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5 Solid Reasons SMBs Must Invest in Blogging to Improve Organic Reach

5 Solid Reasons SMBs Must Invest in Blogging to Improve Organic Reach

The internet is the most readily available source of information for customers these days. Be it for day to day consumer product requirements or even costlier decisions of buying an electronic appliance, software product, or even clothing, these days people prefer and rely on the internet for finding the appropriate options. Due to time constraints imposed by the modern lifestyle, it is more feasible for people to explore options through the internet. Also, since the internet has a global presence, it can provide a variety of information and a range of perspectives for customers to base their decisions. For such reasons, SMBs are getting increasingly dependent on internet advertising for the growth of their business.

There are various ways one could use internet for advertising. Some of the most popular ones are company/product websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc.  One can have an internet presence in all such possible ways. But, for best results, it is desirable to systematically identify which method of advertising would fetch the maximum business for the SMBs. Small and Medium-sized Businesses constantly thrive to maintain or improve their ranks on search engines. It is also well known to internet marketing professionals that search engines frequently modify their search algorithms. Even a minor modification in the algorithm can change the ranking of the web pages of SMBs on search engines. So, it is pertinent to use marketing avenues which can be updated on a regular basis to cope up with the changing requirements of search engines.

#1: Variety of Information Can Be Shared

Blogging is one such tool which helps SMBs to regularly keep sharing relevant SEO friendly content for internet users. While company website can contain long-term data like contact information, company details etc, blogs can be used to share a lot more. Dynamic and updated content is generally available with the SMBs as they are constantly improving their product and service range to increase customer base.

No matter what starts getting more priority through changed search algorithms, quality content still remains the main criteria for ranking on search engines. SMBs can make and share fresh and quality content to fetch better rankings on the internet search. Blogs with good quality content can expect good readership. To be able to harness the potential of blogging at its best, companies can even choose to hire one of the top content marketing companies.

#2: Can Reach Wider Audience

Good blogs influence readers to read, discuss and share them. Imagine, if your blog post is shared or discussed by a well-known personality or an expert in the area of your business, it can consequently make an impact on the people who follow them. So, getting high-quality readership is though not an easy task, but with good blogging, can influence a vast audience through thought leaders or even otherwise. This considerably boosts organic rankings.

Content on a blog can be differentiated from quality content by the right use of relevant words, apart from including all relevant information in a balanced and unbiased manner. Use of appropriate keywords not just appeals to curiosity and interest of the reader, but can also ensure good performance of the content on search engines.

#3: Helps In Advertising Products or Services

Users looking for specific information about a product or service can particularly find that through such blogs. For example, through blogs, an already established business can introduce their existing customers to different features of the product that they have already bought. This keeps the existing customers updated, aware and informed about the product and its features. Moreover, these blog posts start reflecting on search engines and invite prospective customers who are searching for these features. This helps in bringing prospective customers to the website of the company which is dealing with the product of their interest. Customers may further continue to search for related products of their interest on the website of the company. Thus, blogs can directly help in advertising of products and services.

#4: Back Linking Aids Search Engine Optimization

With comprehensive and updated information about a product or service, a blog becomes a resource for social sharing. Readers share the link to these posts with their friends, relatives or any acquaintances through email, social media platforms etc. With more social sharing, thus, the company blog gains on search engine rankings. Some others may share blog posts about the products that they are planning to buy or services that they are about to hire. Be it for the purpose of getting opinions from friends or just information sharing, these back-links offer very good scope in achieving search engine ranking. Most internet users who are fond of reading blogs and sharing them contribute the most towards back-linking and thus naturally help in boosting search engine rankings for SMBs. Thereby, blogging also helps in boosting the visitors’ count.

#5: Promotion via Guest Posting

Guest posting is a common way to utilize the potential of blogging. SMBs can make use of guest postings to promote their products and services through blogs of the companies that are providers of services or products to them. For example, if a software development firm hires another firm for graphics designing of their software solutions, both of these can utilize each others’ blogs through guest posting. Guest posting can also help SMBs to compare the quality of their own content with that of the others. This gives them an opportunity to improve without being complacent. Alternatively, SMBs can also invite their loyal customers to write blog posts about their experiences with the company, its products or services. Given an opportunity to share his view on the SMB blog makes the customer feel privileged and also improves the credibility of the SMBs among prospective customers.

Blogging is a tool through which more and more information about a product or service can be continuously updated. One can write a new post every day covering all product updates. Or, fresh blog posts can be frequently made to introduce existing and prospective customers to new features of the existing products. With all these fresh, relevant keywords and updated data, better search engine optimization can be achieved by SMBs. Nevertheless, the links to such blog posts can also be updated by SMBs on different social networking platforms like Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter etc which further helps to bring quality traffic on the blogs of SMBs. As there is more quality traffic on the blogs of SMBs, the ranking of their pages gets better which helps them get more business through internet. Thus, blogging is a small, but a quality attempt in the right direction for SMBs to boost their organic ranking.

Jin Markov

Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 5 years and has been writing on areas related to technology, small business, start-ups, and marketing.

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