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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to physical devices interconnected through a wired or wireless network that are embedded with sensors and actuators to communicate with each other and share data without human intervention. The data exchange between IoT devices is achieved using sensor technologies, unique identifiers, and internet connectivity. IoT devices are not merely associated with computers. Smart home devices, appliances, personal medical devices, autonomous vehicles, and wearable technology are also some examples of IoT devices.

How can IoT platforms be used to improve businesses?

IoT platforms act as a middleware to improve business growth and provide exceptional customer experience. IoT platforms enable businesses to track and analyze data, automate workflows, securely share data between connected devices in real time, and achieve business efficiency and sustainability. Not only these, advanced Internet of Things platforms help improve day-to-day business management.

Which industries can benefit from using IoT solutions?

Almost all industries can benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions as it allows organizations to build and scale ideas and projects quickly. Specifically, the Internet of Things solutions benefit manufacturing, financial, healthcare, agriculture, transportation, retail, energy, and utilities. Integrating data from connected IoT devices allows businesses to seamlessly analyze data and transform it into game-changing ideas. Advanced IoT solutions enable businesses to save costs and improve resource management.

How do IoT developers handle data integration? Why is it important?

IoT developers handle data integration by following several protocols and technologies like gathering data from various sources, preprocessing the raw data for further analysis, storing the data in the database, transmitting the data to central servers, and integrating the data with other data sources or third-party APIs. Some of the commonly used integration protocols are MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol), XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) and DDS (Data Distribution Service).

Data integration is crucial in IoT development as it allows devices to connect through an IoT gateway and allow quick handling of bulk data and analysis continuously to improve decision making, automate key business workflows, and enhance operational efficiency and overall performance of the IoT systems.

What services do IoT app development companies offer?

Enterprise-level, top IoT app development companies offer various types of Internet of Things development services right from planning, designing, developing, testing, deploying, and system maintenance services to their end users. The Internet of Things companies mainly offer development solutions for PoC & prototyping, industrial IoT solutions, IoT firmware development, IoT integration in existing infrastructure, IoT mobile and web app development, IP product development, etc. Wearable app development, IoMT app development, data analytics and visualization, consulting, and strategy development are also in huge demand and are offered by IoT solution providers.

What technology skills should IoT developers have?

IoT developers should have high-level technological skills with the capacity to develop and deliver functional IoT solutions within the timeline and budget. The Internet of Things developers should be well versed in programming languages, frameworks, evolving technologies, API automation and testing, embedded systems, sensors, actuators, etc., to intelligently tackle IoT development and deployment challenges. Apart from these skills, the developers should have experience working with data visualizations, UX design, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and various other IT concepts to ensure smooth IoT data integration and development.

How do I find a leading IoT development company?

To find a leading IoT development company for your custom IoT development project, you must consider the following factors:

  • Outline the project requirements, including purpose, features, functions, integrations, customizations, and time-zone requirements.
  • Prepare a budget plan.
  • Study the latest market trends in IoT development.
  • Decide a deadline.
  • Search and list the top IoT app development companies from renowned listing pages like GoodFirms, leveraging filters for location and your other preferences.
  • Contact the chosen companies to discuss the comprehensive project requirements, deadlines, budget, and their availability in your timezone.

Compare the shortlisted best IoT development companies based on their reviews, ratings, experience, and pricing to choose the right IoT app development services for your project.

What are the best practices for development that IoT companies should follow?

A robust IoT solution requires multiple devices to work together in real time that involve sensors, electronic devices, the internet, local area networks, cloud servers, and end-user applications. Here are a few best practices for development that IoT companies should follow;

  • Business case development: IoT development companies collaborate with stakeholders, boards of directors, and C-executives to understand their expectations from IoT solutions and align the product to business needs.
  • Analyzing the company's development capabilities: Once requirements are gathered, the next stage is to analyze the company's capabilities, such as resources, skills, and infrastructure. For certain services, IoT companies need to network with external vendors. Also, fix the cost of IoT development.
  • IoT proof of concept (prototype): IoT proof of concept enables companies to check the feasibility of IoT solutions and the risks associated with them. This phase involves developing an MVP or prototype. Everything from sensors to simulators and software security is tested in this phase.
  • Product development: Once the prototype is approved and finalized, the IoT developers initiate the product development. Developers usually follow an agile development process to develop IoT solutions.
  • Maintenance and support: Throughout the product timeline, the IoT companies provide comprehensive maintenance and support for new features, version updates, bug fixing, etc.
What are the challenges faced by Internet of Things (IoT) companies?

IoT devices and networks are highly vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches, which make security one of the significant challenges for Internet of Things(IoT) companies. While providing services, IoT service companies have to face multiple challenges, which include:

  • Having good connectivity within the network
  • Opting for the right platform to ensure compatibility with the devices
  • Ensuring the availability of storage space for the tremendous data to be analyzed
  • Providing support post-implementation of the system
How much do the IoT development services cost?

The cost of IoT development services varies majorly on the type of IoT application to be developed, for example, manufacturing, monitoring machines, home automation, smart cities, and other applications. If you are looking to develop a simple IoT application or a minimum viable product (MVP) version, the project may cost you around USD 10,000. A complex, complete IoT ecosystem may cost up to USD 90,000 for end-to-end development. Factors that impact the Internet of Things development cost include:

  • Complexity of the app
  • Location of the custom IoT development company
  • Features and functionalities of the application
  • Hardware to be used with the application
  • Skills and experience of the development team

Hire the top IoT developers from the best IoT development companies across the globe to build high-quality, affordable IoT solutions tailored to your business needs.

What should I consider when hiring IoT developers?

While hiring IoT developers, you should consider their experience and technical skills, primarily in a variety of frameworks and languages, and their capabilities to research, develop, and test applications. Do consider checking all the previous projects initiated by the IoT development team. It is also essential to consider the soft skills of the developers like communication, problem-solving, project management, team management, etc. Only those Internet of Things development companies who keep up with the industry trends can successfully complete projects that will match the current market demands. So, do not hesitate to clarify the above-mentioned factors before you hire the best IoT developer.