GoodFirms Unveils the Market Leaders in Mobile Application Development.

Updated on :September 14, 2023

GoodFirms Research is a platform that through its single-minded efforts put forward the world’s best and most efficient, prominent, and well-performing mobile application development companies. Continuing with its efforts, the company has identified the Top Ten companies who stand at the forefront of mobile application development as Market Leaders.

The research on performing mobile app development firms also serves  millions of service seekers from around the world, to ease out their toil to find the best app development companies matching their next big project’s requirements.

With its well-curated and foolproof research process, the company has been researching and reviewing app development companies and has tapered an extensive list altogether at one place.

The Enduring Research Methodology

All Application Development firms that are mentioned in the list are ranked based on their proven proficiency and focus in conceptualizing and delivering best-of-quality applications The ratings and rankings are based on our lasting research process that bases itself on three imperative evaluation criteria which are- Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Besides these, each company is also ranked on their technical expertise, professionalism, scheduled deliveries, cost efficiency, and consulting approach.

The aforementioned research mapping criteria are quite comprehensive and crucial so as to rightly judge their capabilities and bring out their best. These dimensions help us quantify each development firm’s capabilities based on which they appear in the research as either a Market Leader or an Emerging Leader in app development. Each app development firm is scored from 1 to 10 on several matrices and these scores rack up to the related criteria. The final score is decided out of 30 which further puts them on a Likert scale measure- Excellent, Very good, Good, Average & Poor.

The Quality criterion is judged based on two important factors namely References & Portfolio of the companies. Likewise, the Reliability score is devised from Market Penetration as well as Experience scores of these companies. The Ability criterion takes into account their strength and expertise in App Development & Design.

GoodFirms also conducts a full-scale primary and secondary research work, in-house, with the help of data available from different sources, true to knowledge, to arrive at the final score for each company. The final score is the fusion of the scores derived from the above methodology and the scores from the in-house research work.

Leaders At A Glance

The firms who qualified our research process and made it as the Leaders in Mobile Application Development landscape are: Fueled, WillowTree, Fuzz, Y Media Labs, OpenXcell Technolabs, Sourcebits, LeewayHertz, Appster, Intellectsoft, and Raizlabs.

The company that tops our charts is Fueled- a highly practiced Android & iOS application development firm. Most of their apps are featured in the App Stores. They have bagged a score of 29.9 on 30, the highest of all with 4.95/5 in Quality; 5/5 in Reliability and 5/5 in Ability.
Their great score is a clear reflection of their outstanding expertise, quality work, and impressive portfolio.

WillowTree which comes next is a company that ensures all their projects run smoothly, strategically and as planned so that they lack nowhere in delivering high-quality software to their clients. They also have numerous awards & recognitions attached to their name.
They have an outstanding score of 29.37 on 30 with 4.9/5 in Quality; 5/5 in Reliability and 4.95/5 in Ability. Their score clearly implies their strength in developing beautifully designed apps.

Fuzz with their strong foothold in hybrid app development, responsive web designs, and cross-platform development comes next in line. Their capabilities are reflected in their strong presence and expertise in crafting striking, most functional apps engineered to perform.
They march smartly with an overall score of 28.89 on 30 with 4.91/5 in Quality; 4.9/5 in Reliability and 4.93/5 in Ability.

Y Media Labs excels at giving disruptive mobile experiences to their apps. They base their apps on emotional connections and human touch and thus successfully draws a score of 28.89 on 30, too close to Fuzz, with 4.87/5 in Quality, 4.86/5 in Reliability and 4.9/5 in Ability.

OpenXcell Technolabs excels in almost everything related to apps. With their deep focus on continuous prosperity, sustainability and customer satisfaction, they succeed in offering their clients a widespread range of services. With an overall score of 28.59 on 30 and a score of 4.79/5 in Quality, 4.65/5 in Reliability and 4.85/5 in Ability, OpenXcell succeeds in providing end to end solutions for all development needs.

Sourcebits capitalizes around increasing customer engagement so as to get the maximum and the right size ROI. Maximum engagement and retention is how they sail on a score of 28.45 on 30 with 4.75/5 in Quality, 4.75/5 in Reliability and 4.72/5 in Ability.

LeewayHertz excels at designing and developing enterprise grade apps across all major mobile platforms. They outshine all others with their impressive scores that roots from their awe-inspiring capabilities, market presence, and years of experience. They score 28.37 on 30 with 4.77/5 in Quality, 4.7/5 in Reliability and 4.72/5 in Ability.

Appster pushed the envelope with their extraordinary ideas and innovative minds. With their strengths at app development and design, they succeed in creating amazing apps that help your company achieve scale and ROI. They stand tall with a score of 28.31 on 30 with 4.72/5 in Quality, 4.7/5 in Reliability and 4.72/5 in Ability.

Intellectsoft has an extensive set of competencies to deliver up to their client needs. They succeed in transforming perfectly your idea into a live product and thus is a leader in mobile app development with a score of 28.2 on 30 with 4.71/5 in Quality, 4.77/5 in Reliability and 4.66/5 in Ability.

Raizlabs believes that the design and development should work hand in hand and should be aligned. It is their belief that has made them successfully deliver remarkable and entertaining apps. Their passion helped them score 28.19 on 30 with 4.7/5 in Quality, 4.8/5 in Reliability and 4.62/5 in Ability.

Besides the ones mentioned above, many companies made it to the list of Emerging Leaders in app development. With around 20 mobile app development companies qualifying this list, we have: Qburst, DMI, Macadamian, Intersog, Worry Free Labs, DCI (Dot Com Infoway), MentorMate, Redmadrobot, Lemberg Solutions, e-Legion, Softeq Development, Viteb, Mobisoft, Ratio, Dom & Tom, InnovationM, Eight Bit Studios, Blue Label Labs, MindInventory, and DBG make it to the top. All these companies have good scores and their ratings are above 4 in Quality, Reliability and Ability criteria. These companies emerge as strong contenders with their capabilities to deploy innovative approaches and latest technologies in application development & design. 

Several Notches Higher

In today’s over-competitive world, it has become imperative for the service seekers to know exactly who stands where on the performance ladder and also, it has become imperative for the service providers to plan and execute a winning mobile strategy. Thus, GoodFirms is a platform that helps the service seekers to easily identify the best development partner for their next project and also helps developer companies to stand out and outshine from others by being even more visible, transparent and credible and showcasing their strengths on the platform.

GoodFirms is a transparent and credible platform that helps the app development companies from across the globe to climb several notches higher in the app development space. GoodFirms’ groundbreaking Research helps app developers break into a full gallop, and not only grab thousands of new clients for your company but also gather greater market share and brand awareness.

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