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Inertia is a seamlessly integrated team of product design, engineering, and manufacturing experts, driven by results and obsessed with quality and customer service. We partner with product innovators to transform their dreams into thriving businesses.

We’re based out of Toronto, Ontario and are ranked as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Canada.

Who We Serve

Inertia collaborates with clients across a variety of industries – from agriculture and food to medical and health devices to industrial, and clean tech. Our customers share the drive to develop innovative products and recognize the value and capacity of Inertia to help them bring their ideas to reality, and into customers’ hands.

What We Do

Creating product innovations that develop, grow and transform businesses is more than solving technical problems and delivering design, engineering, and manufacturing services. You need a truly holistic approach to product development to make sure you’re solving the right problems, in the right market, for the right customer, with the right product.

For us, this has meant evolving to become more than engineering services firm, rapid prototype shop, industrial designers, or a manufacturing services company, or an innovation consultancy for that matter. We’re all of these things. And what makes working with us different to virtually all of our competitors is that we deliver these services seamlessly, under one roof as a fully integrated product development experience.

What Our Clients Say

” The next growing season waits for no one. That’s why we partnered with Inertia to be our turn-key hardware engineering and manufacturing team. In six short months they delivered a clean-sheet engineered design for our autonomous weed-picking vehicle – mechanicals, bodywork, electronic power & control systems. In just three more months, they delivered all the custom and off-the-shelf components required to build the first pilot fleet. We could not have innovated this fast without them.” Luc Labbé, CEO Nexus Robotics

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$150 - $199/hr
10 - 49
34 Kern Rd #3, Toronto, Ontario M3B 1T1
801-12 No 286 Science Ave., Guangdong 510663

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Engineering Services
  • Other Services

Client Focus

  • Small Business

Industry Focus

  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Retail

Inertia Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Nexus Robotics
  • Innovere Medical
  • Clek
  • Sparkel
  • Qvella
  • Sera4
  • Just Vertical
  • CleanSlate UV
  • DuroVac
  • RainStick
  • Amico Corporation
  • CoreChair
  • Ligand Innovation Global

Beverage Carbonator
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Beverage Carbonator
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Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Food & Beverages

The Spärkel is a home carbonation machine that allows users to infuse their water with delicious, fresh, and healthy ingredients – all without the need for clunky CO2 tanks. Instead, water mixes with a special formulation of high quality citric acid and sodium bicarbonate inside a sealed chamber. This generates CO2 gas that carbonates the water and squeezes natural flavours into specially engineered Spärkel bottles, made to withstand a great amount of pressure.

Services Provided:

Industrial Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Workflow Analysis, Mechanical Engineering, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Durability Testing, and Manufacturing Launch Support

Indoor Hydroponic Garden
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Indoor Hydroponic Garden
  • Indoor Hydroponic Garden screenshot 1
  • Indoor Hydroponic Garden screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

The AEVA is a modern, indoor, hydroponic garden system that’s sustainable, sleek, and able to provide fresh food all year round. It has the ability to grow over 200 different plant types, and provide up to 10 lbs of fresh, pesticide-free produce on a monthly basis.

Functional innovations inside the AEVA allow it to use no soil, create zero environmental run-off, and use 95% less water than traditional agriculture. And because of its uniquely designed water and light distribution, seeds germinate faster – ensuring a good root system and better overall plant health.

All of this results in ultra-fresh vegetables with a low environmental impact and the potential to alleviate stress on food supply chains.

Services Provided:

Industrial Design, Workflow Analysis, Mechanical Engineering, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management.

In-Bore MRI Infotainment System
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In-Bore MRI Infotainment System
  • In-Bore MRI Infotainment System screenshot 1
  • In-Bore MRI Infotainment System screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
100 weeks
Healthcare & Medical

MRI scans can be a claustrophobic, anxiety-inducing, and often boring ordeal. To solve this, Inertia worked with Innovere Medical to redefine the MRI experience with an in-bore infotainment solution.

The final product, Innovision, allows patients to watch videos with sound while receiving their MRI scan. And to add to their comfort, the machine includes memory foam comfort pillows that reduce noise and deliver clear audio. Plus, to mitigate stress during their scan, a digital display makes the bore feel larger and keeps the patient informed of their remaining time.

Services Provided:

Industrial Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Workflow Analysis, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Mechanical Engineering, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Illustrations, Instruction Manuals, Injection Mold Tooling, and Mechanical Component Manufacturing & Supply

Autonomous Weeding Robot
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Autonomous Weeding Robot
  • Autonomous Weeding Robot screenshot 1
  • Autonomous Weeding Robot screenshot 2
Not Disclosed
100 weeks

Nexus Robotics engaged Inertia Product Development to help design and manufacture an autonomous, AI-powered weed-picking robot.  Roughly the size of a minivan, and affectionately called “La Chevre”, the driverless robot uses cameras and its neural network to selectively pick weeds without damaging a farmer’s crops.

Designed for vegetable farmers, La Chevre is invaluable when herbicides are either ineffective or undesired in managing weed encroachment. Automated weed picking also results in improved crop yields at a significantly lower cost per acre / per year  than traditional manual labour methods can deliver.

Beyond its picking capabilities, La Chevre is constantly learning and feeding data back into its neural network. Capable of working around the clock, La Chevre collects data from the crop at all stages of growth and records growing conditions throughout the season. This information empowers the farmer to make efficient and timely decisions relating to soil fertility and disease remediation.

Services Provided:

Product Strategy, Product Architecture, Workflow Analysis, Industrial Design, Vehicle Design, User Interface Design,  Mechanical Engineering, Vibration Isolation, Finite Element Analysis, CAD Development, Electrical Engineering, PCB Design, Power Electronics, Vision System, Lighting System, Propulsion System, Robotics Manipulators, High Performance Distributed Embedded Computing System (AI support), Series Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Design, Prototype Assembly, and Mechanical Component Manufacturing & Supply, Sourcing

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Conner Tidd

Trusted, experienced product design, development and manufacturing partners for our indoor hydroponic garden system.

Rating Breakdown

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  • Communication
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Project Detail

In Progress

Review Summary

Their teams had a broad range of experience and backgrounds, and were highly collaborative, working together towards the end goal of creating a beautiful, manufacturable, scalable and sustainable product that our customers would feel good to have on display in their homes.

The combination of production-optimized design & process management led to:
• Eliminating expensive equipment
• 10x reduction in production time and labour costs
• 40% reduction in manufacturing space
• Over 60% reduction in cost on the optimized elements, and 20% savings in overall unit cost
• Shortened lead times

What was the project name that you have worked with Inertia?

Just Vertical - Indoor Hydroponic Garden System

What service was provided as part of the project?

Engineering Services

Describe your project in brief

We started with the goal of designing & manufacturing our first in-home hydroponic grow garden, the AEVA. We learned through the process that it would be more efficient to also develop our smaller version the EVE at the same time, so worked on both projects simultaneously in the end.

A high-level overview of the stages:
• A range of concept designs led to the development of a “looks like / feels like” prototype
• Both the exterior and interior of the product, went through a redesign for scalability and manufacturability, consolidating the number of parts and integrating several production processes
• Inertia managed our tooling build and delivered a pre-production pilot run and confirmed parts met our quality requirements
• Production of our first order had it in-market by Q4 2021
• We are now scaling up volume and mass production with our second order

What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?

Their teams had a broad range of experience and backgrounds

High level of collaboration between our team and project managers

Full suite of design and project management services as well as manufacturing and supply chain support

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?

Better upfront communication about the extended use of the prototypes might have helped ease our apprehension about upfront costs.