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10 Stats for Businesses to Improve Their Social Media Presence

10 Stats for Businesses to Improve Their Social Media Presence

Here's the goal for your social media marketing: You need more engagement.

Here's the reality about your social media marketing: You can't just post stuff!

There are multiple ways to develop a fantastic brand image for businesses on social media, including healthy interaction with clients or prospects, improving client service, carefully garnering reputation and admiration, and ultimately, providing them precise products or services.

If you are looking for commitment, retweets, likes, shares, virality, and the likes of these on social platforms, you need to understand your target audiences.

Businesses often ask, what sort of social media content gets the sort of engagement anyway?

Here, understanding your target audience is the key with regards to winning with social media engagement. The is because, the interests and needs of your prospects decide the type of content you need to share, and even, how you interact with them.

So the answer to your question is - any sort of visual content.

Visuals are more natural to consume than any other format of content. People even tend to remember them much better and longer than any other formats of content.

According to the latest GoodFirms research, visual content such as personal photos, videos, and memes are among the most posted, as well as engaged content type on social media.

social media presence

Social media is a place where people usually show-off their personal life. Also, they expect the same thing from others. And that is why personal images get the maximum popularity when it comes to being posted and engaged on social media.

Video contents are gaining much popularity because the video presents a natural glimpse of the world. It blends moving visuals and impactful sounds which makes it simpler to catch one’s attention, and to leave a mark.

People like it when they see something humorous, and clever at the same time, on social media. That's why memes are so popular nowadays. Users on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram are vigilant for some giggles and titters, every now and then.

Brands can rely on being witty to get likes, comments, shares, and greater engagements. But only if you can pull it off elegantly without tarnishing your brand image.

GoodFirms surveyed 450+ people who use social media regularly and extensively, to create a social media usage report. The article curates stats and insights about how people interact on social media in general.

Learn the detailed findings from Social Media Usage Report 2019: User Habits You Need to Know, surveyed and composed by GoodFirms.

The extensive research is meant to profit businesses, who want to know their social media followers, their preferences, concerns, and habits. This would help businesses to not only market but to become a pro-customer brand.

Check out the overview of the comprehensive research:

  • Nearly all (96.28%) the participants believe that social media have a positive impact on their life.
  • Most people use at least 4 social platforms in a day; including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Messenger that are used widely and extensively.
  • Perishable posts like Snaps, Insta Stories, and WhatsApp Status have gained massive popularity.
  • A bulk (85.54%) of users haven't left any social media. Yet, a majority of the remaining ones have left Google +, Facebook, and Snapchat.
  • While many people come across irrelevant social media ads, most (65.58%) of them choose to ignore.
  • Nearly three-fourths of the users receive spam messages; half of them ignore.
  • As many as 68.60% of users customize their social media settings in order to secure their privacy.
  • An alarmingly high number (84.71%) of people have experienced social media trolling in some way.
  • People (60.54%) report a page/post when they see inappropriate content, spam posts, and hate speech.
  • People (85.12%) even unfollow page/person due to uninteresting posts or when the purpose is served.

Wrap Up

Presently, Social Media is practically the largest space where people hang out. In this way, it's mandatory for brands to know where and how people spend their most of the time, so as to reach, engage, and conserve customer-base.

The complete information is gathered and curated by the research team of GoodFirms to enable businesses to characterize their long haul marketing and branding techniques for their social media followers. GoodFirms is certain that the readers will get the latest insights with reference to the present social media usage and its significance in terms of customer service and community building.

For businesses that are looking for such services, you can assess the list of Top SMM Companies, researched and curated by GoodFirms.

Or you can even assess a list of Top Inbound Marketing Agencies if you are looking for an overall marketing consultancy.

Mark Raymond
Mark Raymond

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