Web Development in 2023: 7 Disruptive Technologies to Watch Out For

Updated on :June 15, 2024
By :Victor Ortiz

The first website was launched in 1991, which changed the lives of human beings forever. Millions spend hours on the internet daily, looking for information, buying goods, watching movies, listening to music, or acquiring knowledge. 

In 2022, many exciting developments have enabled businesses of all sizes to go virtual and remote. Everyone is looking forward to 2023 with enthusiasm as the covid pandemic seems to have waned.

Web Development has evolved from simple static web pages to complex ones, with immersive graphics, interactive content, and faster loading. Northumbria University researchers have found that 46% of consumers made decisions regarding the credibility of a website based on its visual appeal and aesthetics.

This blog will look at seven technologies disrupting the Web Development space in 2023.

Seven Disruptive Technologies in Web Development in 2023


Seven disruptive web development technologies in 2023

(1) Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

It is a well-known fact that Google gives higher ranks to websites that load faster than their competitors. AMP can be a game changer for this criterion of Google.

As per Oberlo’s statistics, over 55 % of all website traffic comes through mobile phones.

AMP can be beneficial if most users access your website via mobile or the bounce rate is high due to low speed. The technology works only for static content, but the upload speed is significantly higher than HTML.

It was created by a collaboration between Google, Twitter, and Yahoo to load mobile pages faster. AMP helps small businesses build websites that are compatible with mobile devices.

Why Should Developers Go for AMP?

AMP is an open-source initiative that enables lightning-fast page loading. This technology streamlines web pages by removing scripts that cause them to load slowly. These are the reasons why AMP is being used by Web Developers in India and other countries.  

Further, AMP provides lightning-fast digital data, improved UX, and higher conversion rates for businesses. This happens as AMP takes the size of all the resources, including images, ads, and iframes, and positions them before downloading. The layout is loaded without waiting for resources to download. 

More to the point, AMP supports extensions like lightboxes, tweets, embeds, etc. However, that does not block page loading. Additional HTTP requests are needed.

“Accelerated Mobile Pages load four times faster and use eight times fewer data than traditional mobile-optimized pages.” - John Parise from Pinterest.


image of AMP and use cases

(2) Progressive Web Apps(PWA)

PWA is a set of good practices which makes the Websites “adapt” to the user’s device. Adjustments include push notifications and the ability to work offline. 

In 2023, PWA will be the leading web development trend and the most advanced website technology used by MNCs worldwide. 

Progressive Web Apps is a website written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This technology can counter several present-day problems like slow internet speeds in rural areas and long page loading times. 

Why Should Developers Go for PWA?

The size of a native application is usually in tens of MB, whereas a well-prepared PWA is often in tens of KB. It has only one technology stack, and there is no need to learn native platform-specific languages. The introduction of new functionalities and corrections takes comparatively much less time.

The best part of a PWA is that users don’t have to install it from an app store. It can easily be installed on your website.    

Additionally, it offers offline access, which allows users to access products/services without an active internet connection. Web Developers in the UK and worldwide are fascinated by this feature of PWA.

“PWA increases speed and performance by 63% due to faster page load time” - Simicart.com

What’s more, PWAs are easy to synchronize, and you can send push notifications to your users about the latest products and offers.

image of PWA and use cases

(3) Metaverse Adoption

Metaverse is the next big thing in the digital world. So, what is Metaverse? 

Metaverse makes use of Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR). It is a hypothetical version of the internet as a single, universal immersive virtual world. It can also be described as a network of 3D virtual worlds meant for social connection.

To increase the adoption of Metaverse and reach a broader audience, cheaper and more powerful devices/headsets are required. Metaverse developers are trying to integrate all five human senses, including hearing. 3D sounds will make AR & VR even more exciting. 

Technology is capable of wiping out all borders between the real and digital worlds. You can display virtual objects in Augmented Reality(AR) for your clients for an immersive experience. Web Development in Australia and other countries have already witnessed the inclusion of Metaverse technology. 

Why Should Developers Go for Metaverse?

Metaverse uses Avatars that represent real people. It will also help to improve virtual meetings and other online events. For example, a person will use a VR headset to visit an appointment, and an avatar will substitute for the actual person on the other side.

The users can determine the sound source in 3D space based on their placement. Mixing several sounds help in achieving better sound effects. Multisensory effects involve sights and sounds, which provide a deep immersion in virtual reality.

In the next iteration of the internet, users will be able to navigate through a virtual space instead of two-dimensional screens, which we are currently experiencing. This is the future of Web Development. 

image of Metaverse

(4) Blockchain for CyberSecurity

You know about Bitcoins, I guess? Bitcoins, which is a cryptocurrency, is the most popular application of Blockchain to date. However, Blockchain technology can have a wide range of applications, including cyber security.

In 2023, Blockchain will be increasingly adopted to increase Web security. The technology makes use of two-factor authentication through a decentralized distributed network. This ensures that the information is 100% trusted and clear. Web Development companies in Canada and other countries are looking to leverage Blockchain technology for cyber security.

If all the data is stored in one place, it is very easy to conduct operations to steal it. Blockchain is a decentralized database, which means it is stored on hundreds or thousands of computers across the globe.

All computers, called nodes, have to check each update in the information and approve it. This means that no single person or entity can control the network. 

This ensures high-level security for Web Services, which will remain a bone of contention even in 2023.

Why Should Developers Go for Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain provides security for trading and is capable of smart forecasting. The technology provides complete transparency for records and information. It reduces the expenses for businesses as there is a lesser need for face-to-face interaction.

It allows businesses to eliminate cyber attacks and carry out business activities with a secure, scalable infrastructure.

image of blockchain technology


(5) Voice Search Optimization

“The size of Voice Assistant application market is expected to grow from USD 2.8 billion in 2021 to USD 11.2 billion by 2026” - Tech firm Yellow Systems.

We have already seen voice search assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

As it is easier and faster to speak rather than type, the technology will be catching fire like no other.

The other advantage it provides is that it allows the visually impaired audience to use the Web with the assistance of screen readers.

As users look to have a more conversational relationship with websites they visit, Voice Search technology will have to be considered during Web Development in 2023 and beyond.  

It is estimated that by 2023, eight billion digital voice assistants will be in use. Companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon have introduced intelligent speakers on their websites to keep up with the trends.

In the case of eCommerce, this technology will be much more in demand as it can transform the User Experience by leaps and bounds. Consumers prefer digitally advanced web portals that can showcase products or services through voice search. 

“As many as 71% of consumers prefer voice-enabled search as compared to physical search for any product or service” - webfx.com.

Why Should Developers Go For Voice Search?

The advantage Voice Search provides is that it reduces the time taken to search for and order goods. It is also a very good tool for analyzing client behavior.

Website Development Companies will see a lot of improvement and innovations, especially in the way they communicate with search engines. 

image of Voice Search optimization

Voice Search Optimization cannot be overlooked in 2023 as far as Web development projects are concerned. As a result, web development companies in UAE and other nations have already started including it in their stack.

(6) Integration of AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) is invading all segments of life no matter whether it is healthcare, education, defense, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, and the list goes on. Web Development will also incorporate both AI & ML. 

The most basic form of this technology is a chatbot which you will find on most websites these days. They are used to resolve queries of the customers and to promote goods/services. 

Social media platforms are empowering business clients to utilize chatbot technologies in their support and messaging systems.

Why Should Developers Go For AI & ML?

AI & ML systems get smarter with every interaction they have with customers. Many business processes can easily be automated, saving time for humans to focus on more complex tasks. 

“Global Market Size of the AI industry is expected to reach USD 266.92 billion by the end of 2027” - Source.

It is no surprise that more companies are investing in AI & ML as it becomes more prevalent in everything digital. In Web Development, AI can be used for SaaS tools, recommendations from search engines, and chatbots. 

The latest application of AI for customer service is Voice bots, which are similar to chatbots, but they use voice recognition and Natural Language Processing(NLP) to answer queries.

image of AI, ML and use cases


(7) WebAR

We have already seen Augmented Reality’s(AR) use in Metaverse. Some of the popular brands which have used AR to their advantage on their websites are Amazon, Sephora, and IKEA. 

The technology provides opportunities on the website through the browser, hence called WebAR. It provides several advantages for the eCommerce segment, including reduced time for servicing, virtually experiencing the product before purchase, and improved UX.

Why Should Developers Go For WebAR?

WebAR reduces the time for online purchases as the technology allows potential customers to virtually use the product before purchasing. 

It also provides improved User Experience (UX).

AR technology helps in creating a virtual storefront and exhibiting a product. The client can interact with a digital salesperson, like in an actual store.

image of WebAR

AR/VR technology will reduce the gap between real and virtual worlds and will be extensively used in Web Development in 2023. Web developers in Germany and other countries will make use of WebAR increasingly.

In a Nutshell…

In the last 2-3 years, we have seen a lot of turmoil due to the Corona pandemic. Technology came to the rescue during the tough time as students attended online classes and their parents worked from home. All this was possible due to the Web technology we had. 

In 2023, as discussed, technologies that were not explicitly meant for Web Development will be incorporated, along with other Web technologies. As a result, the audience will get a more immersive experience and will be in a better position to make decisions. 

Every small, mid-sized, or large business has a website. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need something unique to engage your target audience and get more leads. Technologies like AR/VR, Blockchain, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning can give you that edge over your competitors!

Victor Ortiz
Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz is a Content Marketer with GoodFirms. He likes to read & blog on technology-related topics and is passionate about traveling, exploring new places, and listening to music.

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