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4 Key Insights from GoodFirms Content Marketing Research

4 Key Insights from GoodFirms Content Marketing Research

GoodFirms conducted a survey with 50+ digital marketing experts, comprising of distinct personas such as founders, CEOs, content marketing specialists, content managers and so on to know the technical nuances of content marketing for businesses. As a result, the research team of GoodFirms was rewarded with individual opinions that were drawn out of rich versatile experiences. Also, these strong revelations assisted in forming the statistical charts to easily understand the important purposes, challenges, tactics and budget allotment dealt by businesses for content marketing.

Have a glance at one of the charts shown below that illustrate the challenges faced during the implementation of a content marketing strategy:

challenges in content marketing goodfirms

Read the complete research on how businesses use content marketing by GoodFirms to know it all through the exact words of some of the remarkable marketers belonging to variable industry domains.

Here is a brief textual overview of this survey:

  • 98% of the content marketers find content marketing highly effective and only 2% of them say that its results are not as expected
  • The most sought purpose of content marketing as per the survey data came out to be improving search engine rankings with 24.6% support. The next two in line were driving conversions and boosting web traffic with 22.8% and 20.2% respectively.
  • On average, businesses allot 25% of the marketing budget towards content production and distribution.
  • 42.9% of the survey participants say that producing engaging content is the biggest challenge in content marketing while 28.5% of them expressed that creating an effective content marketing strategy is the bigger challenge. Interestingly, 13.5% of this professional crowd strongly shared that tracking and measuring ROI of the campaigns is the biggest challenge of them all.

The findings beyond the statistics:

Our panel of the participants of this survey expressed that the content production scenario gets stronger and bolder with every successful experiment by the content influencers. The most interesting part is that the acceptance rate of today’s audience for fresher substance make content marketers go the extra mile for research or thought process or better writing. If you closely monitor the type of content that gets appreciated most is the one that does not lay into the grey shades but the one that directly points out the black or white portion of a matter.

Every brand is jumping on the content marketing bandwagon and that implies a considerable measure of substance is being created daily. Presently, the fight for customer engagement is more enraged than ever, so you must be smart about what you deliver and where you distribute/promote it. Also, conceptualizing content ideas that identify with your KPIs is crucial. Thus, stay away from content topics even if they are trending that don't relate to your positioning in the market and stick to your unique methodology.          


This research provides you with all the aspects that your business needs to excel for executing successful content marketing strategies. All that is left is to find such companies that possess the ability to understand the significance of the aforementioned concepts and implement them for you with high productivity. Thus, GoodFirms is here with a list of top content marketing agencies to help you select the one that fits your business requirements.

Apart from 20+ content marketing experts, below given is the list of 30+ companies who were benign enough to share detailed standpoints for our research questions:

Name Company
Milad Hassibi CrediReady
John Huntinghouse Epic Marketing
Alayna Pehrson BestCompany
Jason Martinez Redefine Marketing
Tom James Digital Fox
Brittany Hardy Empty Desk Solutions
Stan Tan Selby’s
Graham Shorr SquareFoot
Shane 3 Cats Labs
Sean Dudayev Frootful Marketing
Ulysis Cababan RapidVisa
Pierre de Braux Spiralytics Inc
Syed Irfan Ajmal Ridester
Sam PPC Protect
Iga Invo Technologies
Cristian Rennella OmelhorTrato
Alexandra Cote Paymo
Nate Maple Holistics
Swati Maheshwari Radix
Kyle Strong Tradogram
David Zimmerman Reliable Acorn
Craig Smith Trinity Insights
Devin Stagg Pupford
Vicky Llerena Social Vibes Media
Valer Zamulin SeoLogist
Siddharth BankBazaar
Ketan Kapoor Mettl
Rahul Saini Grazitti Interactive
Arya Bina Kobe Digital
Allan Dib Successwise
Natasha Kvitka GiftBasketsOverseas
Nathan Sebastian
Nathan Sebastian

Nathan is a Content Writing Expert at, a dedicated research & review firm for digital marketing companies, showcasing their genuine portfolio and clienteles to service seekers. Nathan has been in the content development of marketing & technical spheres for two years now. His focus stays occupied with SEO friendly content for the web to assist GoodFirms in making its IT research reach millions.

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S.K. Puri
October 28, 2018 15:51

Content Marketing is not easy for any company... day by days it getting tough

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February 28, 2020 04:34

Hello. It is true. This is why businesses must hire a dedicated team of content marketing strategists to achieve their targets!

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November 20, 2018 19:24

Nice post

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February 28, 2020 04:34

Hello. Glad that you enjoyed our blog!

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August 5, 2019 09:41

Content Marketing works as a foundation for your Digital Strategy. Getting your content in front of your audience is the most crucial task for a Content Marketer. Nice Article!

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February 28, 2020 04:36

Hello Rajeev. You are spot on. We do try our best to keep our readers updated on the changing content marketing trends so that they can benefit from them.

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