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Creating Campaigns - Enduring Digital Marketing Trends For 2016

Creating Campaigns - Enduring Digital Marketing Trends For 2016


Digital marketing today enjoys the status of a celebrity in the Information and Technology world. It certainly is a Superstar! What is this Digital Marketing that is making the world go crazy and bend on its knees? Well! The dictionary fascinates me with a description “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.” Like any institution, company, service provider or a home undergoes periodic up gradation with an objective to be more usable and revenue generating DM also undergoes various innovations and restructuring to make it pro-market friendly and usable. The recent very luring digital marketing trends for 2016 that rule the market are:

  •  Wearable tech

  •  New and niche social platforms

  •  Predictive Analytic

  •  Interactive Content

However besides above, Creating Campaigns with the use of Message Focus is the in-thing today in the digital marketing scenario. It offers excellent results in respect of visibility, traffic and revenue generation. Let us gist why they are a big hit (as a technology):

  • It is very easy-to-use and a very powerful tool.

  • Since it caters to market needs it is built suitably.

  • Message Focus customizes in accordance with the structure of system and business requirements.

  • A feature that greatly helps in optimizing the potential market.

Midst many options it is found that many marketing companies today are choosing Adestra for Message Focus because they find it not only offering excellent delivery, flexible account structure but also a spiritedly unparalleled customer service. No wonder Message Focus is used by many different teams with different offices around the world for easy penetration and engaging of more integrated audiences. However, a conversion capture (a feature as Marketing platform) can assist you in winning back (effectively, easily and quickly) a valuable lost business. At the same time Form Builder is successful in creating integrated, branded and template data capture forms and landing pages quickly. Eventually, Message Focus Approval System enables clients to record and control collaborative sign off process exclusively for email campaigns along with robust and dynamic Message Focus API. Similarly, Split Testing gives you flexible and varieties of options to test different variations in campaigns, for example from more complex multi-variant content testing to subject line tests.

Campaign – Simple appealing in Creation:

 for a campaign to be effective it is very crucial that they are simple, effective, and intuitive and at the same time has flexible tools in Message Focus.

Campaign- Easy Market Access:

As we all know that today’s market is very volatile and sensitive, it becomes all the more important that everyone in the team is involved in creating and accessing email marketing campaigns, which works best for them.  For e.g. Adestra’s (among-st all) email editor gives freedom to keep with you the integrity of design(email) while conveniently adapts to the content to deliver emails(engaging) to whatever device they are readable.  Of course, they have to be teamed with robust and innovative modular templates.  It is therefore very essential here that you build emails that has excellent modules for the messages which can be edited without any hassle.

Time saving and cost cutting campaigns:

Setting appropriate preferences focused on time saving and end-user productivity- increase- campaigns are always workable. For this to be effective it is essential that you lock-in and per-program design and related elements (like sending information) which allows the marketers to adhere to providing interesting content. This surely is a winner!! (Dynamic content generation)

Well Structured and controlled designed: 

Not only ensures that the campaigns are obtained from only one marketing system of records, but proves very cost effective and efficient increasing tool. This overall helps in segmenting different data into sub-accounts- brand wise, client wise, department wise and product wise under one account which is centrally managed and monitored: Master account.

User Accounts (Secure Control): 

qualitative and consistent campaigns prove to be time -saving and controlling custom user-access method in Message Focus. Easy access to clients/colleagues with simple-to-use options easily assigned, works wonders. Locking or blocking down access to data, sensitive information or downloads to account administrators or some important key users are an important element to effective campaigns via Message Focus.

Easy and simple social sharing: 

Campaigns should be structured in such a way that their reach is easy to access on social marketing platforms with easy-to-use links in Message Focus. Email Campaigns should be motivating and encouraging for customers, either as full or part (of the campaign) on popular social networks such as Twitter, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. (within email editors- easy to use widget).

Automation which is Data driven: 

Campaigns become very effective when Message Focus marketing automation features are accompanied with relevant timely content. This method not only increases ROI but reduces workload and is time saving. It is therefore always advisable to opt for tools that create personalized, automated and dynamic marketing campaigns. One such program is Automation Program Builder.

  • It enables you to drag/drop content within interface-making it easier and faster.

  • Allows you to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign by letting you know a number of contacts at each stage.

  • Gives a clear picture of the entire customer journey –detailed thumbnails of every campaign, lists, filters and time delays.

  • Helps in creating a variety of programs from basic email series. Enabling orchestrating of sophisticated multi-program tours.(journeys)

  • Enables interaction between unlimited numbers of programs so that contacts from one program to another can be sent smoothly.

Integration of Seamless data and analytics: 

Is leveraging data about subscribers across the system. Important in managing contact data with seamless integration as also sending triggered emails. Essential also to create real-time (custom data-flows) via MessageFocus API (provides rich set of functionality and have access to integrated data from disparate systems) and activate out of the box integration.

Sales Force Integration & MessageFocus: 

With this it is very easy to send targeted emails and ROI accurately. Interestingly, with a click of a button the two-way integration helps you to have data selections within Sales force account and subsequently have it transferred to Message Focus with equal ease. It is equally convenient to automatically write or reply email results, get back into Sales force if at a campaign or at contact level or with an individual lead. MessageFocus Import Manager however gives you access to the whole data base or individual list to be automatically updated on regular basis. This leaves you with fantastic data cleansing, high data quality and relaxed updated list. This also enables you maintain your database in a much synchronized manner with respect to list of contacts, email event history etc.

Web analytics integration: 

helps in tracking email marketing performance beyond clicks and visits, along with MessageFocus Web. Simple and easy to use method has an ability to integrate with web analytic system as also with Abode, Core metrics and Google. By setting the integration at your comfort level enables the approach and tracking stay consistent.  Also enables you to use MessageFocus to collaborate or merge information into your email links. Helps you to per-fill fields such as:

  • actions on your website

  • forms

  • automatic logins

Conclusion :

Allow me to conclude this blog by stating that email campaigning as a strong marketing tool online is all thanks to MessageFocus+ with MessageFocus Web+ MessageFocus Approval System+ MessageFocus API+ MessageFocus marketing automation+ MessageFocus Import Manager etc.   

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