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Does your CRM need to live chat software for real-time interaction with website visitors? If yes, there are plenty of live chat apps or live chat support tool available to improve customer service and reduce support costs. Out of them, a select few are intuitive enough to bridge the gap between providers and seekers. At GoodFirms, we list some of the best live chat support software to aid businesses. These live chat services provide a range of live chat solutions such as video chat, voice chat, text chat as well as chatbots. Compare between the following live chat tools with the help of client reviews and live chat software details, and choose the befitting one:

35 Softwares

List of Best Live Chat Software | Top Live Chat Apps

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List of Best Live Chat Software | Top Live Chat Apps

Help Desk Software & Live Chat Software for Better Customer Service

LiveAgent is a fully-featured web-based live chat and helpdesk software. LiveAgent streamlines all of your customer interactions into an integrated, seamless hybrid ticketing system where everything is easily accessible and manageable. LiveAgent harnesses the power of a universal inbox, real-time live chat, built-in call center, and a robust customer service portal. Advanced automation features, r... read more

Barney Bell
Barney Bell, Head of Marketing & Business Development at David Salisbury Joinery Limited
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All in one customer support

UseResponse is a help desk software that includes functions like omni-channel support desk, smart automation, sales automation, task management and issue tracking. It provides real-time analytics to improve team performance. It also enables a user to personalize workflow. Companies from start-ups to large enterprise companies use this support software to improve their support processes and improve... read more

14 Days

Bitrix24 - is an initiative of Bitrix, Inc., a privately-owned company owned and managed by its founders. The Bitrix24 service is the final evolutionary stage of Bitrix Intranet and Extranet solutions (Bitrix, Inc. products) and was launched as a beta cloud-based service in April 2012. Bitrix takes pride in serving customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small organizations, including well... read more

Hisham Balatiah
Hisham Balatiah, Founder at EIC - Engineers International Community

4. Velaro

Make Every Chat Better Than the Last

Velaro is the leading provider of live chat software built to support the unique needs of enterprise customers. Only Velaro offers Live Chat Performance Management – a suite of actionable analytics and reporting tools designed to drive agent excellence and customer satisfaction. Get real-time feedback, find coachable moments – and improve constantly.

Daniyal Rasheed
Daniyal Rasheed, Digital Marketing Specialist at Kector Technologies.
All in one CRM software.

EngageBay is a simple, affordable, all-in-one marketing automation software built for small businesses and startups to acquire, engage, nurture web visitors and convert them to happy customers. Acquire leads through lead generation forms and popups, engage web visitors through beautiful landing pages, nurture them through engaging emails and automate your marketing funnel through marketing automat... read more

Free version

6. Engati

Best Free Chatbot Platform

Engati allows you to build chatbots of varying complexities & scale with ease. With 150+ chatbot templates to help you get started, a best-in-class Conversation Flow builder, robust integration capabilities and ability to deploy the bot on Website, Facebook Messenger or one of 14+ channels, Engati has made Chatbot building easier than never before. The platform and it’s capabilities revolves a... read more

Hardik Gala
Hardik Gala, Digital Marketing Intern at COVIAM
7 Days
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Smith.ai Live Website Chat
Skilled live agents & AI technology capture website leads with exceptional care & efficiency.

Smith.ai Live Website Chat is the fastest & friendliest way to capture, screen & convert website leads 24/7. Our Live Chat agents answer questions, screen leads & schedule appointments. Custom AI chatbots assist for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Pay for relevant chats only, never spam or sales chats. Easy setup on all website platforms. Instant chat transcripts sent via email & CRM... read more

Kyle Pierce
Kyle Pierce, Founding Attorney at The Law Offices of Kyle D. Pierce
14 Days

8. Olark

Live Chat Software for Sales and Customer Support

Olark can help you track leads, drive sales, increase conversions, and provide great customer service. Real-time visitor information like login name, geographic location, purchase history and cart contents help you personalize every interaction and strengthen customer relationships. 

14 Days
Trade your Live Chat software for modern messaging

Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for teams who want to ace customer conversations — marketing, sales, or support.Engage proactively with visitors who are dropping off or are closer to making a purchase. Allow the bot to then kick in, qualify leads, and auto-upload them into your CRM.

30 Days
Proprofs Chat
Live Chat Software for Your Website

ProProfs Chat is the easiest and fastest way to engage and convert website visitors to customers. Resolve customer issues faster by seeing what customers type (even before they send it) or what they are viewing on your website. Add ProProfs live chat software to your website to offer quality responses using ready-made templates & greetings, as effective customer service is an integral part of busi... read more

30 Days
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11. Giosg

The only live chat with AI-powered targeting

giosg combines data and artificial intelligence (AI) with feature-rich technology to provide intuitive solutions that deliver the right online trigger, to the right person at the right time - allowing your organisation to operate smarter.   

10 Days

12. Chatra

Live chat & offline messaging for businesses

Chatra is a live chat messenger app for your website. It is made to increase online sales but in a friendly, helpful way. Just because software is designed for business doesn’t mean it has to be clunky and corporate.


13. Tawk.to

"Get closer to your customers with messaging "

We're changing the way businesses communicate with customers, making real time a real thing.tawk.to is a free messaging app to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, mobile app or from a free customizable page   

7 Days
Live chat that gets proven results

SnapEngage offers enterprise chat software for sales and support teams. With over 21K users in 87 countries, our clients consistently capture more leads, increase CSAT/NPS and lower cost per interaction after implementing SnapEngage.

7 Days

15. Tidio

"Never leave your customer without an answer"

Tidio's primary focus has been the creation and development of SaaS (Software as a Service). Our hard work over the years has culminated in Tidio, one of the top live chat applications in the world today. With more than 160,000 clients around the globe, Tidio enhances the day-to-day customer experiences of small businesses and micro-enterprises. The app merges live chat and chatbots in one tool to... read more

7 Days

16. Livechat

The fastest way to help your customers

LiveChat is a real-time, live chat software tool for ecommerce sales and support that is helping ecommerce companies create a new sales channel. We serve more than 25,000 businesses in over 150 countries, including large brands like Adobe, Asus, LG, Acer, Better Business Bureau or Air Asia and startups like SproutSocial, Animoto or HasOffers.

30 Days
The most powerful chat & messaging platform.

liveConnect is a customer support platform that provides ultimate flexibility for both the customer and customer service representative (ie. the agent). When trying to make an inquiry, customers can type out their message or make a phone call. On the other side, the agent will receive the request on their web browser, mobile app or phone depending on the medium in which the request is made. Once c... read more

30 Days
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18. LiveZilla

Turn website Visitors into Customers.

We want to help you to get your Customer Support onto the next level. Our software is focused on keeping sensitive data under your own control since data privacy is one of our main goals. LiveZilla includes a live chat software with multi-website support, visitor monitoring and a help desk system that allows you to not only integrate emails that you receive from customers but also messages from T... read more

Free version

19. Intercom

A new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers.

Intercom builds a suite of messaging-first products that all modern internet businesses can use across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement, and support. It's a modern product for sales, marketing and support to connect with customers and grow faster.

14 Days
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Zoho SalesIQ
Hassle free live chat software re-imagined for business growth

Zoho SalesIQ is an omni-channel prospect and customer engagement platform for websites and mobile apps. It comes along with significant features such as 1. Effecient and customizable Chatbots (Zobot) 2. Easy-to-use hat and all 3. Powering knowledge base 4. Rich mobile SDK (Mobilisten) for your mobile apps 5. Customizable chat window for your website.

Free version

An intelligent enterprise-ready HCM suite that automates HR processes, simplifies human interactions and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces. We believe that we are India’s first HRMS company that has successfully developed an HR product that mimics the way humans work to get more done efficiently & faster. Inbox-for-HR is a tech-savvy and bold-new approach to human resource ... read more

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We never Log out.

LIvprop chat services incrementally increases your website conversions across the board. Livprop's chat agents personalizes website engagement across the board, leading to improved conversion rates and website engagement. The integrated lead handover enables a seamless lead handover that will further improve your website conversions. All in all, Livprop's integrated chat package helps you achieve ... read more

14 Days
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Open Source Team Communication

Rocket.Chat is a fast-growing enterprise communication and collaboration platform that is now installed on over 180k servers and counts over 10m users worldwide as well as having an active, passionate community of over 800 developer-contributors who help Rocket.Chat’s core team of developers to constantly improve the product.

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Open source - Live Support chat for your website.

Open source - Live Support chat for your website. Web and desktop clients. Co-Browsing, XMPP notifications, Telegram, Facebook messenger, Twilio, Chrome extension.Option to configure frequency for pro active chat invitation message. You can set after how many hours for the same user invitation message should be shown again.

Free version
Help Center Live is an open-source, community driven live chat & support system.

Help Center Live is an open-source, community driven live chat & support system. You may easily provide live support on your website just like large companies do with very little work. With Help Center Live, you can provide a real-time, live support or sales person experience.

Free version
Open Source Live Chat App

sChat (or SimpleChat or SimpleChat.Support) is an open source and very basic live chat app written by a JavaScript/Meteor developer. It is free and MIT licensed. You can use it in a SaaS-like model on this website or you can also create your own self-hosted copy of the app. If you need to, you can also take a look at the code and copy some parts of the app.

Free version
Free Live Chat Software and Visitor Tracking Solution!

ChatOnWebsite software system is a dynamic customer chat support solution that provides a live chat tool for your website and your online customers in real time. Are you seeking a FREE live chat support software for your site? ChatOnWebsite is a great free live chat software. You can chat with your website customers free!

Free version

Our Live Support Software allows your website visitors to chat with a company support team and have their questions answered instantly by clicking on a Live Chat button embedded on your website. WebsiteChat.net live chat is a hosted service. No software installation on your web server is required. All you need to do is copy and paste live chat button HTML code.

Free version

29. REVE Chat

Deliver Better Customer Experience with AI Driven Conversations

REVE Chat is a multi channel live chat platform to provide real time sales and support assistance with AI powered chatbots. With automated live chat platform, you can qualify visitors into leads and deliver 24x7 automated customer support across multiple channels without losing the human touch. REVE Chat also offers a complete suite of live engagement tools with co-browsing & video chat to deli... read more

14 Days
World best messenger marketing platform.

MobileMonkey is the world’s best Facebook Messenger marketing platform. Connect with customers on the chat platform used by over 1.3 billion people around the world. MobileMonkey makes it easy to build chatbots and execute marketing automation without writing a line of code. Marketers can do chat blasting, drip campaigns and list building in Messenger with powerful chatbot building tools.

Free version
Tryvium Desk
To deliver seamless service desk self-service experience

Tryvium Desk an Enterprise collaboration platform fueled with AI chatbots, to transcend difficulty in automating certain IT operations and providing most comprehensive customer experience & services. To go beyond traditional customer services and to expand the voice of the customer, Tryvium integrates MS Teams with markets leading ITSM tools empowering agent’s console with 360-degree view of cus... read more

15 Days
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eGain Chat
Why chat when you can superchat

eGain Chat enables you to offer real-time chat assistance—text, audio, video—to website visitors. Agents can exchange text messages, files, web pages, and knowledge base articles with visitors to answer their queries, proactively as well as reactively. An integral part of eGain’s customer engagement software suite, eGain’s live chat software integrates seamlessly with the other social expe... read more

28 Days
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Support Board
Smart Chat Powered by Dialogflow and Slack

Automate your customers' communication with artificial intelligence-driven bots and a chat system integrated with the most-used platforms. Save time and use the software you already know and love.


34. Consolto

Videochat Straight Out Of Your Website And More!

Consolto offers a plugin that embeds on your website and enables you communicate with your clients as close as possible to being there with them. On top of the trivial chat, videochat and screen sharing, we've built an innovative collaborative map application tailored to travel agents, tour operators, travel guides and hotels. In addition, for support and sales teams, we provide a 3D model that is... read more

7 Days

35. Akio.CX

The ultimate Contact Centre software

Akio proposes Akio.CX, a unified customer relations platform - with all channels including voice, emails, chat, social media,... - combined with a complete listening and analytics system of media coverage, social conversations and customer feedback. Our offer is designed to help companies to optimise customer service experience and increase customer knowledge.

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