How to Hire Metaverse Developers? GoodFirms Guide

Updated on :October 19, 2023
By :Victor Ortiz

Metaverse is still a new kid on the block. Finding top metaverse developers can be both time-consuming and challenging. 

Before we dive into the details about how to find a the best metaverse development company or metaverse developers let’s know more on this subject.

You have heard the word "Metaverse," but it may not be clear what it means or represents.

So, for the uninitiated, it is an artificial world created by AR/VR tech with which you can interact using wearables and other devices.

Presently, Metaverse is already being used in diverse sectors, including education, retail, gaming, Real Estate, and Healthcare. In the near future, we will see Metaverse being used increasingly in other sectors as well.

Currently, the Metaverse application is most evident in the gaming industry as it is being used to create immersive experiences.

Statistic on Metaverse

Although, your search for the best Metaverse developers ends here!

Statistic on Metaverse

How can Businesses Leverage Metaverse Technology?

Can you imagine a world where you can socialize, shop, attend events, and even work in a virtual office? This is what Metaverse is!

It breaks down geographical barriers and allows businesses to connect with their clients more deeply, create new revenue streams, and build their brands.

It can also be used for marketing, advertising, and promoting products by making use of virtual reality technology. 

Metaverse marketing will make you stand out from the crowd and increase your consumer base. 

How to Narrow Down your Search while Hiring Metaverse Developers? 

How to hire top Metaverse Developers

You should follow the below-mentioned steps to finding suitable Metaverse developers: 

Define your Requirements

This is the first and the most important thing you should do to ensure that you get a suitable Metaverse development partner. You should be crystal clear about what you want in your Metaverse development project. 

Everything needs to be discussed and documented internally before you reach out to companies who can deliver your project.

Check Company’s Portfolio

The past projects a company has worked on will give you a fair idea about their capability to deliver your requirements. You should ask probable metaverse developers to share details of the previous projects they have worked on. 

Specific Talent

As Metaverse is still an emerging technology, you should make sure that your probable development partner has the talent pool to handle such a requirement. They may have handled complex projects in the past, but if they lack the resources required for Metaverse development, then hiring them may not be a good idea.

Technical Skills 

You should look for the following skills in metaverse developers while hiring them: 

Programming: For Metaverse, programmers use low-code or no-code worldbuilding. They need to know languages like Python, Java, SQL, R, and JavaScript. Strong coding skills will ensure a stable Metaverse platform.

AR/VR Development: AR/VR is very useful in connecting the real world with the virtual world. Developers need to create more immersive experiences for the users in Metaverse, and that can be done through AR/VR and wearable devices.

Data Analytics: Data is considered gold dust in the digital world, and Metaverse is no different. User behavior data is collected and analyzed to learn how they are using the environment and how the interaction can be improved.

Analytics skill sets are required to analyze and derive insights from Metaverse data.

UX/UI Design

Exceptional UX/UI skills are required in Metaverse to make its operation as smooth as possible. Interfaces can be through touch screens or full-body trackers. The designer should be able to make Metaverse users feel very comfortable while interacting with the imaginary world. 

Blockchain & NFT

Blockchain is used in Metaverse to establish a distributed and decentralized database. Thus, Metaverse is controlled by people who own it and not by people who own the servers or data centers.

Animation & Graphics  

Metaverse development requires excellent animation & graphics skills. As the entire experience of Metaverse is based on visuals, a Metaverse developer should be a good artist and have a creative mindset.

The Metaverse developer should be well-versed with tools and technologies which are used to make an immersive Metaverse experience. The person should be capable of expressing his/her visualization using these tools.

Communication & Management:

In order to interact with other developers and to keep you informed, a Metaverse developer should have basic communication skills. 

How Goodfirms Can Help You Hire the Best Metaverse Developers?

Goodfirms can save a lot of your precious time by providing you with a list of Metaverse development partners. You also get an overview of the company, its service focus, and client focus.

Goodfirms also provides details of the interviews conducted with top officials of the company. 

You can also read reviews of their past clients. 

The company gets star ratings on parameters like Quality, Schedule and timing, Communication, and overall performance. 

As shown in the image above, Goodfirms also provides an option wherein you can send your exact requirements, and you will receive a customized list of Metaverse development companies within a few days.

Of course, you need to do your homework before shortlisting & finalizing companies for your Metaverse project. You need to have some idea of the skills required for handling a Metaverse development project.

Nevertheless, here we have done some heavy lifting for you as we have handpicked some top Metaverse developers in various categories from GoodFirms listing pages.  

Metaverse Use Cases Right from GoodFirms Listing Stables 

Metaverse Use Cases

Let’s have a look at some of the use cases of Metaverse in domains where it is being used the most at present. This will give you an idea of possible applications of Metaverse and its future potential. 

The use cases listed below are products of some of the top Metaverse development companies listed on GoodFirms. You can visit their website to learn more about their expertise and offerings.

(1) Gaming

Zodiak was a game developed by Quepplin for one of its clients, which had asked for a card game that was unmatched. The client wanted to have a one versus one game, which overcomes the limitations of current games.

Zodiak consists of a diverse set of 12 Zodiacs, each having 40 cards each. Every Zodiak has a unique leader, and cards within each deck have their own unique ability or utility. Cards are of two types, which are effect cards or character cards.   

It was a challenging project due to the complexity of the game and the requirement for a strategic, immersive gaming experience.

The number of probable card interactions was 230400, and the game needed rigorous testing to iron out the bugs. However, despite all odds, the project was delivered on time.

The data analytics & insights from the game revealed that it was a big hit. 

Company Info: Quepplin was established in 2010 and, at present, has 250+ in-house experts and 600+ projects delivered. To know more, visit the GoodFirms page or click on the link below.

(2) Real Estate

Uforika was a Metaverse-based game developed by PixelPlex for one of their clients. The game had features like a native gaming loop, business/retail advertising, social networking, entertainment, and play-to-earn opportunities. 

Uforika had seven cities, each having a unique focus, which included a residential area, fitness center, entertainment, educational area, and a battle stadium. 

Pixelplex's team set up the key features of the Metaverse project with the minimum viable product(MVP) and subsequent releases. The final product had features like engage-to-earn mechanics, an NFT marketplace, and a crypto wallet for seamless transactions. 

PixelPlex also developed smart contracts, which passed a third-party audit conducted by Omniscia. 

The application had an admin panel for the user to see the transaction history and key stats. 

Company Info: PixelPlex has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, having five global offices and 130+ employees.

(3) Social Media & Entertainment

DeFi VR World is a metaverse developed by Program-Ace with an NFT marketplace and Web 3.0 social media on board. It was a challenging project whose primary purpose was to develop a metaverse comprising elements of social media and the NFT marketplace.

It had features like an Avatar creation tool, a 3D virtual environment, 3D NFT elements, a chatting/posting system, integration with crypto wallets, and the ability to use a wallet inside the Metaverse.

The technology used for the application development included Unity, React.js, MySQL, Laravel, PHP, UI, Mantine, SCSS, Webpack, and TypeScript. 

Potential users of DeFi VR World include tech-savvy students, gamers, or venture capitalists who are curious about blockchain technology.

Company Profile: Program-Ace is headquartered in Cyprus with offices in Cyprus, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Canada. It was established in 1992 and has over 120 professionals. 

(4) Healthcare

Metaverse in Healthcare is increasingly being used with the development of technologies like AR or VR. Shamlatech provides top-notch metaverse healthcare development services. 

Information exchange between doctors and other healthcare staff is augmented with the Metaverse healthcare app. The use of AI, AR/VR, and blockchain technology makes it possible for healthcare workers to extend their reach even when a patient is not physically present in front of Doctors.

Healthcare data is stored using Blockchain technology, making it reliable and trustworthy. 

For surgery, Augmented Reality(AR) is used to view microscopic materials that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This can make surgery faster and safer.  

Shamlatech's Metaverse Healthcare development solution provides a much better UX and has high scalability and customizability.

Company Info: Shamlatech has over 7+ years of experience in the IT industry and has delivered over 1100+ projects. It has offices in the USA, India, Malaysia, Korea, UAE, and Europe.

(5) Education

The metaverse education platform is being extensively used with smart features like avatars, 3D audio, soundboards, and 3D modeling. Advantages provided by such education platforms include breaking geographical barriers, providing a more realistic environment, and a more immersive experience. 

E-learning is becoming more popular these days as it is more economical and accessible to all. Metaverse education can make e-learning even more effective by providing students with a virtual space.  

To date, video calling apps are being used for online education, but they are not a complete solution. Metaverse education platforms can bridge the gap between reality and imagination by letting students experience the imaginary through a virtual lens that almost seems real. For example instead of talking about Saber-toothed tigers and wondering how they look, students can actually see them and perhaps could run their fingers on them. 

Shamlatech uses technology stacks like ARCore, Unity, AR, Autodesk, WebVR, Adobe Creative Cloud, and UNREAL Engine for the Metaverse education platform. 

The company has a team of skilled developers with technical knowledge and experience. 

Wrapping Up…

Metaverse is the future of the digital world, and that is why tech giants like Meta and Microsoft are investing heavily in it. For any business, industry, sector, or landscape; Metaverse can be a game changer for all of them. 

It can mitigate a lot of remote work challenges by creating a virtual setting in which employees can perform their duties and interact in an effective way.

It allows businesses to widen their reach through innovative marketing campaigns and reach & engage a global audience. 

It goes without saying that choosing the top metaverse development company is crucial for success. So, you need to be crystal clear about your project requirements before you start finding a Metaverse development company. 

FAQs on How to Hire Metaverse Developers 

1. What skills a Metaverse developer should possess?

A Metaverse developer should possess both technical as well as non-technical skills. They should be well versed in languages like Python, Java, SQL, JavaScript, and R. They also need to have knowledge of Blockchain, NFT, animation, and UX/UI design. 

Along with this, they should have good communication and project management skills.

2. What is the cost of Metaverse App development?

Metaverse project costs can vary drastically depending on the technology being used and the platform. It can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $400,000. 

3. Can you test Metaverse developers' skills before hiring them?

Yes. You can always do a screening of the Metaverse developers you want to hire. 

After shortlisting probable candidates, you can conduct a technical interview followed by a practical test of Metaverse development. 

4. Which technologies/platforms are made use of in Metaverse development?

Metaverse development makes use of technologies/platforms like AR/VR, 3D Modeling software, Blockchain, AI/ML, cloud services, Game Engines, IoT, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and IoT.  

Victor Ortiz
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