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Introducing OVVA! Promo – Your Advertising Partner

Founded in 2018, OVVA! Promo is your trusted partner for Google and Facebook advertising. With over 300 successful projects, we're skilled at making the most of your ad budget. Whether you're in e-commerce, local business, or SaaS, we create tailored strategies that deliver results.

Why Choose OVVA! Promo?
⁍ Develop effective promotion strategies for both new and existing ventures.
⁍ Attract high-quality potential customers quickly and efficiently.
⁍ Boost online or in-store sales – our speciality.

We're proficient in:
⁍ E-Commerce stores. We've helped clients improve from just above 400% ROAS to 800% ROAS with ads and more to over 1100% ROAS with content.
⁍ SaaS platforms. We've managed to acquire over 9,000 new clients with under $10 per acquisition for a relatively unknown SaaS platform.
⁍ B2B companies. We've generated over 1,000 leads for our clients with ticket sizes ranging from $2,000 to $200,000, with more than 10% conversion.

Partner with OVVA! Promo: we're more than just an agency, we're your growth partners. In a market where larger agencies offer expensive 360° marketing and smaller agencies focus narrowly on advertising consoles, we stand out as the balanced choice. Are you looking for a partner to navigate the dynamic world of digital advertising and truly drive your sales up and cost-per-acquisition down? Experience the difference with OVVA! Promo.

$25 - $49/hr
10 - 49
Kyrylo-Mefodiivska str., 2, Kyiv, kyiv 02000
Kyrylo-Mefodiivska str., 2, Kyiv, kyiv 02000

Focus Areas

Service Focus

  • Advertising

Client Focus

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business

Industry Focus

  • Utilities
  • E-commerce
  • Startups

OVVA Promo Clients & Portfolios

Key Clients

  • Template Monster
  • Weblium
  • Bob Snail
  • Elementum Energy
  • EMS Electro Medical Services
  • Vidby

Facebook Ads for a Ukrainian Online Bookstore
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Facebook Ads for a Ukrainian Online Bookstore
  • Facebook Ads for a Ukrainian Online Bookstore  screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
9 weeks

Our client, a Ukrainian online bookstore, initially focused on selling used books but later expanded their range to include new, unused products. While they experienced some success with Facebook advertising, they faced challenges in scaling and automating their campaigns. The limited market size and specific target audiences for each book restricted their ability to scale effectively. This led to rapidly increasing advertising frequency and audience fatigue, resulting in a time-intensive process that required constant updates to copy and banner creation.


  • Limited product range focusing on specific books
  • Lack of automation in the sales process
  • Restricted scalability for advertising campaigns


To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive marketing funnel incorporating acquisition and remarketing campaigns designed to promote the majority of the bookstore's assortment. Our approach aimed to streamline the advertising process and optimize performance to ensure sustainable growth.


  1. Funnel Setup: We established a funnel that included both acquisition and remarketing campaigns to effectively target potential customers and retain their interest through continuous engagement.
  2. Optimization: Within three weeks, we optimized the ads to achieve a positive ROI and break even. The funnel covered more than 70% of the bookstore's assortment and generated consistent daily revenue.
  3. Budget Management: After stabilizing the funnel, we provided the client with detailed budget management tips to maintain and enhance performance.


  • Budget: $4,000
  • Positive ROI Achieved: Within three weeks
  • Assortment Coverage: Approximately 80%
  • ROAS: 8.3
  • Average Monthly ROI: ~220%
  • Total Sales: $22,240

Client Feedback

During a follow-up call in September 2023, the client reported significant improvements achieved by managing the funnel independently. By implementing our budget management tips, they successfully scaled the funnel more than threefold, reaching a monthly spend of $7,500 while maintaining profitability.


Our strategic approach to developing and optimizing the advertising funnel for the Ukrainian online bookstore resulted in substantial business growth and enhanced advertising efficiency. By addressing initial challenges and providing the client with actionable insights, we enabled them to scale their advertising efforts significantly while maintaining a high ROI. This case exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored, effective advertising solutions that drive sustainable success for our clients.

Google Ads for a Premier Flatbed Trucking Company
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Google Ads for a Premier Flatbed Trucking Company
  • Google Ads for a Premier Flatbed Trucking Company screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
17 weeks
Transportation & Logistics

Client Overview: Nova Lines, a leading flatbed trucking company, is committed to the safe and efficient transportation of freight across the United States. To attract new drivers, Nova Lines has utilized Google Ads for over two years with the objective of increasing the ratio of qualified leads and decreasing the cost per lead (CPL).

Project Duration: 3 months

Project Overview: In a concerted effort to enhance the efficiency of Nova Lines' Google Ads campaigns, our agency embarked on a comprehensive optimization strategy. Our goals were to increase the percentage of qualified leads and significantly reduce the CPL. Through meticulous re-assembly and targeted testing, we achieved remarkable results.

Key Achievements:

  • Increase in Qualified Leads: 20%
  • Reduction in Cost Per Lead: 40%
  • Total Leads Generated: 905

Methodologies and Actions:

  • Campaign Re-assembly: We undertook a complete restructuring of existing Google Ads campaigns to maximize performance and efficiency.
  • Search Query Optimization: By running extensive tests with both direct and indirect search queries, we identified optimal strategies for campaign enhancement.
  • Upgrade to GA4: Transitioned to Google Analytics 4 to leverage advanced tracking and analytical capabilities.
  • Conversion Tracking Setup: Implemented conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager (GTM) to accurately measure and analyze campaign success.
  • Strategic Development: Crafted a robust strategy from scratch to ensure continuous improvement and alignment with Nova Lines' objectives.
  • Results Tracker Implementation: Introduced a comprehensive results tracker to monitor actions taken, changes in keywords, and ad performance.
  • Cross-Domain Tracking: Configured cross-domain tracking to seamlessly integrate data from the landing page and contact forms hosted on different domains.

Conclusion: Our dedicated optimization efforts over three months have significantly enhanced the performance of Nova Lines' Google Ads campaigns, delivering a substantial increase in qualified leads and a notable reduction in CPL. These results underscore our commitment to driving measurable improvements and achieving client goals.

Google Ads for B2B Cleaning Services
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Google Ads for B2B Cleaning Services
  • Google Ads for B2B Cleaning Services  screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
9 weeks
Business Services

Client Overview:

  • Industry: B2B Cleaning Services
  • Market: Miami, USA
  • Objective: Generate new clients in a highly competitive market

Initial Challenge:

  • Problem: The client, new to the US market, needed to acquire as many new clients as possible without strict KPI boundaries.
  • Initial Management: The client had a limited budget and faced high market competition.

Our Strategic Approach:

  • Budget Management: Operated with a monthly budget of just under $1,500.
  • Geographic Targeting: Focused on the local Miami market to ensure relevance and effectiveness of ads.
  • Website Optimization: Collaborated with the client to enhance their website, significantly improving conversion rates.
  • Lead Generation: Focused on generating high-quality leads through targeted advertising and optimized landing pages.

Results Achieved:

  • Project Duration: 2 months
  • Total Budget Managed: $1,413
  • Total Sales Generated: ~$10,100
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): ~714%


Through strategic budget management and local targeting, we successfully launched the client’s B2B cleaning services in the competitive Miami market. By improving the client’s website conversion rates and focusing on high-quality lead generation, the client achieved a substantial return on ad spend, averaging a ROAS of 8.0. Within the first month, the client generated approximately $10,100 in sales from a $1,413 investment.

Facebook Ads for Virtual Golf Kits
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Facebook Ads for Virtual Golf Kits
  • Facebook Ads for Virtual Golf Kits screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
26 weeks

Client: Virtual Golf Kit Retailer, Australia

Objective: Increase sales of virtual golf kits designed for golf players of all skill levels, featuring advanced movement tracking and access to over 1,500 virtual golf courses.

Campaign Details:

  • Initial Budget: $4,000 per month
  • Target Audience: Golf enthusiasts and high-value individuals (e.g., business owners, CEOs) in Australia.

Optimization Tactics:

  • Manual Sales Upload: Leveraged a lead-based system with manual sales uploads to Facebook to enhance algorithm optimization.
  • Geographic Expansion: After achieving a nearly 30 ROAS in the first month, the budget was increased to $10,000 per month, and the campaign was expanded to the USA.

Performance and Optimization

Key Metrics:

  • Initial Success: Achieved an impressive 30 ROAS in the first month.
  • Post-Scaling Performance: Upon increasing the budget and expanding geographically, ROAS decreased to 8 due to market saturation in Australia and high competition in the USA.

Strategic Adjustments:

  • Creative Testing: Implemented extensive testing of new ad creatives to improve engagement and conversion rates.
  • Upsell Campaigns: Launched separate campaigns focused on upselling additional products, resulting in increased ROAS.


Performance Metrics (6 months):

  • Total Budget: $49,580
  • Total Sales: $452,847
  • ROAS: 913%

Sustained Success:

  • Current ROAS: Stabilized at approximately 13 for the past three months.
  • Average ROAS: Maintained an average ROAS of ~9.5 throughout the project's lifetime.
Google Ads for the Manufacturer of Dental Medical Devices
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Google Ads for the Manufacturer of Dental Medical Devices
  • Google Ads for the Manufacturer of Dental Medical Devices screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
Healthcare & Medical

Our client, a leading manufacturer of precision medical devices in dental prophylaxis, orthopaedics, and urology, tasked us with increasing request volume and reducing the cost per request to meet key performance indicators (KPIs). The project focused on:

  • Customizing analytics for all language versions of the website.
  • Collecting relevant keywords and preparing ads in four languages.
  • Analyzing competitors to highlight product strengths and comply with medical guidelines and Google's advertising restrictions.
  • Developing a marketing funnel to engage the target audience through search engine campaigns and remarketing strategies.


  • Low Engagement and Trust: Building credibility and engagement for a relatively new manufacturer.
  • Google Restrictions: Navigating Google's advertising policies for "Health" and "Medicine."
  • High Competition: Competing with established brands in the medical equipment sector.
  • Seasonal Demand Fluctuations: Managing reduced demand during the New Year period.


  • Analytics Customization: Tailored analytics to support multiple language versions of the website.
  • Multilingual Ad Preparation: Collected keywords and crafted effective ads in four languages.
  • Competitor Analysis: Identified product strengths and adhered to medical advertising guidelines.
  • Marketing Funnel Development: Implemented a robust marketing funnel using search engine campaigns and remarketing strategies.
  • Campaign Optimization: Launched and optimized advertising campaigns across various geographies, meeting KPI targets.
  • Overcoming Restrictions: Successfully complied with Google's advertising restrictions for medical topics.
  • Seasonal Adaptation: Maintained performance despite the expected downturn during the New Year period.


Through meticulous strategy and optimization, we achieved a 60% increase in orders from Google Ads while maintaining the target bid price for new campaign products. Key outcomes included:

  • Total Budget: > 27,440 EUR
  • Conversion Rate Improvement: Increased from 0.77% to 1.2%
  • Leads per Month: > 35
  • Cost per Conversion: Reduced from 220 EUR to 98 EUR

Our comprehensive marketing strategy and advertising optimization significantly enhanced the client’s market presence and operational efficiency, establishing a strong foundation for continued growth in the competitive medical device industry.

Facebook Ads for Bridal and Evening Fashion Label
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Facebook Ads for Bridal and Evening Fashion Label
  • Facebook Ads for Bridal and Evening Fashion Label  screenshot 1
  • Facebook Ads for Bridal and Evening Fashion Label  screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000

Duration of cooperation 20 months  - ongoing

Budget 1100$

Result  - 28 *appointments for fitting per month

Each fitting is a potential sale of $2,000 or more

Work delivered:

  • developing a strategy from scratch
  • work with remarketing
  • set up analytics from scratch
  • development of static and video creative
  • recommendations for improving the landing page
Facebook Ads for HolsterFashion.com
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Facebook Ads for HolsterFashion.com
  • Facebook Ads for HolsterFashion.com screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
26 weeks

Client Overview:

  • Industry: Women's Footwear
  • Market: Australia
  • Price Segment: Mid-Range
  • Challenge: Ad performance decline following the iOS 14.5 update

Initial Challenge:

  • Problem: Post-iOS 14.5, the client's Facebook ad performance suffered significantly.
  • Initial Management: The client initially managed Facebook ads independently, resulting in low profit margins.

Our Strategic Approach:

  • Initial Budget Allocation: Commenced with a budget slightly exceeding $1,500 per month.
  • Scaling Strategy: Systematically increased the budget by up to 10% each month.
  • Campaign Execution: Conducted regular campaigns in conjunction with sales events to optimize reach and engagement.
  • Performance Monitoring: Diligently monitored ad performance, frequently re-launching audience segments to mitigate increases in cost-per-purchase.
  • Adaptability: Adjusted strategies to navigate market competition and technical constraints.

Results Achieved:

Project Duration: 6 months

Total Budget Managed: $14,244

Total Revenue Generated: $78,342

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):

  • Average ROAS: ~6.0
  • Lowest ROAS: 3.8 during highly competitive periods
  • Overall Average ROAS: ~5.9
Facebook Ads for Online postpartum courses for doulas
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Facebook Ads for Online postpartum courses for doulas
  • Facebook Ads for Online postpartum courses for doulas screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
26 weeks

Client Overview:

  • Industry: Postpartum Education
  • Target Audience: Doulas worldwide
  • Challenge: Inconsistent online promotional activities despite a strong organic following and thousands of satisfied participants.

Initial Challenge:

  • Problem: The client faced inconsistency in ad performance across different campaigns, despite using the same audience selection.
  • Initial Management: The business relied heavily on organic traffic and had inconsistent promotional efforts.

Our Strategic Approach:

  • Lead Collection Strategy: Implemented a two-stage lead collection process.

Stage 1: Conducted free webinars to attract and engage a large number of visitors.

Stage 2: Deployed retargeted ads to webinar attendees, directing them to the paid course offering comprehensive information.

  • Creative Optimization: Identified and standardized three top-performing ad templates, ensuring at least one template was effective in each campaign.
  • Focus Shift: Concentrated on refining audience selection and technical optimizations, reducing the need for continuous creative testing.

Results Achieved:

  • Project Duration: 6 months
  • Total Budget Managed: $22,000
  • Total Leads Generated: 7,690


Our strategic intervention streamlined the client's promotional activities, resulting in a consistent and effective lead generation process. By identifying and reusing three high-performing ad templates, we maintained ad effectiveness across various campaigns. This allowed us to focus on optimizing audience selection and technical aspects, ensuring sustained high performance. Over the course of six months, the client successfully generated 7,690 leads with a total ad spend of $22,000.

Google Ads for a Leading Dry-Cleaning Network
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Google Ads for a Leading Dry-Cleaning Network
  • Google Ads for a Leading Dry-Cleaning Network screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
Other Industries

Client: Our client, a prominent network of 13 dry-cleaning branches throughout Kyiv, offers an extensive array of services for both private and corporate clients. Their offerings include high-quality dry-cleaning of clothes, shoes, and other textiles, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally safe methods. Additionally, they provide comprehensive repair services for garments, footwear, and accessories.

Objective: To increase customer acquisition through optimized Google Ads campaigns, driving more leads and conversions while maintaining cost-efficiency.


Google Analytics Configuration:

  • We meticulously set up Google Analytics and defined all necessary goals to ensure accurate tracking of customer actions on the client’s website.

Priority Identification and Campaign Launch:

  • Collaborated with the client to identify priority service categories for the initial advertising campaign.
  • Launched a series of targeted Google Ads campaigns, including:

Search Campaigns: Focused on the primary service categories to capture high-intent searches.

Brand Campaigns: Reinforced the client's brand presence.

Competitor Campaigns: Targeted potential customers searching for competing services.

Performance and Optimization:

Achieved a remarkable 176% increase in conversions within the first month.

Initiated local campaigns to promote the dry-cleaning services on Google Maps, resulting in 172 targeted actions at an average cost of $0.50 per action in the following month.

Despite seasonal fluctuations in demand for dry-cleaning services, the campaign consistently generated 10-25 leads per day.

Results :

  • Total Budget: $12000
  • Conversions: 4500 leads/month
  • Cost per Conversion: $2 (27% decrease)

Conclusion: Our strategic implementation of Google Ads and continuous optimization led to a substantial increase in customer acquisition for our client, demonstrating the effectiveness of well-targeted and managed digital advertising campaigns. We continue to work with the client, adapting to market conditions and ensuring sustained growth in leads and conversions.

Google Ads for Street Soup
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Google Ads for Street Soup
  • Google Ads for Street Soup  screenshot 1
$0 to $10000
Food & Beverages

Our client, a Street Soup Company, engaged us to enhance their application numbers and maximize revenue and ROAS

To achieve the project goals, we focused on the following tasks:

  • Set up analytics and e-commerce tracking.
  • Segment existing advertising campaign audiences to identify the most profitable segments.
  • Gather keywords and prepare advertisements for new campaigns.
  • Conduct competitor analysis and evaluate demand for competitor brands.
  • Launch advertising campaigns for previously unadvertised products, competitor brands, and new audiences.
  • Develop the marketing funnel to engage the target audience through search campaigns and remarketing.


  • Pre-existing campaigns were incorrectly set up, resulting in inaccurate ROI metrics.
  • Lack of access to product return metrics.
  • No end-to-end analytics available.
  • Unstable demand for the product throughout the year.


  • Successfully set up analytics, goals, and e-commerce tracking.
  • Conducted competitor analysis and launched optimized advertising campaigns across all target geographies (Ukraine, Europe) in two languages.
  • Ensured consistent growth in conversion value.
  • Achieved significant ROAS growth in the most profitable campaigns and launched new campaigns with strong ROI.
  • Navigated through seasonal downturns, particularly during the New Year period.

As a result of comprehensive marketing strategy and optimization of advertising campaigns, we achieved:

  • A 60% increase in the number of orders from Google Ads while maintaining the target bid price for new campaign products.
  • A total budget of over 20,000 UAH.
  • ROAS improvement from 88% to 283% for the most profitable ad campaign.
  • An increase in monthly leads from 335 to 402.
  • A cost per conversion ranging from 12 to 84 UAH.


Our collaboration with the street soup company demonstrates the power of a well-executed marketing strategy tailored to address specific business challenges. By setting up robust analytics and e-commerce tracking, we laid the foundation for accurate performance measurement. Audience segmentation and competitor analysis enabled us to identify and target the most profitable segments effectively.

Launching optimized advertising campaigns across multiple geographies and languages ensured broad reach and engagement. Despite the instability in product demand and seasonal downturns, particularly during the New Year period, we maintained a consistent growth in conversion value and achieved remarkable improvements in ROAS.

The results speak for themselves: a 60% increase in orders from Google Ads, a significant rise in monthly leads, and a ROAS improvement from 88% to 283% for our most profitable campaign. Our strategic approach not only maximized revenue but also maintained a cost-effective bid price, demonstrating the effectiveness of our comprehensive marketing efforts.

Overall, our success with the street soup company underscores the importance of detailed analytics, strategic audience targeting, and continuous optimization in driving substantial business growth.

Facebook Ads for Online courses for life coaches
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Facebook Ads for Online courses for life coaches
  • Facebook Ads for Online courses for life coaches screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
17 weeks

Client: Online Courses Company for Life Coaches, UK

Objective: To attract potential customers through free workshops and convert them into full-course buyers, leveraging the reputation of renowned industry trainers.

Business Model:

  • Initial Engagement: Conduct free workshops to introduce potential customers to the courses.
  • Conversion Strategy: Offer full course enrollments to attendees during the workshop.

Advertising Strategy and Execution

Campaign Details:

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Active Advertising Period: 2 weeks of ads, followed by 2 weeks on hold
  • Total Budget: £2,000 (£1,000 per active period)

Optimization Tactics:

  • Weekend Performance Management: Noted a significant drop in performance during weekends. To address this, automatic budget reduction rules were applied, cutting the weekend budget to 20% to maximize efficiency.
  • No-show Prevention: Implemented a £50 refundable deposit for workshop registration to ensure high attendance rates.

Results and Outcomes

Key Performance Metrics:

  • Show-up Rate: Achieved an impressive 95%+ show-up rate due to the deposit strategy.
  • Conversion Rate: 10% of workshop attendees converted into full-course enrollments.

Financial Outcomes:

  • Total Sales: £55,000
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): ~2750%

Conclusion: Our strategic approach, including precise budget management and innovative no-show prevention, resulted in a highly successful campaign. The impressive ROAS and high conversion rates underscore the effectiveness of our targeted advertising and engagement strategies, demonstrating our capability to drive profitable growth for online education providers.

Google Ads for Dental Clinic
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Google Ads for Dental Clinic
  • Google Ads for Dental Clinic screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000
Healthcare & Medical


A dental clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine, established in collaboration with Italian specialists. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art European dental equipment and adheres to European treatment protocols.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy from scratch.
  • Reconfigure analytics to address previous incorrect settings.
  • Create a new strategy and optimize existing advertising campaigns.
  • Launch new advertising campaigns.


  • Launching advertising campaigns without prior performance data.
  • Navigating a highly competitive market.
  • Promoting a new dental service, gnathology.

Comprehensive Strategy

  • Setting up Analytics

We initiated the project by setting up conversion tracking on the clinic's website using Google Analytics and Google Ads Tag. We encountered an issue with the website blocking Google Ads auto-tagging, which complicated conversion tracking. Our programmer successfully resolved this issue.

  • Setting up Binotel CallTracking

Given that the primary interaction between clients and the clinic occurs via phone calls, we implemented Binotel CallTracking.

  • Competitor Analysis and Website Update

After fully configuring the analytics and installing all UTM tags for future end-to-end analytics using the CRM system, we conducted a competitor analysis and prepared a strategy. This analysis revealed that the website design was outdated and lagged behind competitors in some aspects. We provided recommendations, some of which have already been implemented.

  • Developing an Advertising Strategy

We initially focused on search campaigns to establish a basic foundation for the advertising account. Some service campaigns were transitioned to Performance Max, while for the remaining search campaigns, we employed intelligent bid strategies with a focus on conversions.


Over four months (from February to May), our efforts resulted in continuous growth, with a minor correction in June due to a reduced advertising budget caused by internal issues (electricity and communication problems in Kyiv).

The advertising account was meticulously organized by clustering keywords according to dental services and areas. We also performed deep cross-negative keyword matching between campaigns, minimizing untargeted queries.

Overall Results

  • 878 leads in 5 months
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): 846 UAH
  • Advertising Budget: 742,981 UAH
  • Total Targeted Actions: 1,570


This case study exemplifies our agency's ability to develop and implement effective marketing strategies for clients in highly competitive markets. Despite initial technical challenges and the need to reconfigure analytics, we successfully established a robust conversion tracking system, enabling precise assessment of advertising campaign effectiveness.

Facebook/Google Ads for Gyms
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Facebook/Google Ads for Gyms
  • Facebook/Google Ads for Gyms screenshot 1
$10001 to $50000

Client: Fitness Center with Two Locations (City and Suburbs)
Objective: Generate high-quality leads within a KPI of 25 euros per lead

Advertising Budget: EUR 12,369
Target Leads: 621 leads at 20 euros each
Expected Clicks: 19,003
Conversion Rate: 80% from lead to attending the facility


  • Geographical Constraints: Differing audience sizes and characteristics between city and suburban locations
  • Creative Asset Burnout: Rapid fatigue of creative materials
  • High Lead Costs: Escalating costs due to duplicate applications and low-quality leads

Initial Strategy:

  • Drive traffic to the client’s website to capture leads

Issues Encountered:

  • Duplicate applications
  • Prohibitive lead costs

Strategic Pivot:

  • Transitioned to using lead forms to capture leads directly


  • Improved Lead Quality: Lead forms reduced fake or irrelevant submissions
  • Cost Efficiency: 50% reduction in cost per lead

Campaign Offers:

  • Permanent Offers:
    • One-week free gym visit
    • 50% discount on a two-week gym membership
  • Temporary Promotion:
    • Exercise classes for pregnant women and new mothers


  • Both permanent offers consistently delivered strong performance
  • Introduction of new offers as needed to maintain audience engagement

Conclusion: The transition to lead forms, combined with strategic use of varied offers, successfully optimized lead generation and cost efficiency. This approach allowed us to overcome initial challenges and deliver quality leads within the client’s budget.

Google Ads for an Online Psychology Bookstore
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Google Ads for an Online Psychology Bookstore
  • Google Ads for an Online Psychology Bookstore screenshot 1
  • Google Ads for an Online Psychology Bookstore screenshot 2
$10001 to $50000

Our client, a specialized online psychology bookstore, offers a comprehensive catalog of over 1500 titles, including those from their own publishing house. We embarked on a project to optimize their advertising campaigns with the goal of increasing sales and achieving a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Our approach involved leveraging Google Analytics and advanced e-commerce strategies to segment campaigns by psychological literature and authors, and categorizing books based on price.

Prior to our involvement, the client faced a series of challenges:

  • Declining Advertising Performance: Over the preceding 8 months, ineffective ad management resulted in high customer acquisition costs and low-quality traffic.
  • High Rate of Spam Orders: Up to 30% of orders were invalid due to low-quality clicks from poor ad placements.
  • Irrelevant Keyword Spending: More than 100,000 out of 300,000 queries were irrelevant, leading to significant wasted ad spend.
  • Outdated Advertising Methods: The client's reliance on outdated strategies resulted in costs up to three times higher than necessary.
  • Conflicting Campaign Settings: Conflicting campaign types and keywords caused internal competition, reducing overall effectiveness.


To address these issues, we implemented several key strategies:

  • Advanced Google Analytics Setup: Implemented comprehensive e-commerce tracking to monitor and optimize performance.
  • Detailed Campaign Segmentation: Segmented campaigns by psychological literature and authors to improve audience targeting.
  • Product Attribute Optimization: Enhanced product attributes and categorized books by price to refine ad targeting.
  • Keyword Refinement: Eliminated over 100,000 irrelevant queries to reduce wasteful spending.
  • Modernized Ad Techniques: Adopted contemporary advertising methods to lower costs and boost efficiency.
  • Conflict Resolution: Addressed and resolved conflicting campaign settings to prevent internal competition.

Our optimization efforts delivered remarkable results:

  • Stable ROAS: Achieved and maintained a ROAS of 900-1100%.
  • Increased Conversion Rate: Nearly doubled the website's conversion rate.
  • Significant Sales Growth: Boosted sales by 40%, even amid seasonal demand decline.
  • High Ad Impressions: Garnered 7,800,000 ad impressions over 12 months.
  • Increased Inquiries: Requests increased by 40%.

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