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Top Technologies for Effective Board Management

Top Technologies for Effective Board Management

With the advent of digitalization, the way we work and conduct our day-to-day functions has changed radically. Technology has opened up new avenues to earn, to spend, and work. As far as businesses are concerned, there is a constant need to create your online presence and spread the awareness. Holding the user's attention is extremely difficult if you fail to follow few tactics. When it comes to companies, crisis management, dealing with buyouts and mergers and other perennial challenges, the boards’ decision making eventually contributes to stronger performance.

Boardrooms are the place where intellectual discussions and brainstorming sessions about the company’s issues, prospects, risks, conflicts etc., takes place.  But, how many times does it happen that an important meeting is disrupted or postponed because of inefficient management and outdated technology? Luckily, these days there are plenty of board management software that allows smooth management of board activities.

Let us see some of the top technologies that can help in creating an effective boardroom – 

1. High-speed Wi-Fi - This might sound like duh! We know that! But this is the most important thing to consider while looking for technology in a board room setting. No matter how well you equip the room with high-level technological devices, it all boils down to zero if you do not have a high-speed working Wi-Fi. It also saves you a lot of time that you can spend on other useful tasks. All the technologies that you install depend on the working of your wife. In a conference room, usually, everyone has their own screen to look at. So, you will require high speed streaming on the connections. You need a reliable network that you can trust. It can also create a huge negative impact on the reputation of your business. Imagine if some clients come into the room to have a presentation, and suddenly the streaming is stopped, and you keep on seeing that circle, which just shows loading. It will ruin your brand's image. You also need a good speed internet because of the quality of the images and the videos that you show depends on the speed of your internet. The most important thing to remember is that it’s also a cost-effective method to begin. You will not have any problems in installing a. Wi-Fi connection, so bonus points on that. 

2. Use a wireless presentation system - The entire point of installing high-quality technology in your boardroom is to ensure that there is easy and effective communication. There shouldn't be any delay in the meetings and presentations. It has to be easy to use and cost-effective. One such device that will help you achieve this is the wireless presentation system 

Many times, you do want to begin with a presentation, but then you realize that the pen drive that you put in is not yours, or sometimes the dongle does not fit into the socket of the laptop. So it does become difficult to accommodate various devices. After all, how many adapters will one keep? The wireless presentation system solves this problem as it will help you in getting rid of all these extra devices. You will not lead any physical object, to begin with, your meetings. You can straight away begin with the presentation and start with your work. Apart from this, the wireless presentation systems also ensure that the content that needs to be shared can be done without any hassles. You can automatically share the information with colleagues present in the room. It is cost-effective as it cuts down the cost of buying different devices. You will have to invest only once, and you are good to go. It’s better to make an investment that stays for a longer time rather than spending on small insignificant things. 

3. Using Chatbots - The most important use of board rooms is to have stimulating discussions that will help in the growth of your brand. Since this is the place where most of the brainstorming sessions of your Company are conducted, it is obvious that it will include people from different fields. You will need a graphic designer eco-design the logo, a content writer who matches up with the images and the idea of your brand, a social media expert who then promotes this on the internet, Etc. This then also means that all these people from different fields need to be present in the room. It is most likely that they have prior commitments or meetings. Thus it actually becomes a really difficult task to accommodate people who have such a varied timetable. 

This is where bots come into help. Tools like emails and chatbots will help you have a meeting, an online meeting where you can chat, and come to a conclusion. You can schedule everybody’s timetables beforehand and work out a meeting accordingly. Otherwise, manually, doing so will be a task. You will have to go to each and every person to ask for their free slot. Many hybrid tools such as Slack or Doodle's Meekan have made this task easier and much more fun. You can also use it to share important key points about the meeting. The scheduling of the meetings will become much easier. It also helps in managing the entire work team together, so bombs point for management skills. 

4. Invest in a high-quality display Screen - Do you know that the visuals have a major effect on the way we respond to our environment. The mind registers much better signals using visual images in comparison to other cues. Thus, it is crucial to use high quality as a screen that will help in creating effective communication. 

Investing in a good screen means that it will be easier to have a presentation; the quality of the video, the minute details will be displayed clearly to the viewers. It will also help in retaining the attention span of an average person who attends the meeting. After a point of time, your employees will tend to zone out. Thus, investing in a good screen will help in creating a connection between the employees. You also need to battery careful in choosing the right screen.

Choose a display screen that has the right size according to the size of your room. It shouldn't be too big that it makes your room look smaller or make your employees claustrophobic. It shouldn't be too small either, as it will affect in concentrating on the screen. 

While mounting the display screen, it is also important to ensure that it is located at the perfect eye level. It shouldn't have an impact on the people's necks or strain their backs. It should be on the right eye level of the employees. Make sure that the display screen offers a 4k display and also has good quality sound. If you have a big conference room or something, you might require a bigger screen or something, probably a laser projector or a video wall. 

5. The perfect blend of microphones and speakers - Imagine that you are having a live conference with one of your clients, and suddenly the voice cuts off. The amount of embarrassment that your Company would have to face will be huge. But also, apart from the fear of getting insulted, it’s also important to have high-quality sound tone your conference rooms because sound helps in retaining your employee’s attention. Without the sound, the entire presentation or the live chat will amount to zero. 

Thus, for stimulating a perfect work environment, you need to ensure that the sound quality of your room is perfect. It’s not something like that you just spend money and buy high-quality speakers and microphones. You have to make smart decisions; this means that you need to install a sound technology that fits into your room. Consider your room's decor and purpose, and only then buy the right pair of microphones and speakers. Check whether your room can absorb high sound waves. If you have a small boardroom, then preferably, choose an Omni-directional mic. If you have a large room, then go for embed mic or install speakers in the ceiling as it will give and spread equal sound waves across the room. 

6. A proper repair and support team - This might seem like it is not a part of technology, but maintaining this entire system also needs regular support and maintenance. You will need to address some fundamental questions. Do you think that your in house IT teams can handle these new technologies and maintain it? If not, then it is best to invest in a group of specialized people who will work single-mindedly, to provide you with the best support and maintenance facilities. 

It is also required because you also need somebody who is well acquainted with the latest models and versions of different technological devices and equipment. Hiring a professional team will advise you to make the right decisions and also keep you updated with the new technologies that come into the market. You need a support team in case of a relapse; you cannot afford a complete shut down if a technological error occurs. 

7. An interactive whiteboard - A whiteboard is a must investment for your conference room. Your board room is like the brain of your Company; this is where all the important discussions take place. Therefore, it is a very important device for your conference room. It will teach your employees to work in a team and have constructive ideas. This will help in creating a perfect work environment that will create enthusiasm in your employees. 

So, basically, it is a board like a canvas on which multiple people can come and draw out their ideas. This helps in instantly registering the ideas that come into the minds of the people. You can literally see the problem and work accordingly. 

The only drawback that it has is that it does not travel-friendly, which means that you have to be in the room to discuss the ideas. They help in sharing ideas on a digital space. One of the most popular whiteboards that are available in the market is, the Google Jam board is compatible with Google, and therefore it makes it easier to work with Word files. It includes a stylus marker that collaborates with the cloud. There are many other whiteboards that you can choose from according to your budget. You should also keep in mind the size of the board and its positioning. It should be placed in such a way that it promotes an easy view and discussion. It should be visible to every member seated in the boardroom. 

8. Use Collaboration platforms - Do you know that a business works mostly because of its quality to interact and collaborate on time and virtually with anybody? Keeping everyone posted about the company’s progress, new initiatives, employee welfare and benefits, future aspects, etc. create a healthy working atmosphere.

Such programs can contribute for an effective boardroom conversation because participants are well informed. There is no use of a meeting if the employees are not prepared for it. Thus, it is extremely important to use collaboration platforms because they will help in maintaining a perfect work environment in the Company. More benefits? Its cost is almost negligible; you can use interesting and fun tools like Trello, Asana, and even Basecamp to assign work assignments before the board room meeting. 

One Last, but Best Technology – Board Management Software

The above mentioned platforms are best in their own ways. But, if you are looking for a system that can culminate the entire above mentioned requirements, then it is the Board Management Software. As a business that is emerging, it is important to create a board room that makes a good impression on the clients and proves to be useful for your employees. The conference room is perhaps the first place that your clients will observe; it is absolutely imperative to invest in the best board management software to ensure proper communication.

Boardable, Board Management, Diligent Boards, Azeus Convene, BoardPAC are some of the top rated best board management software.

Few of them are free, few of them are open source, and few of them are paid but with free trials. The major advantage of using a free and open source board management software solution is that, it is suitable for those who have a budget limitation.

You don't want to come across as a clumsy or an underperforming brand. These technologies will help you in creating a better work environment in your office. 

There are various sound and visual technologies that can entirely change the way in which your company can function. One cannot emphasize enough how important it is to acquaint your employees with these new technologies that you are installing.

It can be an advantage for your Company, as it will ensure that your users know how to use and implement the provided technology for their use. It will enhance their efficiency. The above-mentioned technologies can benefit your board room in multiple ways. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and become the best tech-savvy Company out there. It’s time to use Board management Software. 

Pallvi Gautam

Pallvi Gautam works as a Marketing Manager at Volumetree, a company that provides mobile and web development services globally. Pallvi believes in experimenting and learning. She is also ready to share her knowledge with others through her writing.

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