Top 10 Wearable App Development Companies

Updated on :June 21, 2024

Let's assume you already have a website, social media presence on leading social channels, tablet applications and smartphone apps for major mobile platforms.

What next?

Which is the next platform that you must leverage to take your business to a new level?

The answer is: Wearable Gadgets

Wearable devices are evidently going to be the next game-changer in the world of technology. The wearable app sector is exponentially growing. As per stats, by 2018, the global wearables market is expected to reach a value of 19 billion US dollars. Savvy companies are thus taking note of this hot emerging market trend and are rolling out strategies to develop a wearable app for their business.

Easier said than done! Developing an app for a wearable device is not a piece of cake. Designing and optimizing app performance for a wearable device is far more challenging than for a smartphone or tablet.

In order to have an effective wearable app and to stay ahead of competition, businesses are therefore tapping for only best wearable app development companies.

To pick a wearable app development company for your app project, you must count on the research carried out by GoodFirms. It is the most trusted research and review platform that have ranked top wearable app development companies based on various quantitative and qualitative factors, including client references, portfolio, market penetration, experience in wearable industry, app design and app development.

The below list of top wearable app development companies provide ground-breaking services to clients all across the globe.

List of Top Wearable Application Developers

  1. Appster

Research Score: 60

Appster has topped our list of wearable app development companies for delivering excellent customized smartwatch apps. Previously, Appster was also named as one of the leading iPhone, iPad, Android and top mobile app development firm globally by GoodFirms.

Based in Australia and started in 2011, this app development company has been recognized by Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider and The New York Times for their excellent work.

The proficient wearable application developers team at Appster which is led by world-class technologists are known for creating customized applications that run flawlessly on wearable devices like Android smartwatch and glasses.

  1. Redmadrobot

Research Score: 58

Redmadrobot is currently considered to be the best app design and development firm available in the wearable industry. Redmadrobot is a network of best designers, mad scientists and finest Apple watch app developers based out of Raleigh, NC. The network comprises of 50+ industry professionals across 3 locations who have crafted 100+ apps for start-ups, global brands and enterprises.

The firm has a streamlined product development process that suits companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Redmadrobot boasts an impressive list of clients: Samsung, Unilever, P&G, Xerox, Ford, Bacardi and several others.

  1. Fuzz

Research Score: 58

Fuzz is an app design firm with a real passion for making beautiful and usable wearable app development solutions for clients. Fuzz specializes in app development for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Android tablets and wearables like Google Glass. Currently it operates from 2 different cities in US: Brooklyn and Boulder.

Fuzz’s team of wearable app developers have a strong expertise in wearable app technology. They leverage the full potential of Glass Development Kit to craft a performance-driven wearable app. This is the main reason for Fuzz getting ranked higher in our list. As a bonus for clients, the Fuzz team creates long-term partnerships with them by updating and evolving their wearable technology product as and when necessary.

  1. Intersog

Research Score: 57

Intersog is a Chicago-based top wearable app design firm that offers high-quality wearable app solutions at affordable rates. With 10 years of experience in embedded, firmware and mobile app development, the Intersog team has become proficient in delivering excellent wearable apps that bypasses performance constraints and extends capabilities of wearable gadgets.

Intersog is an IT company specializing in providing custom software development solutions. Intersog team is trusted by companies worldwide from emerging start-ups to world renowned brands for successfully creating and developing top ranking apps at app stores.

  1. Sourcebits

Research Score: 56

Sourcebits has shaken the wearable app industry to its core! The ‘battled-tested’ team of app adventurers at Sourcebits believe in driving innovation when it comes to wearable apps. Sourcebits has redesigned Apple Watch app for Blue Jeans and developed a Google Glass app for Vuzix.

The company is headquartered at San Francisco – home to many of world’s largest corporations.  The firm covers every angle of app development starting from app strategy to app analytics.

Sourcebits team prides in developing mobile solutions that have been downloaded and loved by millions of people all across the globe.

  1. Touch Instinct

Research Score: 55

Based out of Russia, Touch Instinct is primarily a custom mobile app development firm that offers specialization in iOS, Android, Windows and wearable devices. Since its inception 5 years ago, company has released 80 applications in app stores.

Touch Instinct gets a rank in our list of top wearable app development companies for a number of reasons. Wearable application development solutions developed by the Touch Instinct team are visually stunning, fast and user-friendly. The wearable app portfolio comprises of incredible apps like Meduza and Chaos Control which are developed for Apple Watch by the highly talented team of Touch Instinct.

  1. LeewayHertz

Research Score: 55

LeewayHertz is another San Francisco based firm that focuses on designing and developing iOS, Android, Cloud and wearable apps for enterprises. LeewayHertz takes a client's app dream and turns it into reality. The dedicated team of designers and developers at LeewayHertz has experience in developing apps for B2B as well as B2C enterprises.

Few firms can compete with LeewayHertz when it comes to Android wearable app development. Wearable apps developed by LeewayHertz provide seamless user experience and are highly robust and scalable. The team crafts apps for wearable systems like Google Glass, Android Wear and Apple Watch.

  1. Intellectsoft

Research Score: 54

Established in 2007 and headquartered in California, Intellectsoft is a global custom software development company with offices located in 6 different countries. Intellectsoft boasts an impressive app portfolio; working for a wide range of industries ranging from transportation to finance and shopping to security.

Intellectsoft team is reputed in industry for providing some innovative solutions to clients for wearable apps.  The team of technical experts keeps up with the latest evolving wearable technologies. It is due to all these reasons, Intellectsoft is considered to be one of the top wearable app design firm in the industry.

  1. DMI (Digital Management Inc)

Research Score: 54

DMI has become one of the top mobile app development firms in the industry. However, this is not the only service that they provide. Some of the other services they provide include brand marketing, UX, Web development, omnichannel commerce, big data insights, managed mobility services, cybersecurity solutions and infrastructure services.  The DMI team has submitted more than 1500 apps in app stores till now.

Based on client’s requirement, the engineering team at DMI crafts wearable apps that are either compatible with many wearable devices or optimized to work on specific device.

  1. Worry Free Labs

Research Score: 53

Worry Free Labs has a stellar reputation in wearable app industry. The talented team of wearables at Worry Free Labs are driven to create remarkable user experiences for client applications.

Worry Free Labs has an experience of over a decade of designing and building digital experiences for enterprises and start-ups. As per client’s requirement, Worry Free Labs provides its clients full-service approach starting from ideation to app launch or specialized service to cater their specific need like mobile strategy, branding, user experience design, visual design, usability testing, technical architecture, mobile app development, QA and testing.

Ready to Jump the Wearable App Bandwagon?

It is not essential for each and every business to have a wearable app. To have an app for wearable devices depends entirely on the industry your business falls into – for instance, companies that are into health or fitness sector must have a smart-watch or smart-glass app.

If your target market is using wearable devices or are highly likely to use them in near-future, pick the best wearable app development company from the above list to craft an excellent wearable app for your business. Check our ‘Directory’ section to find about other such wearable app development companies.

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