The Art to Nurture Artistic Freedom in the Creative Industry

Updated on :March 21, 2024
By :Lisa Brian

Nurturing artistic freedom in the creative sector is crucial for fostering innovation and standing out amidst competition. In the video production industry, encouraging the video production team to freely explore their unique ideas leads to the development of diverse and impactful content. Moreover, providing opportunities for experimentation allows adoption of new techniques, technologies, and tools that help enhance the production process and quality of deliverables. Businesses in the creative sector must thus embrace diverse perspectives and support emerging talent through motivation and mentorship to enhance artistic freedom and innovation, provide exceptional services, and lead in the global market.

GoodFirms Roundtable is a series of podcast interview discussions where leading industry experts, CEOs, and people holding prominent positions in IT services and software companies share their valuable experiences and opinions on various topics. The podcast discussion becomes a rich source of information for budding entrepreneurs willing to start their businesses.

GoodFirms recently had a chance to interview Sherry Khan, Co-Founder, Anideos. In the following podcast discussion, Sherry shares his knowledge and views about the importance of artistic freedom in the creative industry and how to nurture it.

Anideos is a New York based video production and animation & multimedia company that specializes in broad-array video production services, including 2D animation, 3D animation, explainer video, frame by frame, motion graphics, white board animation, 3D architecture animation, logo animation, and many more. The company serves versatile industries like medical, music animation, educational, commercial, and corporate sectors. Moreover, Anideos has expertise and experience in IT and digital services like app development, web development, NFT design, digital marketing, and book illustration. With its high-quality offerings and multi-domain exposure, the company is capable of taking end-to-end responsibility for its clients’ needs and enables them to grow without limitations.

The Podcast Discussion Highlights the Following:

  • About Anideos and its journey in the creative industry since its inception in 2019.
  • How does Anideos prioritize time management to meet deadlines and client expectations in dealing with so many clients?
  • An example of a project by Anideos where artistic freedom played a crucial role in its success.
  • Some challenges that Anideos faces in communicating between their original ideas and meeting the specific demands of clients in the creative industry.
  • How does Anideos leverage new tools and techniques in their projects?
  • How do cultural differences influence the project process for Anideos while working with global clients?
  • A memorable experience where exceeding client expectations led to a positive impact on the reputation for Anideos.
  • A few hobbies and activities that fuel creativity outside the professional realm.
  • Some non-professional experiences or encounters that significantly influenced Anideos’ approach to creativity and leadership.
  • Challenges that Anideos faced in the industry, and how the company navigated through these challenges.
  • How does Anideos encourage their team to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth?

The Podcast Also Covers These Crucial Points:

  • How will Anideos contribute to shaping the future of the creative industry?
  • Some upcoming projects or initiatives at Anideos that the company is excited about.
  • Some advice for young creatives looking to make a mark in the industry.
  • Some specific skills or qualities that Anideos believes are essential for success in the creative field.
  • When did Anideos decide to include GoodFirms in its journey, and how has the company’s experience been with the GoodFirms platform so far?

Can You Tell Us More About Anideos and Its Journey in the Creative Industry Since Its Inception in 2019?

Sherry informs that Anideos was launched in 2019, with a profound love for the arts and a commitment to creativity. The company’s growth journey is marked by their dedication to excellence and innovation in the creative industry. Anideos has evolved over the years, balancing the realms of artistic liberty and fulfilling client requirements to stand out and lead in the competitive world.

inspiration to start

In a World Driven by Deadlines and Client Expectations, How Does Anideos Prioritize Time Management With So Many Clients?

Sherry explains that handling lots of clients is a tough task; however, setting clear priorities to improve time management has helped Anideos manage this challenge. Moreover, the company leverages tools and systems to organize tasks efficiently and allocate dedicated time slots for each project, allowing the team to focus on other important tasks. Besides, they adjust their schedules to adapt to changing needs and deliver timely and high-quality work. Through effective time management, the company ensures meeting its clients’ expectations and maintaining the quality of their creative output.

handling lots of clients

Can You Share an Example of a Project Where Artistic Freedom Played a Crucial Role in Its Success?

Sherry shares one of their standout projects for artist Cody Mac on his music video. This project showcased the power of artistic freedom in driving success, as the company’s team got the creative liberty to explore innovative ideas, which resulted in a highly successful outcome, surpassing the expectations of both the client and the industry.

What Are Some Challenges You Face Communicating Between Your Original Ideas and Meeting the Specific Demands of Clients in the Creative Industry?

Sherry admits that juggling one’s creative ideas with what clients want is a big challenge for a video production services company. Anideos leveraged open dialogue right from the project’s inception to encourage transparent discussions and active listening with the client, ensuring better communication of their team’s vision and the clients’ expectations. This improved collaboration helped them enhance their creativity while precisely meeting their clients’ needs.

this collaborative process allows us to find

With the Rapid Advancements in Technology, How Do You Leverage New Tools and Techniques in Your Projects?

Sherry elaborates that Anideos embraces new tools and techniques to ensure continued technological progress in their projects. Moreover, their team explores and deploys emerging technologies that best align with their creative vision and project needs. This proactive approach helps the company innovate, stay at the forefront of industry trends, and produce state-of-the-art animations.

staying on top of technological progress

Having Worked With Clients Worldwide, How Do Cultural Differences Influence the Project Process at Anideos?

According to Sherry, collaborating with global clients demands a keen awareness of cultural variations. Anideos considers these differences in their project approach and creates creative content that connects with diverse audiences and embraces the cultural distinction.

Can You Share a Memorable Experience Where Exceeding Client Expectations Led to a Positive Impact on the Company’s Reputation?

Sherry talks about Anideos’ Lion NFT Video project that involved the challenge of crafting a cinematic teaser for the client’s NFT without specific instructions. The company’s team designed and animated their NFTs, incorporating cinematic camera angles, surpassing the client’s expectations, strengthening their partnership, and bolstering their own position in the industry. Further, the positive feedback earned from the client helped the company attract numerous high-profile clients.

ripple effect of positive feedback

Outside of the Professional Realm, What Hobbies or Activities Fuel Your Own Creativity?

Sherry discloses that he leverages several hobbies to fuel creativity, including watching animated movies, traveling to new places, and exploring the richness of different cultures. Such activities also help infuse fresh insights and imaginative approaches into their projects.

Are There Any Non-professional Experiences or Encounters That Have Significantly Influenced Your Approach to Creativity and Leadership?

Sherry believes that life outside the professional sphere helps shape one’s approach to creativity and leadership, like meeting individuals from diverse backgrounds and traveling to different places. These non-professional experiences contribute immensely to a multifaceted perspective and provide valuable insights to enrich one’s creative endeavors and leadership strategies in the workplace.

I firmly believe that life outside the professional sphere

What Are Some of the Challenges You’ve Faced in the Industry, and How Did You Navigate Through Them?

Sherry talks about two challenging scenarios, one involving a client unfamiliar with animation, and the other, competing with new studios offering low-quality work within tight budgets. Sherry adds that they tackled these hurdles by staying agile, nurturing innovation within the team, and proactively addressing issues. Besides, the company adopted unconventional approaches to delivering animations, without compromising on quality and clients’ needs.

How Do You Encourage Your Team to Embrace Challenges and Turn Them Into Opportunities for Growth?

Anideos, according to Sherry, embraces challenges as pathways to growth by encouraging the team to adopt creativity and resilience and promoting a culture of continuous learning and improvement to hone their skills. This mindset enhances their team members’ individual and collective capabilities, enabling them to grow together.

Promoting a culture that thrives on continuous learning

Where Do You See Anideos in the Next 5 Years, and How Do You Envision the Company’s Role in Shaping the Future of the Industry?

Sherry states that in the next 5 years, they aim to position Anideos as a pioneer in the animation world through creativity and technological advancements. The company aims to redefine the industry landscape by creating masterpieces that revolutionize the concept of animation.

our ambition extends beyond

Are There Any Upcoming Projects or Initiatives at Anideos That You’re Particularly Excited About That You Would Like to Talk About?

Anideos is working on some fascinating projects that will spotlight their innovative approach and ability to embrace challenges and help the company strengthen its position as a top player in the industry. Sherry, however, highlights that they cannot share the details of these projects due to confidentiality agreements with the clients.

What Advice Do You Have for Young Creatives Looking To Make a Mark in the Industry?

Embrace your passion wholeheartedly

Are There Specific Skills or Qualities You Believe Are Essential for Success in the Creative Field?

Sherry believes that adaptability, effective communication, passion for learning, and collaboration are the most crucial traits for success in the creative field, along with prompt adoption and seamless incorporation of technology into creative endeavors.

Adaptability and effective communication

When Did You Decide to Include GoodFirms in Your Journey and How Has Been Your Experience With Our Platform So Far?

Sherry emphasizes that the GoodFirms platform has been pivotal in the growth and reputation of Anideos by providing the company with a valuable space to showcase their services and gain exposure among potential clients. Moreover, Sherry adds that the transparency and credibility of GoodFirms reviews and ratings have significantly contributed to their brand's visibility and trustworthiness.

our experience with GoodFirms

You can listen to this podcast here.

What’s Next

Absence of artistic freedom limits creativity, leading to repetitive and conventional work that cannot stand out in the ever-evolving digital world. Artistic freedom is the foundation of innovation in creative sectors, including digital marketing and video production. It encourages authentic expression and unique ideas, enabling digital marketers to challenge the conventional and create meaningful and appealing content to influence the target audience; for example, animation, multimedia, and video content, which are emerging as the trending strategies to engage customers for businesses in the modern era. Businesses must thus hire the top design companies excelling in animation and multimedia to create unique and high-quality animation that can help them attract the target audience, achieve exceptional results, boost profits, and rise to new heights.

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Lisa Brian
Lisa Brian

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