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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a packaging design agency?

A packaging design agency comprises highly skillful designers who offer a gamut of packaging design solutions, including graphic design, branding and identity, structural design, prototype and mockup creation, and so much more. And since packaging design agencies form a part of larger advertising agencies, their scope of offerings automatically expands to include market research, advertising initiatives, and much, much more.

What are the advantages of custom packaging design?

Custom packaging design is packed with several advantages. For one, it separates your brand from competitors and lends it a special touch. More than that, it easily captures the customers' attention and leaves a solid impression on their minds. Not only that, if the packaging is supremely unique, the customer would love to post unboxing product videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Another is custom packaging helps you sell the product. No doubt, product quality is paramount, but the next step to win customer attention is only through unique packaging. A study revealed that 7 out of 10 customers buy a product because of its impressive packaging. Further, with customers preferring environment-friendly solutions, customized eco-friendly packaging is catching customers' fancy. However, the most surprising advantage is that it reduces shipping costs. Yes, it's true because if you use standard, pre-made packaging, the box may be larger than the product, and you may pay more. At the same time, a tailored package explicitly fits your product, so no additional weight is added, saving shipping costs.

What services does the packaging design company offer?

A packaging design agency hires highly skillful designers who are up to speed with time to offer a fantastic array of trending packaging design solutions. The packaging design solutions provided by design companies include graphic design, branding, and identity, structural design, prototype and mockup creation, and so on. Also, remember packaging design agencies, by and large, are part of larger advertising agencies, which means they are necessarily equipped to offer additional services such as market research, advertising initiatives, and much more, in addition to the services mentioned above.

How do packaging design companies help increase product sales?

Packaging companies help increase product sales as they are good at designing customized and eco-friendly packages that align with the brand's message. Believe it or not, custom packaging enables you to sell more. How is that possible? Doesn't product quality matter more than fancy packaging?

The answer to that question is a big Yes and a big No. Undoubtedly, product quality scores high in the customers' most sought-after list, but the packaging does influence it. And, no, you don't have to trust our word for it! According to a recent study, seven out of ten people admitted purchasing goods based solely on packaging. Additionally, environment-friendly packaging is the flavor of the season. This means that companies that provide environment-friendly packaging solutions will help you sell more products.

What major industries do packaging design companies typically serve?

Packaging design companies serve a range of specialized industries based on their expertise, including consumer goods, fashion and apparel, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, agriculture and farming, medical and healthcare, eCommerce and retail, industrial and manufacturing, entertainment and media, automotive, food and beverage and so much more.

How do I choose the right packaging design company for my product?

To choose the right packaging design company for your product, check out their portfolio first and foremost. Have they designed anything similar to what you are planning to have in the first place? If yes, settle down with them only after you know their pricing and experience.

Well, pricing and expertise are paramount because if the design turns out to be too expensive, it could disturb your project's overall budget. On the other hand, if the designer is inexperienced in graphic and structural design, the final output may need more beauty and functional fonts. So, be rest assured on the pricing and experience front before you choose the right packaging design company.

Besides, you should also check whether the company provides information on the package in a legible format, as it will help recognize your product from a distance while shopping in malls and grocery stores.;

What questions to ask professional packaging designers before hiring them?

Well, first of all, check whether they have enough knowledge of different packaging materials. This is crucial because only a designer with in-depth knowledge of packaging materials can guide the client on the type of packaging that would go with their brand. For instance, if your client is into manufacturing chips, he should be able to tell that polyethylene and polypropylene are usually used for packaging chips.

Next, he should be able to place himself in the client's shoes and understand packaging from his perspective. In other words, clients are invariably looking for a design that is not only visually appealing but functional as well. So, make sure you deliver according to client requirements.

Also, check out whether the designer has a proven track record in building package designs within tight budgets and whether he's good with deadlines.

How much does it cost to hire a packaging designer?

Well, we can't provide a definite answer; however, to give a rough take on the same, it's between $25 and $150+ hourly. Why a rough take? The cost of hiring a packaging designer depends on several factors, such as the developer's location, project complexity, timeline, developer expertise, experience, and so much more. 

Here's a general estimate of how much the designers at various levels charge: 

  • Freshers: $25 - $50.   
  • Mid-level: $50 - $100  
  • Senior-level: $75 - $150+ 
What software do packaging designers or packaging design companies commonly use?

Software for package design abounds. Some popular software include Adobe Illustrator, Pickmaker, Corel Draw, Inkscape, Canva, Affinity Designer, Kasemake, Packmage, etc. The sole criteria for choosing software should be based on your needed features. Why? Because some of the software comes overloaded with features that may seem unnecessary. So first, as packaging designers or packaging design companies, you must list the features you may need and then take your pick. This will ensure you don't opt for any random software that may seem expensive in the long run.

Can a packaging design company help with eco-friendly packaging solutions?

Yes, a packaging design company can help with eco-friendly packaging solutions. Given the massive demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions, every packaging design company out there will help you with eco-friendly packaging solutions.

How long does it take to complete a custom and creative packaging design project?

The completion period of custom and creative packaging projects could range from 1 week to 12+ weeks. If you ask why there's such a vast time difference, there's no one specific answer to that because of several factors that directly affect the project completion time. It could be the location of the packaging design company, project complexity, expertise, experience, and things like that. 

Anyway, here's a rough outline of the project completion timeline for projects of different sizes. 

  • Small Scale Projects: 1-4 weeks 
  • Medium Scale Projects: 4-12 weeks 
  • Large Scale Projects: 12+ weeks