Factors to Consider While Selecting Payroll Services Provider

Updated on :June 12, 2024
By :Abhishek

If you’re wondering who are these payroll service providers or payroll companiesand what do they offer? Let me tell you that the payroll companies are the ones who help you to streamline the overall payroll process that includes severe penalization, which poses a major threat to your company’s reputation. Just to note what statistics have to say about it - it’s been identified that 54% of the American workforce are affected by payroll problems. Hence, incorporating a flawless way of processing payrolls is a must for every company that seeks to build a successful company profitably. One such way to eliminate mistakes while calculating and filing payrolls (with the inclusion of taxes) is by seeking the expert’s hand, i.e., outsourcing a payroll service provider. 

With the help of payroll service providers, it’s way more simple to pay any type of employee from any region, especially if you’re maintaining a remote team. Further, staying up-to-date with the payroll regulations and tax compliances is something highly time-consuming task. Whereas handing over the payroll processing to a third-party payroll company will be the best solution as it saves your time, money, and the company’s name. As the saying goes, “time is money” therefore, it is better to outsource the payroll process while focusing on your other tasks and business goals.

Benefits of a Payroll Service

  1. Saves your time for other value-added and revenue-generating tasks.
  2. Reduce costs - a significant cost difference between in-house and payroll service providers.
  3. Accountability - you need not bother about the payroll errors and false filing.
  4. Keeping money safe - most of the payroll companies take complete responsibility for incorrect transactions and money loss. 
  5. Additional benefits/features - Along with payroll services, most companies assist you in tracking the employee’s working days/hours, printing, delivery, and so forth.  

Having defined the essential things and values that payroll services add to your business, outsourcing a payroll services provider is one of the better economic solutions that you can opt to sustain your business’s longevity. For these reasons, and you want the best when it comes to selecting the service provider. Therefore, here is the list of factors that help you make an effective selection. 

Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Payroll Services Provider

  1. Accreditations & Expertise 

One of the first traits you must look for from payroll services providers is the experience and credentials that they’ve earned so far.  A firm that you choose must hold an impeccable record in its field and area of specialization. It is more trustworthy and reliable if a specific payroll service provider carries an accreditation such as a “Certified Payroll Specialist” from the National Association of Certified Payroll Specialists, ensuring that the company is dedicated to payroll compliances and best practices. 

However, every organization is not the same, so does its employee, working culture, and payroll dynamics. Apart from the essential payroll services, a good payroll company must be ready to offer you management reports, check printing and delivery, quarterly, and annual tax from preparations, etc. Still, there are many more services that you can benefit from. Further, they must be capable enough to cover your future needs and any other sudden requirements whenever required.

  1. Cost

Before taking a step ahead to outsource a payroll services provider, you must ensure the estimation of your internal payroll cost with the inclusion of staff fees and maintenance fees. The price that costs for your payroll services must be affordable by you and reasonable for your budget. In general, the pricing will be charged on two basis - per month (or for a certain period) fee and employee fee.

According to the Digital Thoughts report, “companies that outsource payroll save 18% as compared to the one who doesn’t [sic].” From this information, it is very clear that opting for a payroll services provider not only offers quality services but indeed saves money too. In fact, you can save a huge amount of money by choosing the right and affordable payroll company that better understands your requirements.

  1. Integrations 

If you just want to find a company that only takes in-charge of your payrolls, then you’ve umpteen number of options to bank on. Whereas the real trouble awaits when you want to outsource a payroll company that provides you all of the best features, making your payroll journey smooth and flawless. For example, every best and competent payroll company must have an integration feature. 

Be it desktop or online (web) software, payroll services software must come with accounting and time tracking integrations, i.e., to track employee’s working hours, attendance, payment type, supplemental wages, and so forth. Payroll services software without the capability to integrate extra services or extend its infrastructure to meet your future requirements will let you end up finding an alternative at any time whenever there comes a change in your payroll dynamics. 

  1. Security

If you have maintained an in-house team to manage your payrolls or hired a bookkeeper or accountant, you’d have known the extra measures that you take for the security - for both data and money. If managing payrolls is one side of a coin, then undertaking efforts to secure whatever is involved in payroll is another side of the coin. On the contrary, if you go with a payroll services provider, you need not worry about security, payroll mistakes, your money’s safety, and incorrect tax filing. 

That’s why if you outsource the right payroll services provider, they take the whole responsibility and accountability for filing errors, money theft, and anything and everything that goes wrong in your entire payroll management journey. Most importantly, you’re at the hands of payroll experts who are well-known about changing tax compliance and best practices. 

  1. Customer Support/Benefits 

Most of the time, the money you pay for anything to anyone has the chance to get you more than what you deserve. The world today is highly competitive, and the reason is the number of companies that offer services and solutions is on a steep rise. So when you have the possibility to get additional benefits for the same money you pay in one place than in another place, isn’t it something that demands your time and consideration. 

Several payroll service providers offer additional benefits such as a free trial, mobile access, payroll reports, paid time off (PTO) management, HR management, report filing, tracking employee breaks and overtime hours, and employee self-service. 

Wrapping Up!

Wait no further; contact the top payroll services providers now for managing your business’s payroll.


Abhishek is the Director and CMO at Starkflow, a remote platform for hiring and paying Top SaaS talent globally. He's passionate about remote work, technology, and startups. At Starkflow, he has helped 20+ companies adapt to remote work and hire engineering teams at scale!

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