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"Welcome to Hancock Animation, Your Premiere Destination for Exceptional Animated Video Production

At Hancock Animation, we are the storytellers who breathe life into your ideas. As a leading Animated Video Production Company, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to transform your vision into captivating visual experiences. With a commitment to creativity, innovation, and unparalleled expertise, we are your partner in crafting compelling narratives that stand out in today's digital landscape.


CMMI Level 4
$50 - $99/hr
50 - 249
United States
5000 Birch St., West Tower, Suite 3000, Newport Beach, California 92660

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  • Animation & Multimedia

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8-8 Tree Shot
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8-8 Tree Shot
  • 8-8 Tree Shot screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
3 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

In just 2 seconds, witness a moment of pure magic! Experience the extraordinary element in our short VFX clip, "8-8 Tree Shot." Watch as a hand reaches out to embrace the radiant glow, capturing a fleeting glimpse of the mystical. It's a testament to the power of visual effects and the wonder they can evoke in the blink of an eye.

SoS Gown
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SoS Gown
  • SoS Gown screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
4 weeks

In this informative and visually engaging animation, we dive deep into the world of SOS gowns, shedding light on their crucial role in healthcare settings. Whether you're a medical professional, a student, or simply curious about the science behind healthcare garments, this video is for you. Join us as we explore: The Purpose of SOS Gowns: Discover why these gowns are essential for infection control and patient safety. Design and Features: Explore the intelligent design elements that make these gowns comfortable and functional for medical professionals. Quality Standards: Get insights into the stringent quality standards that ensure the reliability of surgical gowns. Our aim is to provide valuable information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format, making complex medical concepts accessible to all.

Taxi Orders
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Taxi Orders
  • Taxi Orders screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
4 weeks

In this heartwarming animation, we take you on a visual adventure where anticipation meets arrival. Watch as a taxi departs from one point, weaving through the bustling cityscape, and a lone man patiently waits for its arrival on the other side. This short and evocative video beautifully captures the essence of life's moments. The excitement of setting out on a journey, the patience of waiting, and the hope of quick arrival. It's a story told through animation that resonates with us all.

Renewable Energy
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Renewable Energy
  • Renewable Energy screenshot 1
Not Disclosed
6 weeks
Advertising & Marketing

In this captivating video, you'll journey with us to discover the incredible process of how windmills transform the power of the wind into clean and sustainable electricity. As the world strives for a greener future, understanding how wind energy works is essential. Join us on this educational journey as we break down the mechanics of wind turbines and their vital role in building an eco-friendlier environment. Watch as windmill blades gracefully spin in the breeze, harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind and converting it into electrical power. We'll explore the inner workings of these modern marvels, explaining the transformation of mechanical energy into electricity through a generator. Discover why wind energy is a vital part of the renewable energy landscape, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. We'll also delve into the environmental benefits and how wind power aligns with the global push for a greener, brighter future. Whether you're a student, an eco-conscious individual, or just someone curious about the power of the wind, this video is for you. Join us in celebrating the beauty of wind energy and its role in creating an eco-friendlier world.

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