Mobile App Trends 2020 That Will Transform the Business After COVID-19

Updated on :September 13, 2023
By :Gary Bhatti

Statista reported that mobile apps would possibly surpass $581 billion in 2020. It is, however, unlikely that the mobile app industry could experience a giant leap in revenue due to the recent pandemic. As of now, the COVID-19 patients have reached over 6.4 million worldwide, with over 377k deaths. Do we still have hope in this messy world?

Have you been able to experience mobile app trends in 2020, despite this terrible situation? Perhaps, you have missed out on some crucial mobile app trends. After reading this article, you will renew your hope of what you can do in this period to uplift your business. 

Mobile App Trends Post Coronavirus Pandemic

There are plenty of mobile app trends that are taking place in today’s world, despite the current pandemic. Some of those trends have a direct impact on the way that businesses operate. Here are some of the mobile app trends that will change the way you do business after COVID 19:

  1. Internet of Things 

Have you ever wondered how much the power of the internet has impacted your life? Most of you cannot even imagine living your life without an internet connection. Similarly, you can expect the internet of things to be a norm in the future. 

Below is the figure that shows the number of active connected IoT devices and how it is increasing over the period. 

Number of Active Connected Devices Worldwide

Image Source: IoT Analytics

The future belongs to IoT. The rise of IoT smart apps will allow you to take control of your workplace environment. The examples of standard IoT technologies are Amazon Alexa, August smart lock, Amazon Dash button, and others. It will enable companies to be more productive after COVID-19. 

You can expect companies to use IoT in their transportation system with self-driving automobiles. The healthcare industry will see a surge in IoT in their platform to test and monitor the patients, along with their data and medical history. The AI-enabled IoT devices will be used more, and it will assist you in performing your duty more productively. 

  1. On-Demand Apps and Remote Digital Work 

More and more corporations are relying on remote workers to carry on their business. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the importance of VPN, remote control, and email technologies. 

The apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and other similar pieces of software are making remote works possible. You can expect remote digital jobs to have more impact on the workplace. 

When you’re performing work remotely, you need to consume foods, have a haircut, and do all sorts of activities. It is where on-demand apps will come into play. While you will be busy in your work, you will be relying on consumer apps such as Ubereat, on-demand salon apps, on-demand domestic helper apps to take care of your tasks. You can also expect this trend to be more common among professionals when they are into a remote working environment. 

  1. On-Demand Education Mobile Apps

Businesses need to educate their staff, regardless of the situation. There is an immense increase in online open courses like Coursera, Udacity, and many others. But, academic institutions like Salesforce Trailhead are still relying on traditional education with a classroom. 

It is not possible to attend classes during times like the Covid-19 pandemic. As working from home is gaining momentum, we can see many colleges trying to integrate online classrooms to their system. We can expect the same from other academic institutions for training the staff online. 

One of the needs for making on-demand education possible is via educational apps. But, one does not want to install all apps on their smartphone. It is the reason why Instant Mobile Apps will play a crucial part. This type of mobile app will allow users to get all the features of apps without installing them on their phones. 

The online education platforms may well see taking advantage of these apps so that they can serve their audience better. 

  1. Blockchain Technologies

BlockChain Technologies will change the way businesses operate after COVID-19. Many users find it hesitant to pay with their credit cards. Due to COVID-19, it has been more difficult to keep a regular connection with banks and other third parties for transactions. 

Blockchain Technology Market Worldwide

Source: World Economic Forum

Blockchain-based mobile apps are getting popular due to the immense potential of this technology. It is easy to store records when you use this technology when making a transaction. You can now make in-app purchases using coins, thanks to blockchain technology. It is also creating a localized user experience for mobile app users of banks and other financial institutions. 

The integration of blockchain technology can help in fighting economic recession, cyberattack, and can create secure payment processing for better economic growth. 

  1. 5G Technologies

The rise of 5G technologies will impact the businesses after COVID-19. The 5G technology will not only offer a faster internet, but it also reduces latency by ten times. It will allow developers to add more and more features to mobile apps without compromising features. 

You can expect businesses to have more robust apps shortly. After COVID-19, the companies will strive to offer better services to customers and to their staff with an advanced app that will be able to handle a lot of things. 

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality will keep on impacting mobile apps. We can now see many apps like Style My Hair, Google Maps, and others using AR to boost the power of their apps. The users can use various makeup items via their smartphone on their face without leaving their home. 

Google Maps can show a live view of what is currently happening in specific parts of the nation. With the growth in the popularity of Augmented Reality, you can expect businesses to have apps that can assist customers in many ways. It will also allow the marketing staff and sales team to perform better. 

Companies will be emphasizing in using AR more and will try to give the training to their staff on how to utilize this technology for increasing their creativity. 

  1. Chatbots and Customer Success

The customer service team can no longer offer the service as they did during this pandemic. The growing popularity of chatbots is precisely what businesses need for now better to serve their customers in this time of distress. 

You can expect more and more interactions to be held from chatbots. It will eliminate the use of a customer service rep to answer all mundane questions, which they usually receive. The chatbot can quickly transfer the issue to a human if they are not able to answer their queries. 

The customer service rep will have more time to serve the customers better, which will increase the satisfaction of both customer service teams and consumers. 

  1. Cloud-based Mobile Apps

The companies no longer want to have their own data platforms. The increment in the popularity of private cloud technology has led to the increasing demand for cloud-based mobile apps. It makes mobile apps lighter, as it can directly access a cloud platform when it needs certain information. 

Companies would want to use cloud-based mobile apps for their operations too. There is a lesser risk of mobile apps crashing. Furthermore, it also amplifies the speed of mobile apps, which will make both customers and staff achieve more with the app. 

Over to You

What may happen after the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, we can expect more and more companies are trying to allocate money in information technology. They will look to be prepared for similar incidents in the future.

Keep the mobile app trends that I’ve mentioned in this article to get the most out of your business in this messy situation. If you do the hard work now, you will keep on reaping the benefits of your work in times to come.

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Gary Bhatti
Gary Bhatti

Gary Bhatti, the founder of NetSet Software Solutions, is a serial entrepreneur with 14 years in technology and commercial software solutions. A true passion for building something great from nothing and willing to push to the limits to achieve big goals. Have a high degree of entrepreneurial spirit. His main differentiator is his focus on achieving excellence.

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