GFiT 2020 � The Biggest Virtual IT Event

Updated on :October 11, 2023
By :Jason Adams

With in-person events becoming a bit challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic, GoodFirms is all set with its flagship virtual IT event GFiT - an exciting and enticing conference, encompassing technology, business, and everything in between.

GFiT Event - the first one of its kind in 2020, is designed and created by GoodFirms with a vision to connect stakeholders within the IT ecosystem - software and service creators, users, and the entire technological community - one on the platform. 

Everyone involved in the virtual expo, or exhibition, will have the opportunity to seamlessly exchange ideas and opinions without having to exit the safe havens of your homes and offices. Isn’t that radical? Well, it is not the complete story! 

GoodFirms’s unique position at the confluence of technology and subject matter authenticity will serve its purpose as a host non-pareil to the event itself. Imagine the vast and unique avenues awaiting exploration through the virtual event - knowledge sharing, exploration of uncharted ideas, a possible collaboration - it is everything that the firm continues to stand for in the digital era. 

Why GFiT Event? 

GFiT 2020 virtual event

GFiT is a virtual IT exhibition that will throw open the doors of technological treasure for you to take advantage of, and you do not even have to command, “Open Sesame!” The first goal of our virtual event is to help you realize the potential of mentorship. Want expert advice on how to run a successful business in the digital era? Do you crave meetings with innovators who have broken new technical ground? Are you in the market for exceptional business products that will elevate your business profile? 

We will help you connect with the best in the industry - from experts to small scale solution providers - to enhance your business. GFiT Exhibition will also be a host to various distinguished speakers sharing the virtual dias to debate, explore, and opine on everything related to tech trends, evolving busines management, and other related topics. Their shared knowledge, irrespective of their background along with the other exhibitors, recruiters, and even community partners - will be a fertile ground for you and your business ideas. 

Finally, in an ever-changing world, exposure to crucial ideas and modern thinking forms is everything. With that in mind, get your chance to be an influencer in the technology world by displaying your product or service at the GFiT exhibition - all virtually. Your business will benefit manifold with the gigantic community laying eyes on what you have to offer. 

No Walls, No Boundaries 

One of the most highly anticipated virtual expos of the technology realm - GFiT 2020 - will benefit both Exhibitors and Attendees. 

With over 150,000 visitors expected to play audience during the GFiT event day, its but natural for businesses to feel excited about the authenticity of visitors genuinely interested in their products. Added to this, GoodFirms has a traction of over 700,000 visitors monthly, with over 85 percent of our traffic counted through organic means. This means, of course, that we can offer exhibitors and the like accurate targeting personas for their products. A wealthy customer pool is a critical step in building a successful product or service. 

Are you on the lookout for software and services to boost your product offering? Well, with over 60,000 exhibitors set to the lineup for this conference, you, as an attendee, can reap the rewards of various choices. Whatsmore you ask? Well, we promise round the clock interaction with an exhibitor whose product fascinates you. In this way, the dialogues will lead to better collaboration and output. 

Also, join us in the attendee’s seats as keynote speakers broaden your IT horizon with exceptionally delivered speeches on core subjects central to business technology.

What is GFiT 2020 Schedule?  

This biggest virtual IT Exhibiton is entirely virtual owing to the Coronavirus pandemic and is scheduled to be held over five days, beginning 5th October 2020 and ending on 9th October 2020. Want to see the schedule of the GFiT conference? We’ll send you a primer once you register for the event. 

How do I register for the GFiT 2020 Event? 

GFiT 2020 conference has one promise - to connect people passionate about technology so that they may network, experience, and innovate together for a brighter, technology-driven future. With that in mind, one can register as an Exhibitor or an Attendee of the event. Separate registrations for PR and media personnel and Speakers are also available. 

As an exhibitor, one can avail of unique plans to enhance your business image among competitors. GoodFirms has segregated the exhibitor pool into four categories - Free Exhibitor, Exhibitor, Exhibitor Plus, and Exhibitor Pro Plus. The price for premium registrations as Exhibitors range from $1500 to $5000 and above. 

To become an exhibitor in this expo, you also need to fulfill specific criteria. You will need to market GFiT expo on your website, add a GFiT badge to your website, besides dedicating five social media posts to the event on your accounts until 5th October. 

Join the Biggest Virtual Event GFiT 2020

It’s a season to Work From Home (WFH), but we at GoodFirms believe in achieving so much more with our productive time - either as a software or service producer or a business consumer. GFiT Event is the perfect amalgamation of our thoughts, providing exceptional experiences and opportunities, all in the virtual world. Be sure to check out our Software Directory to avail software services you are looking for to enhance your business capabilities. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Remember to Register for GFiT 2020 exhibition and enjoy the business growth like never before! 

Jason Adams
Jason Adams

Jason Adams is a writer with a keen interest to continue learning and develop his research abilities. An avid reader and an eye towards growth, he is associated with GoodFirms, a frontline, and evolving reviews and rating platform.

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