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What is a Bot?

A bot is a software that is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which simulates a natural language dialogue (or chat) with customers as well as perform transactions on their behalf. These activities are performed via various online channels like messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, etc. The system is designed in a manner that answers the query in a fashion as a human does. A bot, when presented with a question, goes through a series of complex algorithms in order to process the input, comprehend the user's query, and resolve the problem with the most suitable answer. 

What is Bot Development?

Bot development deals with crafting applications that establish a flawless communication with visitors without requiring any external assistance from a human being.

The bot's responses can be either a generic/predefined text or a detailed explanation based on the information provided by the customer or extensive data stored in the database. Some of the most popular applications of bots are virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Windows Cortana, Apple Siri, etc. Moreover, several organizations are investing in the top bot development companies to install bots within their websites, apps, and instant messaging platforms.

What Are the Different Types of Bots?

To better grasp how the bot operates, it is crucial to understand the different types of bots:

1. Chatbots:

Chatbots are conversational bots. Depending on their type, they can either have a predefined conversational flow or possess the ability to detect the intent of the user and reply accordingly. The best chatbot development companies design bots to handle various functions such as sales funnel management, eCommerce, order processing, etc. The chatbot service providers can also be used to gather useful data of the user to help understand the customer’s preferences and behavior. There are three types of chatbots:

  • Scripted Bots
  • NLP Chatbots
  • Social Messaging Chatbots

2. Crawlers:

These bots operate in the background continuously, primarily retrieving data from different APIs or websites, and comply with directives provided to them. For instance, search engine spiders are crawlers, extracting URLs from documents. These URLs are subsequently forwarded on to the indexing infrastructure to access content, which is then parsed, and embedded in a searchable index. Googlebot and Bingbot are the two most famous examples of spiders on search engines.

3. Informational Bots:

Informational bots primarily focus on collating information from various sites and provide beneficial pieces of data. These bots are helpful in delivering push notifications and keeping subscribers updated on diverse articles, news, events, etc. Some bots broadcast information as accessible. It can also be remodeled as an FAQ bot, providing users the answers to specific queries.

4. Transactional Bots:

These bots are capable of communicating with external systems to achieve a specific transaction, transferring data from one platform to another. It enables users to perform transactions within the chat window, saving them the hassle of going through the entire purchasing process. An apt example of this solution is Dominos’ transactional bot, which allows customers to order their preferred pizza via emoji.

5. Entertainment Bot:

Entertainment bots include video game bots, art bots, etc. These bots are mainly used for amusement purposes or to build user engagement. For instance, video game bots can function as a human and be used to play multiplayer games. These bots may offer multiple gaming options, music, and art activities, etc. For example, Facebook Messenger has multiple bots offering different games.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bot Development Services?

Bot development offers several benefits such as instant replies to customers’ queries, standardized responses, etc. 

1. Improved Customer Service:

Bots can help businesses in delivering extensive assistance to their customers. Whether they require aid in comprehending the products or services, or any other queries, bots can resolve them quickly without keeping them on hold. These applications are 24*7 online, allowing users to reach out without any time constraint. This plays a crucial role in enhancing customer satisfaction. The bot development service providers further create software that will handle repetitive queries that otherwise would have taken excessive time from the staff's productive routine.

2. Cost-Effective:

Hiring bot service providers enable the integration of fully functional bot efficiently, at a much cheaper rate than assigning dedicated staff for each task. Bots can manage multiple customers at once due to its automated nature. This allows the organization to not only save on employee expenses, but you will also prevent the issues created by human errors. It is easy to implement and can be considered as a one-time investment capable of finishing assigned tasks with greater speed and more efficiency.

3. Monitor Data and Gain Insights:

Bot companies develop bot applications capable of collecting data provided by the customers including their contact details, preferences, grievances, etc. They can also be used for tracking user data to analyze their purchasing habits and behaviors. Businesses can set up quick questionnaires and surveys to identify why the consumer prefers a specific item or what is the reason for abandoning the cart, etc.

Which Industries Employ Bot Technology?

Some of the most common usage of bot development technology within different industries are as follows:

1. eCommerce:

eCommerce companies majorly depend on their websites for trading purposes. The retailers need to handle product description and availability, answer questions concerning the shipping process, payment option, etc. The bot development companies create an efficient bot system capable of assisting the staff in streamlining these tasks in many ways. A bot solution can either reduce or eliminate the need for customer service phone lines entirely. The bot can also answer the queries with a pre-designed questionnaire or maintain a conversational chat. Moreover, the bots can also aid in identifying the main issue and redirecting the client to the right department, thereby saving the employees from the hassle, save time, shorten the sales cycle, boost conversion and product performance.

2. Healthcare:

Incorporating bots within the health industry can aid in building cooperation amongst the patients and the healthcare workers. The bots can preemptively collect information related to the medical history and any severe health conditions from the ailing persons. Bot development services can streamline various hospital functions such as admissions, discharge, transfer requests, etc. The medical facilities can develop software that enables patients to list their symptoms and either provide a preliminary diagnosis or schedule an appointment with the right physician. The applications are programmed to automatically update patients' records and send appointment and prescription refill reminders. It can save a substantial amount of time for the hospital staff and doctors, reducing their burden.

3. Real Estate:

The real estate industry includes several different parties in a transaction, such as a seller, the buyer, and the mediator or estate agency. When selling a property, agencies and real estate agents may need to deal with several queries from both the prospective customers, who would demand information about the development and the seller focusing on the number of leads and prospects. Having a bot enables the real estate company to stay always in contact with the buyer, keeping them up-to-date about the newest properties in the market. Moreover, bot development services present the clients with an opportunity to personalize their search by answering surveys or questionnaires listing their preferences.

4. Hospitality:

These sectors are focused on delivering first-rate customer services. Hence, incorporating a bot solution enables the hospice industry to provide exceptional services to each customer. The bot companies help conceive bots to expedite the countless procedures to improve their customers' encounter before and throughout a trip or vacation. The hotel can resolve prospects' queries regarding booking information, accommodation vacancy, check in - check out timings, and other crucial details concerning their holiday. Additionally, this allows the clientele to accomplish multiple tasks without human assistance, such as scheduling of meeting rooms, booking cabs, and auto ordering food off the hotel menu based on voice and text commands.

5. Banking:

By introducing bots within the finance and banking sector, the customers can receive a 24*7 support system. They are designed to assist with customer KYC, resolving queries, and providing information regarding the latest products and services. These are further apt to reduce the customer waiting time, thus boosting the customer experience. The AI bot can additionally act as the users' 'personal finance assistance,' alerting on investments, and fund allocations. Moreover, patrons can avoid physically visiting the bank by resolving any problems concerning their account and transaction through the bots' assistance. Bot service providers deliver a well-planned bot solution that will also act as a guard against identity theft, other fraudulent activities.

What Is the Difference Between Off-The-Shelf Bot and Custom Bot Solution?

An off-the-shelf bot is generally built on a bot platform using pre-existing templates, tools, dialogue flow builders, etc. Bot development companies deliver ready to use bots to interact without any human interaction with the customers across multiple channels (website or mobile app). However, incorporating customizable or contextual communication skills within these applications can be challenging. A plug-and-play, live chat software is ideal when dealing with scripted interaction, resolving straightforward queries, gathering data, or redirecting clients to another department/location.

Contrarily, the best bot developers design customized bot from scratch to understand customer intent, allowing the bot to form two-way communication and respond to the customer's complex queries. The custom applications are powered using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. Hence, they are capable of learning and evolving to tackle complicated dialogues and interactions. It is ideally used when dealing with clients requiring context-sensitive conversation.

What Are Some of the Crucial Challenges in Bot Development?

While dealing with bot development, businesses need to focus on overcoming hurdles related to the incorporation of the bot solution.

1. Bot Security:

Bot solutions may face potential vulnerabilities and threats ranging from data tampering, data theft, identity fraud, and other such complexities. 

Some of the best practices to ensure adequate bot security.

  • Use the https protocol and Web Application Firewall to protect data.
  • Set up two-factor authentication to assure the identity of the user.
  • Apply authentication timeouts to confirm that the user is still active.
  • Establish Beta-testing to warrant bot security.
  • Prevent the bot from answering to questions detailing business-critical information.

2. Plugin Integration:

Bot solutions need to undergo integration with other existing or newly introduced sales and marketing platforms. The bot can merge with external messaging channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. as well as websites and mobile apps. However, the entire integration process could be hectic and result in complications if not properly executed. 

Focus on building a bot that is flexible and offers scalability to better comply with other solutions. Test the bot to ensure plugin features such as search, payment, RSS feeds, subscription, etc. works successfully.

3. Bot Testing:

The bot solution must be tested after the deployment and prior to its implementation. This ensures that the bot is capable of handling the proper client queries and matches your business requirements. Moreover, natural language processing (NLP) is continuously expanding, requiring bots to be frequently updated. Bot applications further interact with other plugins, hence should be tested based on these criteria.

The four vital testing domains are: 

  • Conversation Design Testing
  • Entities Testing
  • Fulfillment Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

GoodFirms Research Process:

Having an efficient bot development service stimulates a real interaction between the bot and clients. GoodFirms pioneering research method enables service seekers to distinguish suitable companies that can satisfy their business requirements. 

GoodFirms assesses the most reliable bot development companies based on three principal evaluation criteria, viz. Quality, Reliability, and Ability. The above-mentioned list of bot development agencies allows service seekers to contemplate and identify the ideal associate for their business. The expert researchers at GoodFirms have examined the extent of the solutions offered by the top bot development companies and only then devised the list. We have conducted a thorough review of each participating agency, focusing on their portfolio, market discernment, years of experience in the domain, along with the scalability of the solutions provided. 

Another vital criterion considered by our team is the invaluable reviews and testimonials offered by verified clients. This feedback enables prospects in determining the strength and weaknesses of the bot development service provider and assess their past project to gain better insight within their business operations.

GoodFirms is pleased to welcome upcoming as well as top bot developers to expand our list. Hence, we would like to encourage bot development service providers to participate and get listed in our Research segment by providing evidence of their work.