The Best 10 Free and Open Source Event Registration Software

Updated on :July 23, 2024
By :Andrea Hernandez

When executed well, an event turns out to be successful.”Success is always connected with actions that you take”. Several factors contribute to accomplishing this. As an event planner, you have to work on things like; setting objectives, purpose, venue, flow, technology, budget plan, and a good promotion plan. Planning, execution, and assessment are the three core phases of the event. At times, event managers suffer from attendance, shrinking budget, and lack of powerful tracking tools.

The event management process can become smooth by adopting the right technology. Nowadays, everything happens online, whether it is selling event registration forms to the receiving of the payment. Users prefer stress free and time-saving attendee registration and check-in. You can get rid of age-old long lines and dissatisfied guests by employing event registration software.

Organizations like schools, universities, event planning companies make use of registration software. Efficient registration software allows the users to cut down the administrative costs and eliminate paperwork.

For specific events, the software allows the registration along with the customization of the registration activities. In the event planning process, some registration software embraces the full range of functions like project management and budgeting.

What is Event Registration?

The process in which a person makes the financial and time commitment to attend the event. The event planner organizes the attendance. You can find both simple or advanced event registration process.

In the simple course of action, the event planner makes use of record details about attendees while in the advanced system; the attendees enjoy multiple ticket options. The event planner gathers thorough information about the attendees scrutinizes and validates registrations or tickets at the door, automatically communicate with the attendees and track their attendance. It conveniently processes payments. 

What is the use of Event registration software?

The event registration software is required to simplify the event registration process, especially in the eyes of the attendees. It is essential to have user-friendly software where the attendees can have intuitive experience and event marketers can enjoy the sharp process of post-event reporting.

What are the features of event registration software?

Features of event registration

What are the benefits of event registration software?

benefits of event registration

With a strong first impression, you can set the tone for your event by making use of event registration software. The event registration software system can be used in the small get-together or a multi-day conference.

Areas where event registration software can be used -

types of events

Event organizers market the event and boost registration by creating attention-grabbing emails and customizable campaigns for the gathering. 

How to choose Event Registration software?

Before selecting the event registration software, make sure the essential features like custom tickets, registrants’ management, analysis, and ticketing web page must be present in your software. It must be reliable and trustworthy.

Presence of extra tools like name badges, easy attendee check-in, and able to create an event app should be present in the software. The attendee should enjoy buying of ticket till the end of the event.

To know more about free open source event registration software, let’s move ahead.

Free and open source event Registration Software

1 123FormBuilder

123FormBuilder is powerful Event Registration software that will allow you to You can build online and mobile forms, manage workflows, and effortlessly collect accurate data. The free version of this software enables creating event registration forms for one user and producing five ways with up to ten fields on each. Monthly there is the limitation of 100 form submission.

Throughout all major industry verticals, this free event registration software is trusted by approximately 1.7 million users in 185 countries due to its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities. Effortlessly you can create HTML forms, email forms, order forms, event registration forms, contact forms, online forms, and any web forms.

Through detailed analytics, you can track the performance of the online form. You can accomplish the limitless goals by publishing the electronic form anywhere online. It does not require coding and protect your web forms with SSL and Captcha.



Key features:

  • Drag-and-drop
  • Real-time form builder
  • Graphical reports
  • Graphics themes & form branding
  • Multi-page & multilingual forms
  • Payment processing
  • Quiz options
  • User management
  • WordPress, Blogger, Joomla & Drupal publishing
  • 100% Mobile Form Optimization
  • Approval flow
  • Business Apps Integration
  • Coupon codes
  • Customizable free form templates
  • Export data to CSV, PDF
  • Complete CSS customization
  • Price calculation
  • Questions branching upon conditional logic
  • Save and resume your submission
  • Data mining
  •  In-depth analytics

2 Attendize

Attendize is open source event registration software that will assist you through the stages of the event registration process. Laravel PHP framework is used to build this open source event ticketing application. The users will experience the beautiful mobile-friendly event pages.

The attendee list is print-friendly, and data of the attendees' list is exported to XLS, CSV, and much more. This online event registration software manages multiple organizers and events. The checkout process of this application is quick and easy. The customizable tickets are with QR codes and organizer logos. It is fully brandable so carries your logos on cards.

The application supports for offline payments, multiple payment gateways, and refund payments. It holds the ability to add the service charge to tickets.

This software helps to organize events effortlessly. Without paying extortionate service fees, the event organizers can manage the entire event registration process with this software.  By integrating the system with various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you can provide attendees multiple platforms for event registration. 

attendize event registration software


Key features

  • Customizable event pages
  • Easy attendee management
  • Data export.
  • Real-time event statistics
  • Customizable event pages
  • Multiple currency support
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Track sales volume
  • Widget support
  • Social sharing
  • Messaging
  • Public event listings
  • Ask custom questions 
  • QR code scanner

3 Ticketbud

If you want to organize your event, then it is a must to have smooth ticketing. You will find all your event ticketing tools in one place by making use of this free online event registration software. This globally recognized event ticketing and registration solution allows event planners to enjoy the exceptional experience through its functional features for quick check-ins, in-depth analytics and right to use reporting 

The free mobile ticket scanning app is included in this software for quick check-ins, right to use reporting, and in-depth analytics. In the ticketing and registration process, the users stay in control. The procedures like ticket sales, managing attendees, collecting proceeds, and securing sponsorships are carefully organized.

To generate more sales, users can upload photos, descriptions, and incorporate any social media. The users can create personalized event pages from small community fundraisers to large-scale festivals. With all-inclusive pricing and personal customer support, this software works as the user-friendly and all-in-one event management and online ticketing platform. Worldwide, the event organizers trust this software because of the flexibility to customize. You can monitor the event performance by managing the revenue reports.

Ticketbud event registration software


Key features

  • Payment Processing
  • Barcode/ticket scanning
  • VIP and discount tickets
  • Contact Management
  • Interactive editor       
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Website ticketing integration
  • Flexible payment options
  • Ticket configuration
  • Track offline ticket sales
  • API and PDF lists
  • Promotional tools
  • Event listing network
  • Email targeted invitations
  • Promo and referral tracking codes
  • Print-at-home
  • Box office Management
  • Class & Activity registration
  • Custom registration forms
  • Send tickets via email & SMS
  • Data Export

4 Anyvite 

Anyvite allows you to create and send amazing online invitations. It is a free event registration software that serves as the web-based event management tool. You can manage invitations, party hosting & email invitation list by employing social media integration.

Based on the RSVP response, you can message guests or can include a registration widget to your site. If you are putting on a significant public event or small birthday party, then you can get your event together with various capabilities of Anyvite. It leverages today’s technologies like IM, SMS, and mobile that allow people to quickly and easily invite their friends to the events.

Including picture or video, you can create personalized invites. You can build the guest list from your email address books as this application can be imported from everywhere. You can update calendars by adding events directly to your iCal, Google, or Outlook calendars. With one required field, you can and easily create an invitation in seconds.



Key features

  • Online ticket sales
  • Twitter integration
  • Mobile functionality
  • Mobile Access
  • Update calendars
  • Attendee Management
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Volunteer Management
  • Wedding/ Parties
  • Real-time attendee engagement
  • Real-time ROI

5 OSEM-Open Source Event Manager

Open Source, Event Manager Software, is a module that manages different types of events. It allows you to create an event in which you can manage all the services associated with the same. In an open source format, OSEM offers a broad array of capabilities. 

In your community, this software helps you to call for papers. For your event, you can receive, classify, evaluate, and schedule submissions. Inform yourself about the evolution of the program and audience of your event by proper analytics.

This is the open source event management app tailored to free software conferences. Attendees can make use of OSEM to register and submit proposals. In the administrator dashboard, the planners can track registration, venue information, and sponsorship. You can communicate the value of your event by creating a splash page and agenda. Due to proper marketing, visitors can register and buy tickets for the event.

OSEM event registration software


Key features

  • Registration
  • Event Schedule
  • Custom branding
  • Data management
  • Session management
  • Splash pages
  • Schedules
  • Sessions
  • Paper submission
  • Administration

6 Evite

You can create and send invites via email or text through this free open source event registration system for both formal and informal occasions. In your birthday parties, professional events get together, and organizational parties Evite offers you various invite and card ideas. It serves as the world’s leading digital platform that brings people together face-to-face. You can send invitations via text, email, or shareable link and can make it personalized as these invites and cards are customizable.

With hundreds of stylish invitation designs that are free and easy to use, you can help hosts in starting their parties by making use of this software. This software allows hosts to save their valuable time and money by offering .0. wealth of creative party ideas, planning checklists, and other tools. The free version of this software is ad-supported and limits the invitation to 750 people.


(Source: Evite)

Key features

  • User registration process
  • Payment processing
  • Mobile check-in
  • Event creation
  • On-site tickets and registration
  • Track RSVP
  • Invitations & Card templates
  • Design-your-own cards
  • Private feeds
  • Messaging capability

7 RSVPify

You can enjoy this online event registration software that is fast, easy, and free. It can save you hours of event management hassle and headache. Around the globe, this software powers millions of events for corporations, couples, event planners, and nonprofits. This RSVP tool allows creating fully-customized online RSVP forms for the special occasion.

This event system features built-in seating charts that allow guest and meal preference tracking through embedded responses. At a glance, you can make out who is coming and what are their choices.  For occasions like weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, concerts, and reunions, you will find this software perfect.

Work seamlessly with any paper or online invitation with this easy and quite efficient software. This software creates seating charts through drag and drop feature. With custom questions, you can gather all the details from the guests.

rsvpify event registration software


Key features

  • Exclusive events
  • Customizable
  • Digital invitations & Email Blasts
  • Calendar invitations
  • Secure, ad-free & private
  • Easy data in & out
  • Guest list management
  • Built-in menu options
  • iOS Mobile app
  • Personalized welcome messages
  • Ask custom questions
  • Embed RSVP form
  • Design and RSVP form customization

8 ConfTOOL

This open source event registration software registers participants, accept contributions, schedule programs for your conference or seminar online. ConfTool supports the organization of academic conferences, workshops, seminars, and congresses. It holds 3 step set-up processes that ranges from basic settings, reviewing module, submission to the management module, and participant registration.

More than 1000 organizers have used the software and it is available in over ten languages. This professional and efficient software will help you in registration, administration, and invoicing of participants. Easily you can use this software that offers enhanced export options, invitation option for authors, and enhanced payment options. This free online event registration software holds the ability to submit and edit submissions online. It works as the hosted software solution with full setup and offers professional support for configuration and use of the software.

conftool event registration software


Key features

  • Access management based on user roles
  • Extensive security features
  • Secure access via https
  • Open/blind reviewing
  • Robust and mature system
  • Graphical adaptations
  • Multilingual interface
  • Multi-track option
  • Automatic regular backups
  • Technical support
  • File uploads in multiple formats

9 Odoo

Odoo is the open source Event Registration Software that offers full customer support.Regardless of size and budget, this free event registration software meets the needs of companies. You will find this software capable of handling events of any type or scale. It hosts events that resonate with the audience. From event organization and ticket sales to visibility and promotion, all aspects are included in Odoo Event.

This all-in-one software solution is fully integrated, customizable, and an open-source suite of business applications. Odoo looks after the majority of the business needs such as CRM, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, Sales, and Project. You can create on-site and online events with this application.

This software organizes calendars and manages speakers by coordinating your event content with ease.  Automate the registration and payment process by selling tickets online. On all channels, this platform promotes events efficiently. Increases visibility and attract more attendees due to SEO tools. 

odoo event registration event software


Key features

  • Modern User interface
  • Reduce data entry
  • Large screen view
  • Mobile app
  • Ticketing
  • Event schedule
  • Social Media integration
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Sponsor management

10 OpenConferenceWare 

If you are looking for open source Event Registration Software, then OpenConferenceWare is the apt choice. This is a web application for events and conferences. This free online software serves as the general purpose platform that provides proposals, schedules, tracks, and sessions.

By involving members of the area and sharing data, this free software helps the organization of events. This application can track, manage, organize, and set up user profiles along with sessions. OpenConferenceWare is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It is distributed as a Rails engine that adds functionality. The application serves as a general purpose platform that is fully customizable. It offers friendly sign-in forms for OpenID and Persona.

open conference event registration software


Key features

  • Customizable
  • List events
  • Tracking of the event
  • Login via OpenID or password
  • Form proposals until a deadline
  • Export proposals and comments to CSV
  • Developers Customize sites appearance and behaviors
  • Get information about new projects via ATOM feed
  • Subscribe to a feed of plans for the event

Comparison Chart of Event Registration Software

Chart of comparison

Planning Pod, Eventzilla, Ticketleap, Regpack, Brushfire, CONREGO are some of the popular Event Registration Software. Nowadays, Whova is also gaining popularity. Below you can have insights into the same.


Whova allows you to enjoy more functionality at a lower price. Within 5 minutes, you can easily create tickets. It is apt for users who are seeking for mobile event app. This award-winning mobile event app revolutionizes event engagement and networking. With this app, you can create exceptional experiences for your attendees, which in turn will help you in increasing event ROI.

whova event registration

(Source: Whova)

Key Features:

  • Attendee Management
  • Conferences/ Conventions
  • Gamification
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Real-time ticket sales and registrants
  • Badge Management
  • Exhibit/Vendor Management
  • Announcements (push notifications + email)
  •  Live polling
  • Community Board
  • Mobile Survey

Conclusive statement

If you are planning to use event registration software for your next event, then I hope this article will serve your purpose. You can make your event easy and comfortable for your guests by confirming their presence with free open source event registration system.

Apart from the ones listed here, you will get the commercial and freemium event registration software too. But if you prefer event registration software to fit in your low budget, then free online event registration software should serve your purpose. You should go through the features thoroughly while choosing one of the best free and open source event registration software.

In case you prefer highly advanced features apart from the above listed free open source event registration system, then you can go for paid or freemium event registration software like-  RegFox, Event Guru, Brushfire.

I hope that this article has made you familiar with the basic features of open source event registration software. If you have experienced any of the event registration software mentioned in this article, then feel free to share your valuable views and feedback of the same.

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