Ride the Wave: Grow Your Mobile App Development Business with Online Reputation Management

Updated on :June 14, 2024
By :Kim Smith

The mobile app development industry is flourishing and continuing to evolve year after year. Today, web search, social forums, review sites and social platforms are fundamentally changing buyers’ research habits. As a result, leveraging various mediums and strategies is a ‘must’ for all businesses in this space to strive in this cut throat competition.

One of the best ways to break through the noise and clutter of competitors is to have a good online reputation. Reviews for this very reason are becoming increasingly important.

A social media expert Brian Solis has rightly said in this matter, “Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.”

In this post, we will talk about the ways you can proactively manage your online reputation.

Why Your Business Needs Quality Online Reviews

If you think companies that are looking for developing a mobile app for their business are not interested in reviews, think again!

As per reports:

- 91% of B2B buyers said their buying decision is influenced by word-of-mouth.

- 88% of B2B look for online and offline word-of-mouth sources for information and advice.

Since online reviews are the new word-of-mouth, it is quite evident from these stats that if you don’t have quality online reviews, you are going to miss out on a growing population of prospective customers.

Let’s now dig into why it’s critical for your business to have an expansive arsenal of quality reviews:

  1. Authentic feedback increases reputation thereby increasing brand awareness and sales.
  2. Online reviews translate into low-cost advertising. For any start-up that is cash strapped, this is really a good move.
  3. Lots of good reviews can increase your business’s rankings in search engines.
  4. Reviews are a great way for your company to ta ke any corrective measures if required and improve services for future use.
  5. One main hidden benefit of having outstanding online reputation for your business is ‘pricing power’. In the world full of competition, 5-star ratings will ensure prospective customers prefer you even if they have to pay more.

How to Generate Online Reviews for Your Business

If you’re serious about leveraging the marketing benefits that reviews can provide to your mobile app development business, here are some tactics to acquire reviews:

Ask Your Customers:

Do you want to know the best way to increase the number of reviews for your business? Simply ask. Your customers understand how reviews are important to your business and will definitely comply. When a customer compliments you via phone or in person for crafting an amazing app for their business, ask them to leave the same feedback on your social page or on your online customer feedback form.

Set up Profiles on Multiple Review Sites:

According to an enterprise sales study from Avande, for 61% of enterprise buyers believe that reviews on third-party websites, social media and word-of-mouth are more important than information from the company itself. It is thus vital for the survival of your business to have a healthy presence on these review sites.

GoodFirms” is one such example. Buyers use our site to read reviews, compare various app development businesses and pick a vendor that’s best for their business.

Make the Most of Your Reviews

Reviews are a powerful tool to bring more business for your company.

Encourage Prospects to Read Your Reviews

While many prospects will stumble upon your reviews through Web search, you should actively share your reviews on your website and social pages. Ensure you share reviews with potential customers enquiring about your business. This will demonstrate to your future prospects that you have nothing to hide and will boost your business’s reputation.

Amplify Good Reviews

If your business receives great ratings and reviews, and no one sees them, then they’ll bring no benefit to your business.

Ensure you feature the unedited reviews on the homepage of your website to add credibility to your business. Post snippets of best reviews on your Facebook and Google+ business pages. Tweet links to some of the flattering testimonial videos to boost your brand image. Add reviews in the body of the emails that you send to your prospects.

Acknowledge Reviews

Just like any other B2C businesses, it is vital even for digital marketers of mobile app development business to respond to all reviews in a polite and professional manner. This shows how attentive and receptive you are to your customer’s feedback. A timely response is a terrific way to improve your brand image and build customer loyalty.

Just Don’t Do It

Eliminate Negative Reviews

Businesses fear that negative comments or reviews can damage their brand reputation. But the truth is that B2B customers actually prefer to see genuine feedback be it positive or negative. So don’t eliminate negative reviews, instead, take this opportunity to turn the disgruntled customer into your brand evangelist by offering to correct the mistake. This action will improve your brand’s reputation in ways that no other marketing tactic can.

Post Fake Reviews

If the quantities of reviews are less, you may be tempted to post fake review as real. But don’t ever give to this temptation as this will tarnish your brand reputation. A fake review is even worse than having no reviews.

Offer Freebies for Positive Reviews

With a bit of effort and patience, you can develop a healthy collection of authentic reviews for your mobile app business. Apart from the above-mentioned tactics, you can offer freebies for giving feedback. However, never offer freebies in exchange for positive reviews alone.

The Increasing Importance of Reviews: Final Thoughts

Focusing on reviews for your mobile app development business as a marketing strategy will help your business develop visibility and reputation among potential customers. This will in return generate more leads and improve conversion rates.

Although review websites for mobile app development companies are not incredibly prevalent now, they are becoming more and more common and respected as digital marketing strategies change. In near future, quantity and quality of reviews you receive on review websites will have a big impact on your company’s bottom line. If you are not riding with this wave of change you will find your business drown beneath it!

Kim Smith
Kim Smith

Kim has 4+ years of experience in digital marketing industry. She has a good understanding of the advertiser's perspective, technology and mobile industry. She loves all things social and content-related and is thrilled that she can now work in the research field with GoodFirms.

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