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How to Turn Your App into a Working Reality?

How to Turn Your App into a Working Reality?

In the era where the easiest solution for most of your problems fits in your palm, life seems easy. A tap these days can do wonders. It can deliver your grocery at the doorstep, bring your medicines home, let you enjoy a saloon at home, and whatnot. You name it, and there’s an app to help you with the situation. 

According to a study, the global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion workers (over 42 percent of the global workforce) by 2022. Mobile applications have seen exponential growth in the past few months as people choose to stay indoor and manage their work and life. With some general utility apps, monitoring apps, and productivity apps in the picture, it seems a great call to develop a workable app solution that can help your audience. One doesn’t only need a perfect plan to work and develop an app, but also needs to reconsider their app idea for its profitability. 

“Ideas are responsible for the progression and prosperity of humans – without them, we would still be living in prehistoric times. No idea is too small, and all sorts of ideas have the potential to change the world as we know it for the better.” 

~Sir Richard Branson

The founder of the Virgin group and the head of around 400 companies always believed in the power of the idea and often quoted that any idea, big or small, should never be neglected. So, if you have an app idea, without much ado, get it on the floor. Before we start talking about the action plan to turn your app idea into a working reality, let’s quickly check how you can work for a workable idea. 

How to Brainstorm for a Workable Idea?

brainstorm for ideas

“After its launch in 2010, Instagram rapidly gained popularity, with one million registered users in two months.”

These stats clearly reflect an idea that converts need to be worked on really seriously. Sometimes brainstorming an idea that could help solve the purpose becomes difficult. Well, no worries. Here we share some of the experts’ tips that can help you come up with an idea to make profits:

  1. Keep Money Aside for a While 

Many apps in the app store weren’t meant to be business ideas that earned profits. They were meant to provide entertainment or solve a particular problem. Since they served a purpose and gained popularity, they, in the later phase of their launch, became business ideas that earned great profits. If you want your app to succeed, you need to have a clear concept before investors could back you. 

  1. Adapt an Existing App

You may find some of the apps interesting and have some ideas of modifying or re-adapting them. Surely, this is an easy way to come up with an app idea that can help you get your things in place. This is what Facebook and Twitter did. Progress by taking advantage of what is popular. Clone app development has gained exponential popularity as the pandemic knocked in. So, just be sure what field you want to focus on and move ahead. 

  1. Gap Problems and Solutions

The first thing that every app needs to do is solve a problem. Every app in your smartphone is aimed to solve a problem. Just think about what solution you want to offer to your audience and see how you can bridge the problem solution gap. This would be a great way to make some money and increase your customer base. 

  1. Think of the Future

You need a scalable app. With the new trends rising up in the field every day, it is important that your app runs well with the new technology. Research well. See if your app idea has a future and what updates your audience would love. 

  1. Discuss with Your Friends and Family

Share your idea with your loved ones and take their insight. Discussing with people, you would get a broader perspective of how and what your app should look like. It is vital that each aspect of your app is double-checked before you finally consider it. 

Finding the right solution and giving the audience something they love would be really tough. If you have an idea that you are sure would work for you, then there are a few questions that you must consider. 

What Are the Points to Be Considered?

important points in turning app idea to reality

When you decide to get an app for your idea, be sure it would be of great help to your audience. To make sure that your app is great, just ask yourself the following questions. If you have convincing answers for these, you would surely get to earn some popularity and revenue. 

Question 1. What Is the Basic Idea of Your App? 

Well, you need to have a crystal clear idea of the whereabouts of your app. The type, basic requirements,  functionalities, etc. need to be described and discussed clearly. This would make it easier for you to convince your investors (in case any) to trust your idea and help you move ahead with it. When you scroll down the app store, you see various apps there. The grocery delivery ones, the food delivery ones, online shopping ones, and whatnot. Just decide what type of app you want to introduce in the market. This would help you focus on your task more and in a fixed direction. 

Question 2. What Kind of App Do You Want to Launch?

Mobile apps are a compact and simpler version of your business. Various platforms and technologies can help here. Depending on the business requirement, you can choose to develop any of these kinds of mobile apps. 

  1. Web Apps: These are the kind of websites that look like an app. To use them, the user would need a particular URL. These are generally worked on HTML5 and are designed to run on mobile devices. 
  2. Native Apps: The apps designed to run on a specific kind of platform are native apps. For instance, if an app is designed for the android platform, it would be accessible on that platform only. 
  3. Hybrid Apps: As the name suggests, these apps are a mix of native and web apps. Most businesses choose to develop these apps as it increases the reach of the business. 

Depending on your industry type and your purpose of launching the app, only you can decide which of the following types of app suits you the best. 

Question 3. Who Would Develop the App?

Now that you know the purpose and type of app, the next thing to focus on is who would develop your mobile application. If you have a team of mobile app developers working for you, then the answer is simple, but in case you don’t have a development team, reach someone who would outsource the service. Yes, instead of hiring a new team, outsource your task. This would help you save money and focus on other aspects of the app launch. Consider various technologies that you want to include in your work and let the developers help you further. 

Setting up filters is important!

The Action Plan 

action plan for the app

You are all set to hit the market with your app idea now. You are prepared for how things would work and what you exactly expect in that 6-inch device. So, let’s now proceed to the action plan of your app development and launch process. 

Market Research

To ensure your app idea doesn’t fail, study your market well. Before you reach your development partners, a little groundwork to see if the idea is viable would be great. Your idea may be something really impressive, but it is important to walk with the market trend and hit our target audience well. 

Know Your Audience 

You must understand who your audience is. You would be focusing on a certain population, a study about that particular group would help you increase the chances of your app’s popularity. This would make things easier and worth working and help you generate better profits. 

Create a Rough Wire Frame 

Work well on the wireframe; if you have a sketch that reflects how your app would look and function, then cool. But if you don’t have any reference to share with your development partner, prepare one now! 

As you work on the wireframe, there are chances of polishing the app better and adding more features to help you be the best in the category. This would help you create specifications for your mobile app. 

Find a Development Partner 

When you are done with the wireframe and specification, it is time to hire an App Development Partner. This could be your own tech team, or you can outsource your development task. If you do not have a development team with your organization, outsourcing would be a better alternative. You would not have to ask the team to leave once the app is developed, plus you won’t be risking your task with people you cannot completely trust. Instead, hire experts who have been providing this service over the years. Use their experience and expertise to take your business further. 

Review UI/UX

How your app interacts with your audience plays a significant role in their response. An app with great color combinations and eye-appealing fonts is sure to gain popularity. Your wireframe should reflect how each screen would look like and what you expect the audience to do once they sign up with your app. 

Test Each Functionality

QA of the elements that are developed for your app is really important. This would make it easy for you to check the feature, functionality, and response time. This would help you make it easier for you to save time, cost, and work on the quality of your app. QA and testing would help you gain confidence in your app and check if you want to add or remove any element from work. 

Launch and Market

Now that you are done with the development and have your app, its time to hit the market. Launch your app in the market and start selling it.  Get some consulting on app marketing and market your app to reach the maximum audience. No matter how great your work is, if it doesn’t reach the right audience and serves the purpose, it is of no good. 

Market Research

Once your app is in the market, you need to research well again.  See the response and mark the features your audience loved and the issues they face in handling the app. This would help you decide the updates and come up with a better version of your app. Seems easy! Cool, just ask your audience what they need and provide them with the same. 

Rome was not built in a day and nor would your app be!

Be prepared to invest time and energy when you hit the floor to get things ready for yourself. 

And Get Ready to Earn Profits 

start earning profits

Now that your app is in the market, it is your customer support and marketing strategy that would play the tricks for you. Be on the go to address customer issues and respond to customer reviews as quickly as possible. Updates and bug fixes would make it easier for you to make your loyalty towards your customers. Similarly, positive responses and good reviews would reflect your customer loyalty. This would be an easy way of promoting the app without any investment. The easiest way to stay in the market and be popular is to go by the book. Keep improving and delivering results. This would help you gain new customers and survive the market in the long run and earn the profits that you estimated. Customer interaction is the key to building a good reputation in the market. 

Hope this helps you turn your app into a reality that earns your great profits and reaches the zenith of success. 


Scarlett, at a3logics, is a tech geek and has been sharing the insights on various technologies for over a couple of years, her favorite being mobile app development. When not on her writing desk, she is busy sipping coffee in the nearby cafe.

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