The Transition and Challenges of Mobile App Development

Updated on :June 12, 2024
By :Paul Richards

The global mobile app development market is witnessing significant growth due to innovations in development technologies, the high proliferation of smartphones, and easy internet access. Mobile phone users and the demand for quality mobile applications are equally growing. This has created a great demand for the best mobile app developers who can cater to the customers' needs. It is evident that disruptive trends like the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented/virtual reality, etc., have significantly fueled modern apps and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. These futuristic technologies have allowed developers to create intelligent apps. 

GoodFirms Roundtable presents a round of podcast discussions with top industry leaders and entrepreneurs of successful startups that guide young budding business minds to take their ventures forward and face diverse challenges. 

In this following podcast discussion, GoodFirms has interacted with Omer Aslam, the Co-Founder & CTO of Clustox. 

Clustox is a leading mobile app development company providing a wide range of IT services, such as web development, custom software development, and artificial intelligence solutions. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, and offices in the US, Canada, and Australia, the company is redefining digital solutions to transform business processes. Clustox was recently recognized as the “Best Company to Work With,” by GoodFirms.

The Critical Highlights of this Podcast Discussion Include the following;

  • How mobile app development has transformed over the years 
  • Future trends of mobile app development
  • Role of AI in mobile app development and design 
  • Key differences between wearable apps and native app development
  • Top security issues faced by mobile app developers 

This Podcast Discussion Also Focuses on Other Key Areas:

  1. Major challenges of developing IoT-powered mobile apps 
  2. Significant changes in 5G mobile app development 
  3. Key challenges of developing AR-enabled apps 
  4. Latest UX trends 
  5. How GoodFirms has helped Clustox in its business expansion

The mobile app development process has evolved significantly with increased digitization and changing client preferences. Can you share your experience and journey developing applications back in 2012 since Clustox's inception and developing apps today?

Yes, with the ever-evolving technology trends, client preferences and priorities have certainly changed in the mobile app development arena. I would rather say that digitization has revolutionized the entire development process. When we started back in 2012, the mobile applications were simpler and more conventional without a complete workflow. 

But if we perceive the present scenario, there is a huge transition

Quotation 1

Our daily life scenarios are catered for by mobile apps that assist us in our daily lives. We never stop to consider how convenient and time-saving our lives have become, but it's not over right… What future trends are we anticipating in the mobile app development space?

With billions of app ideas and the continuous emergence of innovative trends, mobile app developers extend their reach to the latest technologies,  innovations, and upcoming trends. These include 

  • Augmented reality and Virtual reality 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Improved connectivity with wearables and other devices 
  • The Internet of Things

It's no surprise that artificial intelligence (AI) is still one of the hottest tech trends. But could you please share your thoughts on how AI affects app development and design processes?

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning have become viable assets for developing feature-rich and customer-centric mobile applications. With low-code and no-code application tools making their way into the center, the mobile app market will further upscale to provide more personalized and content-driven design experiences. Artificial intelligence has simplified the development process by identifying the code’s anti-patterns and poor UI/UX design practices.

Quote 2

With advancements like smart clothing, smart glasses, and other wearable technology devices gaining popularity, could you perhaps highlight some key differences in the development process of wearable apps and native mobile apps?

There are some notable differences between native mobile apps and wearable apps. These are

  • First, native mobile app development involves more mature frameworks, whereas you can choose development frameworks like Arduino to create wearable apps with additional hardware or a  microcontroller. 
  • A few other critical factors that distinguish native mobile apps from wearable apps include open source development tools,  development components, and UI/UX design methodologies. 

According to a study, by 2025, the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring the world an economy of $ 11 trillion a year. Integrating IoT with mobile applications is undoubtedly difficult. What, in your opinion, are the major challenges in developing mobile apps for IoT devices?

I believe that mobile devices need to connect with apps seamlessly, and the IoT plays a vital role in establishing that. I will highlight a few major challenges that developers face while developing IoT-enabled applications. They are

  • IoT devices must sync effectively with the internet without any disruption. 
  • A server is a mediator between IoT and mobile devices in most cases. 
  • Advanced protocols today facilitate peer-to-peer connections.

Quotation 3

5G mobile apps will cause massive shifts in the app market. What will be the most significant changes in 5G mobile app development, and will they be positive or negative?

  • With 5G-enabled mobile applications penetrating the market and becoming a hotbed trend, the development of more data-intensive apps will gain traction. One of the probable reasons leading to the rise of such applications is that video processing or downloading requires more data integration. 
  • Also, with 5G technology coming into the picture, we are definitely going to see more responsive, interactive, and intuitive UI/UX designs. 
  • 5G mobile apps will enable improved real-time communications and a shift to the metaverse.

Quotation 4

Since AR/VR technology is new, not much has been created to achieve the best from AR. There will undoubtedly be challenges for developers, so could you please highlight a few obstacles in AR app development and what solutions we can expect in the coming years?

I can tell you that developing AR and VR-enabled applications can prove trickier and more intricate due to user experience facilities. Also, you must have the latest device.

However, as time progresses, this futuristic technology will gain more impetus with an upsurge in its global market revenue. In addition,  cost-effective hardware devices, increased usage of open source frameworks, and advanced tools will help AR development upscale to new heights. 

Large corporate companies in different industrial sectors and tech giants will become key sponsors of these frameworks, which are expected to make their way shortly.

Quotation 5

High-quality user experience (UX) design is no longer a competitive edge alone. Instead, UX is critical in ensuring long-term market success; what are some new UX trends that you believe are gaining traction?

Undoubtedly, user interface design is one of the most critical elements of an app development process. New UI/ UX trends, such as using lesser elements, virtual reality, compelling storytelling, and smart designs, are constantly evolving. It exemplifies and streamlines a customer’s journey. 

Hence, keeping an eye on the latest UX trends becomes paramount. Also, app designers focus more on building better functional apps; the navigation is set to become more intelligent and simple. The aim is to make the app minimalistic and attractive.

Quotation 6

Security issues are a worry for developers and are yet another real challenge in mobile app development. Can you discuss some of the top security issues that developers face during the mobile app development process?

Mobile developers counter various security issues during the different phases of the app development process. Here, I will highlight a few major and common security concerns. These are

  1. Data integrity
  2. Network spoofing
  3. Loopholes in the OS
  4. Data storage issues
  5. Spyware 
  6. Phishing attacks
  7. Broken cryptography

Finally, I'd like to hear how Goodfirms has assisted you in your rapid expansion as one of the industry's leading brands in mobile app development.

GoodFirms is one of the most credible research-based tech firms and top-most software listing companies, which has helped Clustox get the desired recognition and identification as one of the best app development companies.. It has extended our reach to clients all over the globe.

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What’s Next

Mobile App Development is one of the most thriving industries in the current market prospect. It is upscaling to newer heights with each passing day, all thanks to transformative technologies, which are not only helping developers to create innovative mobile applications but also cater to modern-day challenges with ease. It is evident that mobile apps will become much more advanced as many more emerging trends are yet to set their journey. 

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