How to Optimize Mobile UX for Your Mobile Ecommerce App?

Updated on :October 13, 2023
By :Karan Vora

Mobile phones have boosted the use of the internet to incredible heights. One will see a mobile phone in the hands of almost every other person. With this, Mobile E-commerce is also growing at a rapid speed. 

Kevin Duffey introduced the term "Mobile Commerce" in 1997, but back then, mobile devices had a keypad, and the tool that can run the internet was just the computers. Who would have thought back then that you can get anything you want only by a few clicks, delivered to your doorstep?

Technology improved, and now we are in a time where we can use our mobiles for almost everything. Mobile is the device that most people use for all their online activities, and therefore all the E-commerce giants have shifted their focus to mobile E-commerce apps. 

The astounding growth of eCommerce has also fueled mobile eCommerce's growth, now worth nearly $700 billion. Mobile E-commerce is currently the leader, and therefore as an E-commerce platform, your focus should be to optimize your mobile app experience as much as you can so that your customers can easily use your app to interact with your business. 

Easy Ways to Optimize Mobile UX for Ecommerce App

Here are some points on how you should optimize the UX of your mobile ecommerce app to provide the most comfortable and most compelling experience to the users.

Support Image Zooming

When you open your mobile gallery and see a photo, what are the gestures that it supports? The typical gestures supported in all the mobile phones are pinch to zoom or double-tap to zoom. 

There are chances that people may want to zoom in the photo of the products that are listed in your E-commerce app to see the details or to have a close look. As the users will buy the product just by visiting its photo, they should be allowed to zoom in to have a better look. As the app works on mobile, it should incorporate the same gestures to make the experience simple. 

Therefore your app should support pinch and double-tap gestures to zoom in the images.

"Save for Later" or "Wish List" 

Have you ever visited the mall for window shopping? We have all done that. We go to the mall, look at things, and keep them in mind as we intend to buy them later. But this can be facilitated by the "Save for later" or "Wish List option." 

The ecommerce store has unlimited products, and therefore when we come across something good, we want to buy it, or if we cannot buy the item, the next best option will be to save the thing that we can buy later. It will also reduce the cart abandonment rate of your ecommerce app. 

Use Microinteractions

The primary function of UX is to increase and facilitate the experience satisfaction of the mobile app. It can be further improved by adding Microinteractions.

Microinteractions stand for the details that can improve the single-screen interface. In simple terms, it could be just adding small colored buttons to change the product's color, if the product is available in multiple colors. This will simplify the process of selecting the desired product at the product screen only.

Rather than doing this in different screens, add all the functionalities in the form of microinteractions to make the processes easy. Many apps are limited to just choosing the size of the product. Surpass this and add as many microinteractions as possible. 

Thumb Oriented Interaction

You want people to use your app to the fullest. To make this happen, you have to make the interaction as easy as you can. For this, understand how shoppers use their smartphones. 

Most people use just a single hand to use their smartphones. This means they will grab the phone using the 4 fingers and interact using the thumb. Therefore, considering this, your app's functions should be placed at such places easily reached by the thumb. 

This will increase the comfort that users receive while using your app, and therefore they will like using your app, and in the end, they will come across something that they want to buy. Consequently, this will increase the sales for your ecommerce app. 

Well-Labeled Forms and Auto-Suggestion

When someone orders something online, they have to fill the address, which can be a lengthy and tedious process. Many people do not order something as they cannot fill the address correctly or don't want to bother themselves. 

This can be easily overcome by making this process easy.Here is how you can do it.

  • The first step is to ask only the minimum requirement. Do not ask anything that is not useful for that process. 
  • Use well-labeled boxes in the process. This improves readability and adds clarity. This way, the person will be sure about what they have to add in the box. 
  • As soon as they type a few letters, options should appear to help them select the right thing. For example, the search box is about the city, and they want to enter Atlanta, as soon as they type "A" all the cities that start from "A" should appear. It is also known as "Steppers."
  • If the box requires text input, the keypad should show texts only. And if the input is to be in number, the keypad should change to number only. 
  • If possible, use the GPS to locate the person's location accurately; this way, they do not have to fill many things.

Search Button

Your ecommerce app is a hub. There are unlimited products there. Few people want to explore and buy, but other users will know what they are looking for. This is where the search option helps. There may be a chance that someone is looking for toothpaste. Just by searching "toothpaste”, your app should show all the kinds of toothpaste and nothing else. 

Similarly, if they search for "Colgate Toothpaste," your app should show Colgate toothpaste in different sizes and flavors. This facilitates the shopping process. 

Search is a core and essential feature of an ecommerce app. It would help if you tried to prioritize it by placing it at the top of the screen. You should also improve the results as much as you can to provide the best in-app experience. 

Leverage Device Features

There are many features of the Smartphones that you can use to make the shopping experience easy. 

The first feature is the Touch ID and Face ID. Users add the payment methods and save the way for easy use, and therefore you must keep the information safe. The security can be increased by asking for the Touch ID or Face ID to use the app or atleast to purchase something so that no one other than the user can buy something. 

You can use the microphone of smartphones to enable voice search. This way, the user can say the name or the category of the product, and they will get them on the screen. 

The camera can be used to search the product by photo. 

Likewise, many features are there that can be used to facilitate the in-app experience. 


The features define an app that it offers. As an ecommerce brand, you can have all the products in one place, but if you want users to use your app the most, you have to make the app as simple and as useful as possible. Keep adding features that make the experience more accessible and fantastic to increase customer satisfaction.

If you hire the best ecommerce app development partner, you will get fully optimized user experience. So, wait no further!

Karan Vora
Karan Vora

Karan Vora is an online marketer and avid tech-savvy blogger. He is associated with Capermint Technologies, a creative app & game development company based in Canada. He loves to write about web design, app & game development, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, UI/UX, digital marketing, and much more. Apart from writing, he loves traveling & gaming.

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