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Email Marketing Strategies to Set-up an Effective Email Campaign

Email Marketing Strategies to Set-up an Effective Email Campaign

Imagine that you visit an online store. Usually, you get an offer of “Buy 1 Get 1 free”. But, imagine if you get the offer “Buy 1 Get 51 free”. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Well, these are how the figures for email marketing ROI look like. Are you wondering how it is possible to get such good results? The straight answer to this is well-devised email marketing strategies. 

With all the technological advancements, email marketing looks traditional. No, but this isn’t the case. Rather, email marketing is the most successful and cost-effective. It beats all other forms of marketing, and it is quintessential for entrepreneurs. 

While many feel that it doesn’t provide the desired results, it isn’t so. It is all about implementing it the right way. With effective email marketing strategies, one can easily convert potential consumers into recurring customers.

There is no blueprint for a successful email marketing campaign. Check out these email marketing strategies for your business growth. 

Email Marketing Strategies for Successful Email Campaigns

1. Email Personalization

This does not mean that you have to send emails to every subscriber individually. Instead, it is about using customer data for personalized message creation. This not just creates a better trust in the brand, but it leads to higher transactions as well. 

One of the email marketing examples with personalization is Amazon. Instead of addressing you as any other individual, they send notifications, “Hey John, here’s what you are missing”. Such emails make subscribers feel more connected and updated. 

Many still do not opt for personalization. That is how you can have the upper hand amongst the noise on the emails. 

2. Subscriber Segmentation

Subscriber segmentation in email marketing

Why should we segment the audience when eventually they all land on the same platform? Consider the situation. Your brand is hosting an event in the USA, and even the Indian users receive the mail for this event. The Indian subscribers will be annoyed with such email spamming. 

This is where the role of segmentation falls into place. Are you wondering how you will segment such a large database? You need not worry. One can do that easily by opting for CRM and email marketing software. Segmentation not just helps in targeting the right audience, but also better leads and more customers. After all, if you provide the customers with what they want, it is a win-win situation. 

Here are some of the email marketing examples for segmentation:

  • Geographical segmentation: Depending on the area, you can segment the users. This will help you target the users belonging to the same region. This helps the customers stay updated about the for-and-about.
  • Company size segmentation: Depending on the company size, one can segment the audience for better reach. This is also a great method for gaining better response rates and insights.
  • Sales cycle segmentation: Some users leave their products in the cart while others leave them. Depending on the level, you will have to send them the sales pitch mail. The sales cycle segmentation improves the conversion rates massively.
  • Industry segmentation: It is another important aspect of segmentation. Know the industry of your subscribers to provide them with the services they are interested in. This not just increases sales but leads to better customer engagement. 

3. Mobile-Friendly Emails

Mobile friendly emails

Nowadays, almost every other person has a smartphone. As soon as one wakes up in the morning, the first instance is to check their phones. The majority of people do this. This calls for the need to make the emails mobile-friendly. Optimize the emails according to the mobile so that it is easier for readers to read. Alongside, add the correct CTA’s for better linking with sites and applications. According to reports, mobile emails generate higher revenues than those on desktop.

4. Automation of Email Campaigns

Email automation

Depending on the user behavior, send out the trigger-based emails. These are sent automatically. The performance and response for the trigger emails are better compared to traditional ones. The automated emails have a higher CTR and can provide four times the revenue. 

There are instances when you visit an online platform and like a product. But, you leave it on the wishlist. After some time, you get a trigger email and notification from the site with an offer. In such scenarios, you are most likely to buy the product. However, just 20% of the platforms do this. Some of the email marketing examples in such case include:

  • Surprise emails for your customers which helps in increasing customer loyalty
  • Win-back emails for customers during product launch

5. Email List With the Target Audience Through Referrals

The first and foremost factor is to have a potential email list plus customized referral email templates. This plays a key role in converting website visitors to subscribers and customers. There is a bond of trust factor that comes into play with referrals, and overall will help improve customer retention. This will surely help in skyrocketing the conversion rates. 

6. Know the Business and Email Marketing Goals

Unless you are sure of what you expect, you can’t implement the strategies correctly. Start off by having a business plan. Some of the major goals include:

  • Welcome the new subscribers
  • Boost audience engagement with valuable content
  • Nurture the existing subscribers
  • Subscriber re-engagement
  • Subscriber segmentation

7. Be Well-Aware of the Email Types

There are mainly three types of emails that are sent to users and customers. 

The first is promotional emails. In this, one can send out the current promotions and offers on the site. Or maybe some special offers depending on the customer’s choices. 

The second type is relational emails. In such emails, the business can provide its customers with newsletters, free gifts, and other such offers. 

The third type is transactional emails. These are usually sent after customers complete their purchases. They can also be sent with subscriber signup and confirmations. 

8. Plan the Emails

Sending the emails at the wrong time can highly affect the CTR and leads. It is a good idea to plan the emails in advance. One of the ways is to take note of the most active hours. Know the prime time to send emails. It may vary depending on the region, activity, target audience, and several other factors. 

9. Add Valuable Content to Emails

You need to hook the readers right from the subject line itself. To do so, the first important thing is to keep the content to the point instead of elaborating it. Next, personalize and optimize the emails depending on target customers. 

To deliver value-added content, here are some items you can consider for your email copy:

  • Storytelling: Make the audience feel connected with your brand. It is about striking the right emotions. One such email marketing examples are Apple and Google.
  • Knowledgeable content: Add something that is of value to the customers. That can either be a piece of content. Or it can also include informational resources. The customer not only benefits from such emails but also gains a lot.
  • Poll, surveys, videos, etc.: If you want to keep the reader engaged, it is quite a great strategy. It is not mandatory to send this with every email. However, it is a good method for fillers and engagement.
  • CTA: Do not forget to add a short and concise CTA to every email you send out. This is quintessential to direct the subscribers to the product and the site. The CTA is usually placed in the middle or end of the mail.

10. Keep the Engagement Constant

Do not lose the connection with your subscribers and customers. Keep them updated about the offers and what’s going on with your platform. If there is a festive sale coming up, send them updates. Or occasionally send them updates of the products they like. If you stop appearing in their emails, the subscribers are likely to forget you. 

11. Opt for Online Marketing Tools

It is not essential to do email marketing manually. You can also opt for ample email marketing tools that help you keep track of emails, audience, subscriber growth, and even automation. There are many tools available on the web which help you work out your strategies effectively and flexibly. 

12. Regularly Conducting Split-Testing:

Split testing in email marketing

It is important to regularly check how well your strategies are working. Regularly conduct A/B testing, which helps you understand which strategy works best. This also helps you focus on the areas of improvement. You can then strengthen your email marketing strategies for efficient results. 


To summarize, email marketing is the oldest form of marketing. However, it still tops the charts over other technological advancements. So, if you are getting started with your business and looking for cost-effective marketing. Email marketing is the perfect fit for you. Implement all the above-mentioned strategies intelligently to work your way out for successful email campaigns. 


Shivani is a content writer at InviteReferrals. She writes SEO articles, blogs, and guest posts for businesses to improve website ranking on SERP. She follows a balanced approach for the quality of content and its marketing. She loves creativity, although she had an English major in her graduation.

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