How To Completely Change Your Movie Watching Habits - Theatres Are Passe

Updated on :June 12, 2024


Movies have always been a great solace for entertainment and stress reliever tool for time immemorial. Specially while on a long boring journey or after a hectic boring day movie apps are a great solace. Today with wide avenues open to access movies through mobile apps and internet, you-tube this entertainment is at a much easier reach. Today it is easy to watch a blockbuster hit at the cosy comfort of either a home or a coffee lounge without waiting to have booked and visit a theatre instantaneously. Let us see a few of these wonders via this blog.

Tvtag (formerly GetGlue):

Television watching has become more of a social event with numerous channels catering to various tastes and moods. Today you can afford and enjoy watching entertainment programs all to yourself in a cosy comfort of your room or private space. Tvtag app so conveniently allows you to talk –convey to others about what you loved and hated about the last episode of your particular favourite TV show you just finished watching. Participating with live audience polls, creating memes from fascinating TV moments, unlocking digital stickers (when you check in with a show you are watching) is all possible with this App. This app is available for free.

Redbox Instant:

This app makes renting movies from vending machine outdated. Checking out movies from local7-Eleven is without physically speaking to anyone (human) is so cool!! Reserving titles, streaming movies right on your iPhone is what this App allows you. This app is available for free.


Reaching early at the theatre can be killing and very boring with numerous trivia questions swirling in and out of your grey cells which desperately need an outlet. Trailerpop app lets you do away with the same experience at home. This app allows you to compete with friends, strangers as also celebrity guests. Besides giving you a full-featured experience the app is integrated with iTunes, Fandango, Netflix and enables you to watch bunch of movie trailers as well. This app is available for free.

Hulu Plus:

An extremely handy App that is in tune with some current shows specially if you are the one who experienced (cut the cord) on cable. A small monthly subscription allows you to watch popular comedy shows such as “The Daily Show with John Stewart” and cartoon show such as “Sanjay and Craig” which otherwise could be seen only with a cable subscription. This app also allows you to watch popular shows on PS4,PS3 and Xbox One.  This app is available for free.


Is very popular with go-to place for online movie ticket purchases. It is very easy to order tickets from your favourite theatre, store them in Passbook, and even have your ticket scanned right at the front door from your iPhone instead of having to get a printed copy. You can watch Fandango original videos on the iPad, get special content etc. This app is available for free.

ITunes Movie Trailers:

Watch trailers of movies in crystal clear HD and have them sent to your TV through Airplay is what this App does. If in possession of Apple TV it becomes very convenient to watch all your favourite entertainment programmes because iTunes Movie Trailers app is already installed. Enables you to save favourite theatres to enable you to have a quick look at what is playing near you in your area. Great place to pick up with movies well in advance which otherwise will come later in the year with notifications of the same sent. On the iPad watching Fandango original videos and having special content is an added thrill. This app is available for free.

Movies by Flixter:

Highly useful in saving favourite theatres in your vicinity to have a quick dekho as to what is currently playing in your area. In terms of updates, it gives notifications of whenever a new movie is released free of cost. This App is a number one source for critic review because it is deeply integrated with Rotten Tomatoes. It is very easy to stream and download content from Ultraviolet collection besides having a quick look at show times, buying tickets from favourite theatres, watching high quality trailers with fascinating additional features.  A digital storage system that makes the download code for most of Blu-Ray and DVDs that are purchased. This app is available for free.


Extremely convenient App for people who have just started a family (nuclear) and are not in a position to afford a night out for a movie because of the new born(s). Netflix app allows you to watch huge variety of titles at anytime, anywhere and with just a reasonable monthly subscription. This app is available for free.


As hardcore movie buffs we all have experienced that many times while watching a movie, all of a sudden an actor appears on the screen but you cannot remember his/her name or where he belongs to. In such cases rushing to the Internet Movie Database to find out about all this information is the only solution. Internet Movie Database is a site which is all-encompassing and gives detailed information about films viz. its release date, its location, its director and a link to every major actor’s work and profile. This app was updated recently and includes information about whether a title is available on Amazon Prime for all Fire TV owners. This app is available for free.


It is human tendency to have more of anything that satisfies its pallet be it food, movie, entertainment news or a favourite TV show, which has been specially viewed for decades. It also gives info on favourite celebrities, upcoming movies, as also who is to star in a favourite book adaptation, exclusive interviews with bigwigs in the movie industry etc This App is available for free.

Movies always help to break that boredom continuity flow. Am a great movie buff and after great trial and error of testing these apps on Android 5.0.2 lollipop based on Cyanogens OS found them working perfectly with my device would suggest these apps in a big way. These Apps are for Smart phones operative on Android.  Incase of iOS device can check with movie Box app or popcorn time (once called Netflix a popular video distribution platform) which is one of the Ultimate movie App.:

Best Movie Apps(for Android Device)Show box:

Most searched and used by billions of people worldwide, this app is one of the most talked about Movie App. With this app, it is so easy to stream online movies and TV series. The app is not available in Google Play but can be downloaded from their official site. (Download apk file and install on Android device).Desired content can be downloaded with this App. Can be downloaded and watched offline and if desired, one can also watch movies on PC in which case Show box for PC is available.

Few More Prominent Free Apps for Watching Streaming Movies


This app supports almost every popular device such as smart TVs, Streaming Players and Gaming Consoles in addition to (regular) web browser. IPhone version of Crackle app has the interface which is easy to work with videos since it nice and smooth. Despite the options you donot have to log in to watch movies and TV shows despite the option being there.


A free movie app is flexible enough to be installed on variety of devices. Especially view star app for iPhone is hassle free because it is extremely convenient to find movies and popular TV shows (of any genre) on this app. This App allows you to filter the language of films and like desktop website, allows you to sort out results. One can also use Viewster App to browse through the biography pages of actors, watch movie trailers and peek into celebrity news.


This free movie app works selectively on specific few devices. Is quite handy because it exactly shows where you need to go, to find free movies. Movies can be filtered in many ways, such as by MPAA ratings, premiere date, genre source or even hide the ones already seen. Most of the movies onYidio is hosted on its website and hence you will be told to install other apps to watch the movies such as Crackle or Hulu app.


Free app available on major devices. Simple to use and allows sharing of films over social media. However, with iPhone app, it allows to score through genres, categories, section and view popular, newly added, other sections of movies on the main page.


Free movie App allows you, to enjoy movies away from your computer. With few featured movies scrolled on the main page, allows you to browse movies by genre. Once you are in the selected genre section, you can sort out the films in categories such as most viewed or newly added. Allows you to add movies even without log in to a list which is gathered in one place.

Tubi TV:

Almost identical to desktop website in appearance, but highly optimized for mobile usage this App is extremely easy to use. It is very fascinating to see that the top of the app has same featured films that scroll across the top of the website with different genres mixed. All same genres search tools are available through Tubi TV app as on website. Furthermore, every movie cover is large enough to see without having to tap on them. However, while choosing a movie the app interestingly, takes you to description page showing its release date, duration, rating and genre. You'll have to download the Tubi TV app through the device that you want use it on. However, Tubi TV has a free app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Roku, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung TV Samsung Blu-ray players.

Internet Archive:

Although the app is not structured to streaming films as its main function, it is still possible to watch movies from an iOS device. However, with iPhone App Internet Archive’s movies are found bit hidden midst the menus. Eventually, once found, it is possible to find genres and sort out the movies in terms of popularity, dates added or handpicked films by Internet Archive. Internet Archive has free Apps for: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. This app isn't the official App released by Internet Archive (because one doesn't exist) it still uses all the movies from the official Internet Archive website.

Watch Documentary:

This app is for Android devices only. Is very smooth and very straight forward to use. It does not have much of excess settings or features to make it confusing and complicated. Movies on this app can be sorted out by category, popularity and added to dates similar to Watch Documentary website. However, if you login to your free account you can add movies to your list of favourites and view them again on the computer.

After having analysed types of Apps for movies let us see How to Choose the Best Approach for Mobile App Development:

Undauntedly mobile apps are very dominating devices in today’s techo-whaco existence.  Today success has a different definition. Success rate of an organization today is measured by the revenue generation ability through the usage of Apps. Organisations are subject to upward surge in terms of revenue trends; when technically innovative and interactive apps are involved very crucial in winning new customers. Using proper adaption and penetrative techniques as strategies to lure more customers retain old and existing customers as also attracting new customers are in constant use. This subjects companies into a dilemma while choosing right technique because of constant influx of new technologies that are being developed day in and day out. Since mobile app development is a complicated field and having multifarious options available; it therefore asks for keeping in mind certain strategic points while making mobile application development. Viz. App be targeted across all platforms, does the app need a uniform UX for the app across all platforms, what is EOL of apps etc. However, the needs of applications are different and differ from one organization to the other. However, the environment of development will mostly depend on the budget, amount of content, target audience, functionalities as well as requirement of the organization. Therefore, it becomes very pertinent here to note that in order to make a selection of the best platform for mobile app development, it is very essential to analyze each of these platforms and determine pros and cons of them significantly.


Native apps are built for two systems - iOS and Android. A need to create an application for a single platform, native app is chosen. It is a bit expensive and may vary in terms of cost depending on the framework to be used. However, due to constant introduction and influx of new gadgets, this may not prove as cost effective. For the reasons of better ensuring of digital content and the ability of the features of the application to translate easily across the devices, different networks and operating systems many people are resorting to HTML5 for mobile app development. Another big advantage of using HTML-5 is that any content be it in Word, Flash, PDF or any other format can be easily converted into HTML content base. Legacy browsers can be supported if the applications are built using this platform.  However, native apps have proved to be better choice because of its good performance and better look.


Another effective method of mobile app development is the hybrid solution. After being built into HTML-5, this fascinating app is wrapped up and enclosed in a native container. One of the significant advantages of “low coding” is that, it has allowed business organizations and various other units to create mobile apps in spite of having limited access to developers and programmers. Incidentally, for creating better hybrid apps, quality ionic framework and phone gaps are used. Since different companies have different needs of a mobile app, companies must therefore ensure, they use that kind of solution where companies have the flexibility to employ good team of content technologists, programmers and developers who are not only specialists but are also effective and efficient in formulating mobile app platforms and techniques respectively.


Technique in mobile phone is obviously different from DSLR in many ways. However, in many ways it can be treated as same. Some techniques that are used in video could similarly be applied while capturing footage with a phone camera.  So all you Hollywood buffs and couch potato freaks! now is the time to enjoy on your mobile (with mobile app) with original soundtrack and English subtitles of over 10,000 hours and more premium Hollywood movies and TV series from 6 major Hollywood studios on demand in High Definition (HD) quality. Now movie watching is not controlled by theatres but by your preference in terms of place, time, selection, mood, popular shows, movies, entertainment news etc. You have the liberty of having a control on what you wanna see and what you wanna have for entertainment with features such as:

10,000+hours of Hollywood premium movies
Hollywood TV series.
Asian movies,Asian TV series, documentaries,animations and more.
All contents are in HD (High Definition) quality.
English subtitles available
Continue to watch where you left off across devices.
Smart search function to search for the movie's title, actor, studio, year, and genre.
Watch instantly without downloading over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network.
Enjoy movies on the “big screen” TV with "Airplay" using Apple TV or an HDMI connector.
Can download updated versions
have bugs fixed and watch latest Hollywood movies online with regular updates.
Can search titles, cast and year.
Sort movies by year, sort by added, sort by Alphabets and choose between various categories viz. action, adventure, biography, documentary, family, history, comedy, family, history etc. 

Pleasure enumerating few interesting Apps to enrich more of siesta and entertainment:

Movies by Movie phone
Movie Pass
Deal flicks
AMC Theatres
Kinds in Mind
Anything After
Wiggle hop Movie Show times
Entertainment Weekly
Kids Media
Hollywood Reporter
Entertainment Weekly
MTV News
Vanity Fair Digital
Fan TV
Live from the Red Carpet
Entertainment Tonight
Fashion Police
Roger Ebert’s Great Movies
Sound and Vision
XFinity TV Go
Movie Cat 2
Watch TCM
Max GO
THX Tune-up
Action Movie FX

Hello!!!!! After all Movie organizer app is all about tracing best movies with ease in High Quality. But of course, see that your phone is equipped with 3G/WiFi connection speed so that the player is in a position to load the movie. Happy viewing movies and your favs!!

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