a sense of accountability is also crucial to build strong performing teams, as this ensures every member takes ownership of their responsibilities, contributing to the team’s overall success.

Regular communication and collaboration enhance the synergy within the team, promoting a shared vision. Strong leaders lay the foundation for creating efficient, strong-performing teams that are resilient, adaptable, capable of tackling challenges, and achieve collective goals with efficiency and efficacy leading to endless business success and growth. Businesses must leverage corporate training to help business leaders enhance their skills and act as catalysts to motivate the employees and make them feel valued, enabling them to perform better as a team and create a positive, developmental work culture.

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Lisa Brian
Lisa Brian

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