Fusion Team: Its Role in Mobile App Development

Updated on :July 25, 2024
By :Myra Williams

“To build a strong team, you must see someone else’s strength as a complement to your weakness and not a threat to your position or authority.” – Christine Caine

What is a Fusion Team? A fusion team is a multidisciplinary group of people like developers, users, and business leaders brought together to contribute their expertise in building a product aligning with one common goal. Such teams successfully blend technology, analytics, and business domain expertise and shares accountability for business and technology outcomes. Instead of organizing work by functions or technologies, fusion teams are typically organized by cross-cutting business capabilities, business outcomes, or customer outcomes they support.

Why Does an Organization Need a Fusion Team?

Fusion Teams are customer-centric and work solely to provide solutions to the customers. And here are a few other reasons as to why a fusion team is needed:

  • Typically, the project takes months or sometimes even years to finish. And by the time product is launched, it doesn’t serve the modern needs of the customer. The fusion team put together will search for ways to make it work faster.
  • Instead of focusing on business metrics and solving them inside out, fusion teams flip the script and solve from the outside in. Customer insights and product adoption determine what success looks like, and fusion teams continue to iterate until they get it right.
  • The best part about hiring a fusion team is that they do not focus on bringing out the perfect solution, which might take months or sometimes even years; they’ll work on bringing out a minimum viable product first.
  • Many have moved from coding to no coding /low coding. The fusion team might not know how to code, but there are platforms available that enable them to go for no coding facilities. They only need to bring in their expertise and not the coding part.

Fusion Team 1

Who Can Be the Members of the Fusion Team?

Fusion Team cannot be formed on the basis of seniority or even specialty. It needs to be made keeping in mind the goal of everyone, which should align with the project they are planning to work upon. A senior web developer might not be the perfect fit as a junior one who can bring in freshness and youth.

Thus, one should be extremely careful while forming a fusion team. Below are the needed members for the dream team:

1.  Product Owner

Fusion Team cannot be created just like that. One needs to understand the problem and see if the fusion team can solve those problems. Thus, the team is created for someone who is going to own that digital product. Without the owner, there is no point in creating the solution because it would be for whom? Thus, the product owner is like a team leader who shall lead the team in the correct direction.

2.  Development Professional

He/She is one of the core members of the dream team, and without him/her, mobile app development is impossible. If he does not punch in the codes that are required to be punched, the app won’t be created, and all the planning will go in vain. However, if the team has opted for no-code app development, then including him in the team doesn’t make sense. In that case, his position will become optional.

3.  Tester

Tester is a must in the team to test the functionality of the app. He/She will check if the app works perfectly on all the devices and if the design is responsive enough. They will also check the loading speed on all the devices because that is the first thing that turns on or turns off the customer. If the loading speed of an app is not up to the mark, people will immediately uninstall the app – Android or iPhone right away without a second thought.  

4.  Trainer

The trainer is one such person who will teach the team members to create the app without coding. Not all the members of the dream team know how to code, but in case if the coder is absent for some reason, they can carry forward the work without any hindrance. Thus, if they are trained in coding, they might not need the coder, and anyone can work on the project from any remote location.

5.  Content Writer

The content writer is the one who is responsible for writing and creating the content of the app that is easy to understand and crisp to attract people. The content of the app shouldn’t confuse people more than they already are.

They are downloading the app to ease their problems, but it won’t take them a fraction of a second to uninstall the app if they don’t understand the content. And not everyone can write creative, unique, and engaging content. Thus, a content writer is a must needed person.

6.  UX Designer

UX designers leverage a wide range of technical and workplace skills to bring a successful product or service to market. While many companies design user experiences, the term is most often associated with digital design for websites and apps. The exact process may vary from product to product and company to company, but the general phases of design tend to stay the same.

7.  Team Leader

The team leader is the one to whom everyone will report. He is the person accountable for getting everything done. If at all someone is stuck at any stage of the project, this is the person whom they can go to and is entitled to solve their queries as quickly as possible. He/She is in charge of the team and is responsible for getting the work done.

Fusion Team 2

Following Are the Steps to Build a Fusion Team

Any team building follows a standard procedure. Similarly, Fusion Team building also follows certain steps without which building a team would become a haphazard and chaotic thing to abide by. Thus, below mentioned are the steps to build the fusion team:

#Find the Issue as to What Product Is to Be Created

The first step to building the fusion team is to figure out what the issue is. Once the issue is known, it will become easier to form the team. If there is a design issue, and you have recruited everyone except the designer, the solution found won’t be effective. Hence, the first step to hiring a fusion team is to find the issue.

#Choose the Team Leader With Sound Digital Judgement

“Digital judgment” is the ability of fusion team leaders to regularly deliver strong outcomes whilst avoiding risks, regardless of their willingness to adhere to company-wide governance. In other words, these leaders successfully produced low-risk digital products, even if their processes sometimes went against company-sanctioned procedures. A study has found that the team leaders possessing this quality were 5.1 times more likely to deliver outcomes without exposing the company to risk. – Gartner  

#Assembling the Dream Team for the Project

When the leader is chosen wisely, he/she will help form the team accordingly. A wise leader is one who complements his qualities with others’ weaknesses and his weaknesses with the qualities of others. He gives chances to people to align their goals with that of the company. Hence, he helps recruit people who will genuinely be able to contribute.

#Set High-Security Standards to Be Abide by Everyone

Security standards are not just the responsibility of IT, but every person included in the fusion team.  Every member of a fusion team will need to adhere to your security and compliance standards. Be sure to clearly communicate these standards and consider holding training sessions to get everyone up to speed.

#Select the Platform for Innovation – Flutter or React Native Or…

While bringing different people on board to solve an issue, it is necessary to bring them to one stage. One might face barriers because of different personalities and skill sets of people. It might take time for them to understand each other and synchronize with each other. Thus, selecting the right platform, like flutter or react-native, is necessary to bring out an innovative product.

#Create the Product Because Without It Forming Dream Team Is Useless

Next step of creating the fusion team is to create the product for which the fusion team is created. It could be any product, and the team assembled is skilled, knows how to do its job, and has past experience in finding such solutions. They will be able to do what an agile team might take longer to do.

#Service and Maintenance Because It Is Not Just a One-Time Thing

Once the product is created, its service and maintenance need to be done on a regular basis. Any digital product has to be upgraded from time to time according to the market. Hence, once a fusion team is built, it should take the responsibility of upgrading and updating that digital product to align with its market needs.

Benefits of Building a Fusion Team

Creating a fusion team will not only be beneficial for the company, but it will also bring out the special quality that members possess. They can be taken to build another dream team for various other projects. According to Gartner, “84% of companies and 59% of government entities have set up fusion teams,” then why shouldn’t you?   

a)  Quick Project Delivery

When the group of experts will work on a project aiming to make the organization successful, they will pour their hearts and soul and deliver the project as quickly as possible. They will work passionately without taking a break or thinking about day and night and bring it to a conclusion, ready to launch. 

B)  Improved Knowledge Sharing

When members of the team belong to different backgrounds, they have knowledge on various topics. Some have technical knowledge, while some have knowledge of how to execute the whole project. From some, one can learn how to manage the team, while with some, one can learn to manage their attitude, which will help them in the long run. If they come together to share a healthy relationship, then knowledge sharing could become interesting and beneficial.  

c)  Having a Constructive Mindset

They not only have the gumption to speak their mind but are also willing to go along with the established IT governance model to update standards and ways of working, to enhance their enterprise learning. The team leaders leverage proactiveness to help other teams — present and future — by managing the interdependencies between their own and others’ work. They embrace security and risk management as part of their job, not just IT’s job.

Fusion Team 3

Challenges of Building a Fusion Team

It is not easy to build a fusion team. There are numerous things to consider while forming a fusion team. If at all you have selected one wrong member, the whole project could go downhill and, eventually, will be needed to scrape it. Thus, here are a few challenges to forming a Dream team:

a)  Communication Gap

Having the correct attitude is an important part of being in a team. Members of a team cannot be selfish and think about themselves only. They need to understand that they are in a team and have to play with sportsman spirit. But a person lacking correct team-leading skills will never be able to solve the communication gap, which will increase with the passage of time.

For the successful completion of the project and to continue with after–delivery services, the team needs to be tight-knit. However, with different age groups and backgrounds, it might be difficult to bring the team together to deliver good results. Thus, forming a dream team might backfire for some organizations. 

b)  Lengthened Process

If team members do not get along with each other at the same level as expected, the project delivery might be delayed, making people lose the enthusiasm with which they had started. And if any work, in today’s era, is prolonged, people get bored easily and quit. Thus, if not solved the issue of the communication gap is timely, members will lose interest in the project and not give their best. 

c)   Difference in Point of View

When too many people gather and work on a project, their points of view are bound to be different. The dream team includes people that are technical, and some are from non–technical backgrounds. Thus, because of that, conflicts and issues might arise. Also, the amount of knowledge may become the reason for the clash of egos. It could backfire in a bad manner. 

d)  Limited Personal Knowledge

The amount of knowledge of two people might not be the same. It may happen that a person might not belong to the same field but is experienced enough to work in the team. On the other hand, the knowledge of a content writer might be limited, but he/she is expected to know everything because they are the one to make the content attractive and understandable.

Along with knowledge, the attitude of people matters too. The team leader cannot be solely responsible for making it all work. Of course, his/her role is important, but cooperation from the team members is equally necessary. And if at all, they do not get along; they single-handedly can ruin the whole project bringing the organization down with them.  

Challenges of Fusion Team

Can a Fusion Team Help With Building a Gym Mobile App?

Suppose you are someone who owns a fitness center that includes Gym, Zumba classes, Yoga, Aerobics, Group Training, Cross Fit, Pilates, etc. And are you looking fortech company to create a mobile app for your center, who do you think should be in your fusion team?


Only he understand the requirement of your app. He needs to understand why someone would download your app. There are tons of fitness apps available which provide various services for free, then why people would download your app is the question he/she needs to solve.

Content Writer

When people open the app, they need to see what they would have expected and also everything that they might not have. They should get all the information on the app itself, and it should be showcased neatly and in the correct manner. The fonts, the taglines, etc., should be clear and understandable. And that is taken care of by a content writer.


Even an app needs to be designed in such a manner that it is responsive according to the device, such as smart watches, iPad, tablets, Phablets, etc. The designer will take the content and arrange it page-wise in the correct manner. It will make the content attractive for the user to keep the app on the phone for as long as they do.

Gym Specialist

This doesn’t mean he/she will know how to train people for yoga, Zumba, or Pilates altogether. But this will be someone who would know how everything works. They will be able to provide basic information about everything.

Maintenance Staff

This could be one person or more than one who can maintain the app and update the information on it regularly. It is because of them people will receive notifications on a regular basis about the timing of the session, diet, appropriate uniform, importance of exercising in daily life, and other gym tips.

Query Solver

If an app is created, there will be inquiries through this app. Thus, one needs to be present to answer the query of the customer; otherwise, that lead won’t be converted into a customer. Thus, a person should be skilled and smart enough to solve all the queries of the customer. This person needs to be someone who is well aware of the gym and has been involved in its operation since its inception.   

Team Leader

This will be the person who will initiate this whole drive. He/She will be the one who will lead the whole project of creating an app for the gym. If anyone has any kind of doubt – before, during, or even after the completion of the project, this is the person whom they can go to. He/She will be answerable to everyone, and he will be responsible to get the work done.

Gym App

Final Thoughts

Fusion Team or Dream Team is a group of people brought together to perform their best. Many organizations all over the world have brought in the fusion team for the completion of their projects. Gone are the days when a single department would work day and night to create a mobile app. Now, a specialist from every department is hired to create the solution for the growth of the organization and faster completion of tasks. 

Myra Williams
Myra Williams

Myra Williams is a content creator with GoodFirms. She enjoys reading about technology and likes to keep up with the IT news. When she is not working, you’ll find her in a café with a good book.

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