Inoxoft is full-cycle software solution provider

5.00/5 (2 Reviews)
About Inoxoft
    Inoxoft is a full-cycle software solution company located in Lviv, Ukraine. Our clients are small and middle-sized businesses from Israel, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Canada. Strong reputation among major companies testifies to...
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$25 - $49/hr
50 - 249
Inoxoft is full-cycle software solution provider
5.00/5 (2 Reviews)
1 Review
Client Reviews
Viktoriya MyrkaReviewed on 23/9/19
Highly professional, reliable and fast. Inoxoft helped us grow our business.
Reviewed on 23/9/19 by Viktoriya Myrka
Highly professional, reliable and fast. Inoxoft helped us grow our business.
We were interested in a secure and easy-to-use platform to operate our goods with information about UPC [universal product code]. Inoxoft created the inner database for inventorization that tracks all items and manipulations with goods. They understood all our needs and were ready to implement each detail of the web platform as we wanted it. They were always available, supportive and highly professional. When we needed profound consultation, we communicated a lot and they added new capabilities and features which was nice.

We appreciated how the whole team took responsibility and strived for the best results. We were reassured throughout the whole time of cooperation of what the team was doing, what results and challenges would be.

It was fertile cooperation and we undoubtedly satisfied with how Inoxoft performed their work. We wanted to avoid financial losses and Inoxoft helped us solve our financial troubles and grow our business.
It’s a high-level company that deserves firm recommendations and gratitude.

What do you like most about the company?

-highly-skilled engineers who are very knowledgeable at coding and react quickly to any problems -excellent price/quality ratio -great dedication of the team to deliver the product fully customized for our business needs and suitable for our clients -constant communication, a lot of calls that made our negotiations smooth and friendly - all features, design and final product delivery was done within all time limits

What they should improve on?

We are totally satisfied with the quality of provided services and how Inoxoft organize their work

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Other details
Software Development
Project Budget:
$50001 to $200000
Project Duration:
100+ Weeks
Project Status:
In progress
Executive Interview
Liubomyr Pohreliuk
Liubomyr Pohreliuk
CEO, Inoxoft

We are a software development company and create customized solutions for partners from Israel, the UK, the US, Norway, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, and other countries. The ability to thoroughly investigate the field of a customer and constantly upgrade expertise allows us to offer full-range software development services. We hold a really unique talent pool of people whose experience in Mobile, Web, Cloud Development, UI/UX Design, QA services is enormous.

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Research Rank
Research Rank
Market Penetration
IoT Development

Mobile Application DevelopmentHigh-quality code and customized design at reasonable price. 

Web DevelopmentProfitable websites with high traffic for any industry. 

Cloud Development. Secure and fast cloud-based software, efficicent data storage tools,  flawless server support. 

Quality Assurance and Testing.  Testing and quality assurance services to check all quality metrics - usability, compatibility, code, cross-browser functionality, business estimations and audit checking etc. 

IT Consulting. Service to guarantee the success of business idea, augment business needs, starategy and deep overview of the project through objective, risk, result analysis. 

Custom Software Development & Custom Application Development. Fully customized apps, fast loading websites and progressive applications for narrow requirements and specific business needs.

Software Development service to appreciate high-quality applications and safety. Collecting requirements, creating UI/UX design, coding and testing, confident delivery and clear documentation to get scalable application, totally satisfied end-users and increased income. 

UI/UX design. Responsive, eye-catching design, efficient user interface - one of our core principles. Talented designers at Inoxoft take responsibility for brilliant and original UI/UX that attracts users and significantly improves the image the business on the market of any industry. 

Service Focus
21 Portfolios
Trading Automatization Platform
Client: Rapid fluctuation in the currency market made a group of traders cooperate to launch their own business, develop unique strategies and increase revenue.They trade at the world's 3 major stock exchanges, namely at London, New York and Tokyo and involve investor...
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$100001 to $500000 52 weeks Financial & Payments
Contact information
Kulparkivska St, 59 , Lviv, Lviv 79015