Time. To grow.

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About Aggranda
Aggranda creates time in companies and in people's lives with the help of software robots, using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI and Machine Learning on the UiPath Platform. Discover how software robots can help your company. Join us now and see it for yourself! Fas...
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Time. To grow.
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Software robots are trained to undertake tedious work. Their unique computer vision and robotics components give them the ability to see the screen as you do and act exactly the same as you would. No wonder we give them names.

The far-reaching benefits robots can bring to your team include:

  • Reduced costs: A robot costs up to 80% less than an employee
  • Minimised errors: A robot reduces risk errors caused by repetitive tasks
  • Faster scaling: A robot works 24 hours a day and three times faster than a human
  • Faster ROI generation: You can see the results within the first months after deployment
  • Swift launch: We develop robots in as little as one month
  • Expanded capabilities: You and your team will have more time for high-value tasks
  • Improved customer experience: Your team can now focus on client service
  • Working on existing IT systems: A robot works on your existing platforms as any other employee
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