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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an illustration?

Illustration is a visual representation of meaningful information. The Illustrator explains a particular theme through images, drawings, photographs, collages, or story/comic strips. Although it is not the same as Art, because Art is an interpretation, Illustration is an explanation, and it is a form of Art. However, that might be a debatable concept because artwork is an artwork, whether in the form of Illustration or fine Art. The primary purpose of Illustration is to represent facts and details.

What services do illustration agencies provide?

According to the Illustration Agencies listed on GoodFirms - a trusted B2B review portal, they provide services like Logo design, Web design, Creative Banner for the website, Social Media posts, Brand Book Design, Package Design, Corporate Design, Newspaper Comic/Story Strip, and so on. All the fields that are associated with creativity and marketing can take advantage of illustration services.

What are the categories of illustration?

There are two broad categories of illustrations - traditional and modern. Traditional illustrations include woodcutting, metal etching, pencil illustration, etc. Modern Illustration mainly works with technology devices like desktops, tablets, laptops, etc. It includes freehand digital illustrations, vector, concept art, brand logos, ebook covers, advertising, packaging, character illustrations, website designing, newsletter doodling, and so on.

What are the types of digital illustration styles?

The types of Digital Illustration styles are as mentioned:

  • Vector artwork is created with the help of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. It is popular because of its commercial usage and adaptability.
  • Pixel Art is a digital illustration style that is created with the help of micro squares assembled to produce images. One cannot create pixel art with lower resolution as it will ruin the quality of the art.
  • Comic Art requires a story that can be graphically shown with a speech balloon delivering the dialogue.
  • Commercial Illustration is leveraged to make more sales or spread awareness. These are a few of the many types of digital illustrations according to the Illustration companies listed with GoodFirms.
What is the difference between an illustrator and a fine artist?

Fine Art is an art for Art's sake, whereas Illustration has a purpose. Art could be anything meaningless, which makes sense to some, while Illustration is a legit art that can be commercialized. Art is one of a kind and might not be copied, whereas Illustrations come in templates that can be used for promotional purposes, selling, mass marketing, etc. Fine Art is invaluable, whereas Illustration has a price; the better, the costlier. Illustration is mainly used for business purposes, which is why businesses have started collaborating with Illustrators, as it is perceived well by consumers.

How do I find the best illustration company for my project?

In an era where scams happen daily, relying on credible mediums is best. To find the best and most experienced illustration companies, one must take to bonafide B2B review portals like GoodFirms. It lists all the companies providing Illustration services along with other IT services. The companies are selected keeping into consideration the projects they have taken up, the number of skilled illustrators, their charges per project, their active years of existence, their beliefs, mission and vision, etc.

How much do professional illustrators charge?

The average rate range of professional illustrators lies between $25 to $150. However, the charges of professional illustrators depend on various factors such as experience, time of project, skills/specialization, freelance or company, etc. However, the person starting out in the field of Illustration won’t have a portfolio, which is why they might charge a little less than the market rate. However, if the project needs to be finished and delivered in a shorter time, then the charges might go up to $200 per hour.

As per GoodFirms, the costs of Illustrators per hour are as follows:

  • Beginner: $15 per hour to $25 per hour
  • Intermediate: $23 per hour to $50 per hour
  • Expert: $50 per hour to $150 per hour
  • Special case: >$150 per hour (terms and conditions apply)
What should I consider before hiring an illustrator?

The primary thing to consider while hiring an illustrator is whether they share the same values as clients or not. Art, even when commercialized, is still an art. Thus, if a person making an art is not on the same page with the client, satisfactory results won’t be achieved. Apart from that, one should consider Portfolio, Per Project Charges, Planning and discussion, Bluprint, Demographic factors, Workflow process, Deliverables, After-delivery services (edits and revisions), Copyright of the design, etc. As a client, one must feel comfortable communicating with the Illustrator because, without professional bonding, Illustration cannot generate results that can hypnotize the masses.

How can businesses benefit by hiring professional illustration services?

Businesses hiring professional illustration companies benefit in various ways, a few of which are:

  • They bring a unique and fresh perspective to the project. People are relying on social media to promote their business, and it is filled with illustrations as we speak. Illustrators are artists; thus, when Art and business are concocted together, success is guaranteed.
  • Hiring professional illustrators can be cost-effective as you need not spend on guerilla advertising. Tiny, meaningful illustrations, if created and promoted correctly, can benefit predominantly and consistently.
  • When illustrators bring in their expertise, businesses can be assured that the brand visuals are going to take off upwards from here.
  • Professional illustrators might take a week to create something that otherwise could take months. Thus, hiring a professional illustrator means completing more projects.
Can I see a freelance illustrator’s sample work before hiring?

Asking for a sample work from Illustrator is a regular practice. However, every freelance Illustrator is different. Communicating with them your requirements is the best way to figure out whether it will be possible to establish a professional relationship with the freelance Illustrator or not.

Digital Illustration vs. Traditional: what are the benefits?

Like everything else, digital Illustration and traditional Illustration have their advantages and disadvantages. However, let us focus on the benefits:

Traditional Art:

  • Original pieces are created that cannot be plagiarised and might be once in a lifetime.
  • Its imperfections have unique value, which makes the Art invaluable.
  • It helps an individual to express better as they have hands-on experience with charcoal, paint brushes, pencils, etc.

Digital Illustration:

  • It is created using electronic devices, which means easy accessibility.
  • Errors can be rectified quickly.
  • Reduced wastage or tidying is required after it is completed.
  • Data can be retrieved; thus, what’s lost might not be lost permanently.
  • Timely completion of the project, which means saved resources.
  • It attracts more attention as it reaches a broader audience.