Top 8 Reasons to Outsource React Native Development Services

Updated on :March 19, 2024
By :Jemimah Rodriguez

48% of developers use React Native to build mobile applications, as it is one of the most powerful frameworks available today for building cross-platform mobile applications. React Native development requires coding in Javascript, unlike other frameworks that require knowledge of different coding languages like Java, Objective-C, or Swift. The cross-platform framework is well-known for building highly intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly apps, which deliver several advantages to businesses requiring cost-effective and profit-generating apps.

One of the most crucial decisions that businesses need to make is whether to outsource React Native development services or hire in-house react native developers for mobile app development. However, many companies prefer outsourcing React Native services due to their prominent advantages. Before we dive deeper into knowing the top 8 reasons for outsourcing React Native services, let's have a short overview of this subject.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework that uses JavaScript to build mobile applications. It allows mobile app developers to build mobile apps for different devices like iOS and Android using the same code. This framework is based on Facebook's JavaScript Library, known as React, which is used to build UIs for mobile applications.

Mobile applications built using React Native offer cross-platform compatibility, scalability, and excellent performance. Moreover, due to React Native's asynchronous JavaScript bridge, the code can be reused for different devices and platforms, and that helps save time for the developers, ultimately leading to cost savings for businesses.

React Native StatsSource: Stackoverflow | Statista

So, what has made React Native so popular among developers? Let's have a look at the benefits of React Native, which has made it a good choice for developers.

Benefits of React Native

Below are the benefits of React Native, which are explained in detail.

Easy to Learn

The syntax of React Native is easy to understand and learn, even for beginners in mobile app development and programming. Thus, developers take less time to learn, and it helps them build incredible mobile apps without putting in much effort.


React Native is popular for its versatility as it can be used to build different types of apps, including games, social media platforms, shopping apps, business applications, and more. Developers who need to build different types of apps prefer using React Native due to its flexibility.

Cross-Platform Ability

Using React Native, developers can build apps for iOS and Android with a single code. This makes their job of building different apps with multiple functionalities easy, quick, and cost-effective.

Praising the ‘single code’ benefit of React Native, Bernardo Castro, founder of Bybrand says,  

Bernardo Castro Quote

Extensive Community of Users

React Native is one of the most in-demand mobile app development frameworks available. So, it has an extensive community of users who can help mobile app developers encounter any kind of problems and glitches while building apps.

Excellent Performance

Apps developed using React Native are well-known for their excellent performance. The React native apps are responsive, load quickly, and deliver seamless user experiences.

So, these are the benefits of building mobile apps using React Native. Now, let's have a look at the top 10 reasons why you should outsource React Native developers instead of hiring in-house developers.

You can also go through these 6 Reasons To Choose React Native For App Development to know more about its benefits.

Why Outsource React Native Development Services? - Top 8 Reasons

Recruiting React Native developers in-house can take away a lot of your time and money. You need to first analyze the scope of the project, find skilled developers based on that project, and sustain that team by consistently motivating and paying them handsomely. This is why many companies prefer outsourcing React Native development services. Below is a detailed explanation of the top 10 reasons for outsourcing React native developers.


When outsourcing React Native services, you don't need to spend money on lengthy recruitment processes. A wrong decision in recruiting a candidate can become a huge liability to the company. Besides hiring expenses, there are other costs like employee health insurance, benefits, equipment, and office overheads that a company needs to bear after recruiting React Native developers for their projects. Also, the cost of living varies in different countries, and based on that, you need to pay remuneration to React Native developers. If your company is based in the USA, then outsourcing your projects to a React Native development company in India would prove to be cheaper than hiring in-house Reach Native developers in the USA. 

Let’s look at the approximate cost of outsourcing React Native mobile app development services from different countries.

Cost of Outsourcing React Native Mobile App Development Services

Below is a global comparison of React Native developers' hourly rates based on their experience.

Countries Junior React Native Developers Mid-Level React Native Developers Senior React Native Developers
North America $35-$80 $100-$140 $140-$200
Canada $30-$60 $80-$120 $140-$200
Latin America $20-$35 $40-$50 $55-$80
Western Europe $50-$80 $70-$120 $150-$210
Eastern Europe $25-$40 $35-$45 $45-$65
India $16-$25 $25-$35 $35-$60
China $20-$25 $25-$35 $35-$70
Africa $10-$20 $20-$30 $30-$70
Australia & New Zealand $25-$35 $60-$80 $120-$140

When it comes to outsourcing React Native development services, India has become a favorite destination for businesses. India has a vast pool of talented, qualified, and experienced React Native developers. Thus, if you outsource your project to the top India app developers, you gain a perfect combination of quality and cost. Moreover, due to the Indian time zone, it becomes comfortable for most businesses to work with React Native developers in India.

Also, you can go through this comprehensive guide on mobile app development cost and time to get an idea about how much it can cost to build your business application.

Easy Maintenance

Outsourcing React Native development can take away all your responsibilities of maintaining your team of in-house developers. Managing daily activities of your staff to ensure projects are completed on time, awarding bonuses to retain them, and many other such things that take away a lot of your time can be removed from your to-do list if you outsource your React native projects. All you need to do is specify your React Native project requirements to the offshore team, and they will ensure that your project is done with precision and delivered on time.

Explaining this further, Mr. Dan Gower, Director of Sales and Marketing, said:

Dan Gower Quote

High-Quality Output

Most of the react development outsourcing companies have on board qualified and experienced teams of developers following specific practices to deliver high-quality output. Finding and hiring such qualified and experienced developers with the same qualities can be a tedious and expensive process. Different members of internal and external teams can work together to come up with innovative solutions that lead to high-quality react native applications.

Quick Project Delivery

The contract with a remote React Native development company usually has a deadline for every project. Delays in project delivery can cost the firm a hefty charge. Moreover, you don't have to train people for the project. The react native company you hire already has the trained staff required to complete the project. By delegating your React Native mobile app development project to an experienced and expert company enables you to run on schedule and meet the deadline.

Fawaz Naser, CEO of, underscores the flexibility and speed to market that outsourcing React Native development services noting,

Fawaz Naser

Curtail Risks

While outsourcing your project to a react native development company, you need to sign a legal agreement with them. As there is a written agreement between you and the company involved, issues like bad quality, delayed deliveries, and data leakage can be challenged legally. In that case, the company you are working with becomes extra cautious, and their chances of becoming negligent towards your project could be lower. This way, you can curtail the risks of your project getting delayed or failing to meet the required quality standards.

Attention to Core Business

If you outsource your React Native projects, your employees will be free to pay attention to your core business. Instead of burdening your employees with the tasks they are not experts at, delegating them the work they are proficient at is always better. Moreover, when your staff pays more attention to your core business, productivity increases, and your company's ROI will likely be boosted.

Nwabufor John, a Digital Entrepreneur at, emphasizes this benefit:

Nwabufor John Quote

Global Talent Pool

Hiring in-house talent means relying on local talent or paying employees a hefty amount for relocating. On the other hand, outsourcing React Native development services can help you recruit employees anywhere in the world with skills that match your requirements. You don't need to hire local staff and then spend your time training them. Outsourcing react native development can help you start your project on an immediate basis.

Mr. Gareth Boyd an entrepreneur and Head of Growth at, further highlight this topic, aptly puts it,

Gareth Boyd Quote

Team Scalability

You can terminate your collaboration with the React Native development company once your project is completed. In the case of hiring in-house React native developers, you cannot terminate their jobs immediately. You must wait for another React Native project to keep them busy and justify their salaries. Outsourcing React Native projects allows you to add or reduce team size, which can prove expensive if you hire an in-house team.

Sudhir Khatwani, the founder of Money Mongers, highlights the team scalability, stating,

Sudhir Khatwani

Now, let's have a quick glance at the comparison between outsourcing and hiring React Native developers.

Comparison - Outsourcing V/S. Hiring In-house React Native Developers

Point of Comparison Outsourcing React Native Development Services Hiring In-House React Native Developers
Time to Collaborate Maximum 2-3 weeks Approximately 40-60 days
Experience Experienced in react native and access to other developers working in other technologies as well Experienced React native developers can be hired, but there is a chance they don't possess experience in other technologies
Availability Access to the global talent pool Access to only local talent pool
Focus Outsourcing helps you focus on core business tasks and strategies Focus on building React Native team can distract you from planning important business strategies
Data Security Data security can be handled by signing an NDA with the outsourcing company Taking IP protection becomes necessary while working with an in-house team
Team Handling Expert managers in the company you have outsourced your projects handle the team working on your project In-house teams require training management, increasing your focus on them
Time Management Managing the time becomes difficult in different time zones but can be managed easily by assigning shifts to employees Time management becomes easy as all employees are working in the same time zone
Project Delays Quick recruitments and flexibility in team scalability leads to meeting deadlines on time Sometimes, finding the right talent consumes a lot of time, which can lead to project delays

So, this was the comparison between outsourcing React Native development services and hiring in-house React Native developers. Now, let's quickly look at the factors to be considered when outsourcing your project to a React Native development company.

Key Factors to be Considered While Outsourcing React Native Development Services

Below are the key factors to be considered while outsourcing your React native development project.


Thoroughly research different react native development companies by visiting their website, social media channels, services, approach to work, and experience to shortlist the ones that suit your business requirements.


Review shortlisted React Native development companies based on their expertise, experience, portfolio, professional references, project management skills, and mode of communication.


Analyze the proficiency level of React Native developers of the company you are planning to work with. Ensure that they are well-versed in all React Native development tools and familiar with virtual DOM, JSX, etc.


You can go through B2B review and rating platforms like GoodFirms, Clutch, AppFutura, Goodtal, and more to better understand the companies and their services.  Also, you can consider freelancing platforms like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and more to hire freelancing React Native developers located around the world. Check client testimonials and reviews given for the React Native development companies and freelancers on these platforms carefully to make informed decisions.


You can communicate with the React Native developers you have shortlisted to check their mode of communication and whether they match your time zones or not. The way they address your queries says a lot about them.


Make sure the React Native development company you choose has a talented workforce with enough experience in building react native apps, infrastructure, and resources to deliver quality projects within committed deadlines.


Outsourcing React Native app development is becoming a favorable option for most companies these days as it offers several benefits that include cost-effectiveness, availability of required talent, and work quality with fast deliveries. By leveraging these benefits of outsourcing React Native projects, businesses can come up with high-quality, competitive, and innovative mobile applications that can meet their client's expectations, ultimately ensuring accelerated profit down the line.

React Native Mobile App Development

If you are considering outsourcing your mobile app development projects and are looking for the best React Native development companies, GoodFirms can help you do that. Here, you can find the list of React Native developers in the country of your choice, with reviews and ratings from authentic users, enabling you to make the right decision. 

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